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10 Health Benefits of Eating KIWI FRUIT During Pregnancy

Benefits of Eating KIWI FRUIT During Pregnancy

Amazing benefits of eating kiwi fruit during Pregnancy

Kiwi fruit… Most of us see this as an exotic and expensive fruit in super markets which is also called as Chinese Gooseberry. A hairy textured fruit with green juicy pulp inside with full of tiny black seeds with a mixture of sour and sweet taste is what KIWI FRUIT. How is related to pregnancy? Can we eat #Kiwi fruit during Pregnancy? What is the use of eating kiwi fruit during pregnancy? What are the Benefits of Eating KIWI FRUIT During Pregnancy? Well I have answer for it for you.

Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

Here are the benefits of eating kiwi during pregnancy?

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1.Kiwi Fruit is Rich source of Folate:

Kiwi is a very rich source of folate. Folate is the essential nutrient that is required for cell formation and development of fetus. Folate plays an essential role in neural formation in fetal growth. It is required for the growth of vital organs and doctors strictly recommend taking high amounts of folate or iron rich foods during first trimesters to prevent the child effected from spina bifida which is a neuro functional disorder. Folate helps in development and functioning of neurotransmitters, which are important for brain function.

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2. Kiwi is Packed with Vitamin-C:

Vitamin-C is another essential element to take during pregnancy for healthy cell development, organ formation and Immunity development in growing fetus. Intake of Vitamin-c helps mother too by preventing the formation of Stretch marks. It helps in removal of free radicals from the body they’re by eliminates the chances of Cancer.

3. Kiwi fruit is Loaded with Dietary Fiber and Enzymes which are good for Digestion:

Constipation is most common problem that makes the pregnant women uneasy. Kiwi is of the best remedy for treating constipation during pregnancy. Not only during pregnancy, it helps for constipation for people of at any age. Proteolytic enzymes present in kiwi fruit helps in breakdown of protein in food and helps in metabolism and there by helps in digestion.

4. Juices of KIWI Fruit Controls the Hormonal Imbalance:

Mood fluctuations, stress and depression are very common during pregnancy in mother due to increasing body weight and dislike intake of foods. This is due to hormonal imbalance. Taking kiwi will surely reduce this and the taste of it will freshens the feeling of irritating taste of many foods.

5. Anti-Oxidants rich fruit:

Kiwi is a rich source of anti-oxidants the helps in removing toxins from the colon and improving overall health. These anti-oxidants washout the free radicals and maintains a healthy blood flow there by controls the blood pressure in Pregnant women.

6. Sleep inducer:

Sleep is another difficult thing that bothers pregnant ladies. According to studies, rich amounts of anti-oxidants and serotonin which is a sleep inducing hormone present in kiwi helps in inducing the sleep. Having 2 kiwi fruits before going to bed will help to sleep early and also give you a constipation free fresh morning next day.

7. Rich in Minerals and other Vitamins:

Apart from Vitamin-C it is also a rich source of E, B6 and B12. Potassium, calcium, magnesium and Iron are the minerals that are rich in Kiwi fruit. All these vitamins and micro nutrients are very much essential for fetal growth during early pregnancy.

8. Best alternate fruit for Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational diabetes is the condition that occurs during pregnancy that is during their gestation period. All fruits are not recommended for pregnant ladies who is having this condition. In this case, kiwi helps as a best with all the nutrients what a sugary fruit contains.

9. Delicious taste avoids food craving:

Pregnancy is the time when people crave for different foods. Sometimes they crave for foods that are not recommended during pregnancy. In such situations intake of kiwi fruit fulfill the food craving with its delicacy and tangy taste.

10. Protects from Infections and Cold:

Pregnancy is the time when the immune system gets down from normal and give a chance to get effected with infections such as cold. But, Intake of antibiotics is not healthy and not recommended for growing fetus during this time. Kiwi fruit, as a rich source of Vitamin-C it protects the health by boosting the immunity and there by prevents the occurrence of cold. Seeds of kiwi are the source of antibiotic activity and helps to fight against any kid of infections that effects during pregnancy.

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