10 Health Benefits of AVOCADO

Know the Goodness of AVOCADO

Avocado… A Very creamy rich fruit also called as Butter fruit. Tastes very yummy and give you a feeling of tasting milky and creamy butter. This is a very important food that needs to be taken during Pregnancy. How many of you know the Health facts of Avocado ?.  This Healthy and protein rich Butter fruit taste can be enjoyed in different ways. Avocado is used as a main ingredient in many salads. Avocado Juice is the best tummy filling and healthy juice for skin texture because of its protein rich benefits. Butter fruit\Avocado is the tasty pickle recipe for south Indian breakfasts like idlys and dosas. Not only for eating… This fruit is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. This fruit is a rich source of Vitamin-C… Apart from these, what are those health benefits that butter fruit has which made it very important food in healthy diets ? Know the health benefits of avocado.

Here are the 10 Health Benefits of Avocado:

1.  Pregnant Friendly Food :

Benefits of eating avocado during pregnancy are many. Major one is, it is a good source of folate which is a component of vitamin B that is very much required to take during Pregnancy to prevent birth defects like spina bifida in new born. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K. Apart from vitamins, this creamy rich fruit is rich source of iron and potassium.  Pregnancy is the time where women get effected with anemia due to lack of sufficient hemoglobin. Iron will help in such cases to boost the hemoglobin content in pregnant women. It has all critical nutrients for infant health and brain development. Pregnant ladies are much prone to constipation. You can avoid that with intake of this fiber rich fruit.

2. Food for good Cholesterol:

This Oh-so yummy fruit shows its richness in cholesterol too. But don’t worry, that is all good cholesterol which is required for healthy heart and blood circulation. It is actually a source of High HDL and mono saturated fats and triglycerides, which helps in lowering the LDL. LDL which is a bad fat that gets accumulated in heart which is responsible for coronary atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Avocado will reduce the risk of coronary atherosclerosis and heart attacks with its good cholesterol, mono saturated fats and triglycerides by giving healthy blood flow.

3. Good for Memory in Children:

Avocado is a very good food for brain health and development in children. Functions of brain will be fully active and working when the blood flow and oxygen supply is good for it. Blood is the oxygen carrier for brain. Avocado, With its healthy mono saturated fat, helps in good and healthy blood flow to brain which in turn helps in active brain function.

4. Natural Hair growth :

You might have seen avocados on the label of shampoos and hair oils. Yes, it is a very good hair growth booster because of its vitamin E and vitamin B content that works at cellular level of hair. Avocados promote the hair growth naturally by repairing the hair follicles from inside the scalp. Minerals like iron and copper in avocados helps in nourishing the hair and to keep it healthy and away from graying.

5. Healthy oil for Baby Skin:

Being a rich source of Vitamin E, Avocado oil is the best for nourishing the baby skin. Penetration capacity of avocado oil is more than any other oil used for skin care. It sooths the skin very smoothly and leaves a soft and relaxed texture to babies. Avocado oil has the capacity to cure the nappy rashes instantaneously. That is why this is a baby friendly and Happy oil for babies ?

6. Beauty Oil for all Ages :

As avocado is a rich source of Vitamin E & B, it has good skin repairing and replenishing properties. It supplies enough moisture to skin and gives volume to dry skin. Avocado paste mask will moisturize the skin and helps to reduce the skin breakage and any other inflammatory symptoms to skin. Application of Avocado oil to the skin will make the skin softer and smoother due to its rich vitamin E content which is mainly responsible for nourishing the cells and follicles. It’s rich water content will moist the skin and the chlorophyll content of avocado will reduce inflammation. Also, Vitamin E that is present in Avocado will helps to clear the acne and acne marks too.

7. One of the Best fruit for Healthy Vision:

Avocado contains a rich amount of Lutin which helps to maintain the health of eye. Lutin that is present in Avocado is a natural anti-oxidant helps to prevent the age related macular degeneration.  It improves the vision and prevents the upcoming vision problems in children.

8. Prevents aging symptoms:

Aging is the biggest problem for all of us. Everyone of us tries to hide our age :-), though it is not possible after certain years. But instead of hiding the ageing symptoms, avocados will help us to prevent the symptoms in skin itself. So that, no one need to hide the wrinkles and ageing symptoms. Eating good amount of avocado per day in any form will help the skin nourish and get back its energy. Everyone will start guessing your age once you start eating it regularly  :-).

9. Best fruit to keep the Arthritis in Control:

We commonly here the most annoying disease called arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis these days. Swelling, stiffness and redness of joints cause most painful problem that discomforts legs and fingers. It is not specific to any age and any geography. Increased free radical content in the body will develop oxidative stress and will damage synovial fluid that is present in joints. This is all due to lack of proper amount of anti-oxidants in the body. Avocado is the perfect and very rich fruit for anti-oxidants and will fight against arthritis. Oil extract from fruits of Avocado and soybean will work more better for the treatment of arthritis.

10. Diabetic friendly Fruit:

Though avocados are rich in cholesterol and fat, that it all good and not at all harmful for diabetic patients. Fat present in Avocados is monounsaturated fatty acids that helps to raise good cholesterol to maintain better heart health. With that it helps to reduce the risk of heart stroke and other heart diseases. Avocados are not in sweet taste but delicious and diabetic patients can consume it in different ways. Avocados can be consumed in salads which helps to absorb the other plant nutrients. It can be taken as slices or chutneys and can be prepared as salsas to munch in different snacks.

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