10 Greatest creations of God

amazing creations of god

Most AMAZING Creations of GOD on this universe

What will you get in mind when you think of god? Its nothing but the nature and the unknown power that is driving us by calculating our good and bad. Nature has many secrets and many mysteries in it… yet… very beautiful and amazing creation of god for us on this earth. What are the other amazing things that mesmerizes us when we think of them in reality. Though we see them regularly, we can find how they amaze us with the truth and facts is really a big billion dollar feeling most of the times. Lets go down and see what are those greatest creations of god

1. Mother:

An awesome creation of God… MOTHER. There is one saying… ” God cannot be everywhere so, he created mother to everyone”. That is really true. That’s why this is the most precious and beautiful creation of god. She is the only one who shows selfless and unconditional love towards their child. I am sure none of us saw the god. The only person who creates human being on this earth is mother.. who is a women. That’s why every women should be respected equal to god. Are you doing that ?

2. Human being:

This is you and me :-). Yes… We are one of the greatest creations of God. We are meant for many great things. God has given us well enough to communicate, co-ordinate and unite with each other with different acts. Unfortunately we are spoiling the purpose of our creation. He has given brain to every living being (Except few sea animals 😉 ) But given the power of voice only to human being… To help the others. But we use that to fight and shout for unnecessary things (Not every time… 🙂 )

3. Flower:

Flower is basically the blossom part and reproductive structure of any plant in nature that helps in the mechanism of union of sperm with eggs. Without flower… No nature. Did you see any Dirty flower ?? No right ?? Off course there are few flowers with dirty smell (Rufflesia arnoldii). But that is their duty to produce that smell to get their food :-). We do many things for our food..;-) so that’s not a dirty flower. Flowers are the biggest gift to nature.. Beauty of the flowers mesmerizes anyone. It changes the moods very fast. Beauty of the flower and joy of the baby smile cannot be ignored by anyone ?.

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4. Sea:

This is life to many living beings and sea animals. I still can’t believe that we are completely surrounded by water. But our mother nature kept the water around us only to protect the other living beings like is. This is like mother to them. If sea is happy we get enough rains… If it is angry we get Tsunami… ?.

5. Sun:

The God of every living being. Without sun there is no existence of life on earth. Surprise to everything… From where this SUN has come ?

6. Moon:

So sweet and amazing creation of god… :-). We feed babies by showing the moon.. And it’s the symbol of many romantic nights. Such a beautiful and mesmerizing creation.

7. Stars:

Sleeping under starry roof is just so magical and amazing. How are those shining little things hanging in the sky twinkling in between. By the way another amazing thing is we have no idea how many of those yet in the sky. Buy the time we conclude certain number… God will create the double of it to play with us ?.

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8. Fire:

God has taught so many things to survive on this earth. One of that is creating fire. But we… sometimes with our over intelligence, burn the nature and causing more pollution to the environment.

9. Plant:

Who said plant has no life ? Plant is also just like us, Just like we eat, Just like we grow… They are almost similar to our pets, who can’t speak out their feelings and thoughts. But how to understand their language… that we don’t know. Why can’t the scientists try to understand the language of plants when they are having and doing everything similar to our pets. Hmm… Let’s hope someone in future they try that too ?

10. Love:

This has no physical form in nature. But controls everything. It’s just a feeling and a reaction due to adrenaline. But how is it uniting unknown people just with an invisible feeling controlled by heart and reacted by brain. That’s a sweeth thing everyone has to experience on their own? .

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