10 Hidden Benefits of TOMATO

10 Important Uses of TOMATO In our regular life

If I say this as Solanum lycopersicum… Most of you doesn’t understand… local name of it is TOMATO… How many of you know the amazing benefits of tomato which is a lovely and beautiful vegetable… I had fall in love with it when I was in my 3rd class… I was asking mamma… “Please give me something to eat”. She gave me different snacks but nothing was tasty… I asked her again… I want something tasty and different… Then she shouted from backyard… Pick one tomato and eat… “I wondered” that is a vegetable… how can I eat it as snack ?  Then felt… its Okay… Let’s try… I picked one and ate it with little lemon and a pinch of salt. Yummy.. very tasty it was. From then when ever I go to kitchen I get one to eat. So, tomato is a Fruit or Vegetable ???.

Let’s call it as Fruitable from now before knowing the health benefits of Tomato. Let’s speak about the 10 hidden benefits of tomato. Here are the 10 Important Uses of TOMATO In our regular life.

Well.. tomato is the best vegetable fruit with is packed with lot of health benefits

Here are the 10 Amazing benefits of tomato:

1. A Beauty fruit:

Beauty benefits of tomato are amazing. This is a good anti-oxidant and clensing agent to clean and bleach the skin from dirt and impurities. It acts as a quick tan cleaner if you apply the pulp of tomato on skin for 10 minutes. That is due to vitamin-A & vitamin-C which will help to revitalize the dull skin that got effected due to sun radience. It works as a best home remedy to treat acne. Application of tomato juice or pulp to face trice in a week make the skin oil free as it has the natural property to close the large pores of skin.

2. Tasty recipe for all Foods:

For me, no food is tasty without adding tomato. Tomato makes a simple and normal dish to delicious with its tangy flavor. Most of the Indian and continental foods are incomplete without tomato. In some worst situations any food that has comeout worst can be made tasty by adding tomato. I had my personal experience for this ?.

3. Vitamin Bundle :

This is a vitamin rich fruit that contains abundant amounts of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-K and also significant amounts of vitamin-B6, Thiamine and folate. Vitamin-A will help for vision and cell development. Vitamin C present in tomoto helps the cells from oxidative damage and this is also important for proper immunity and lung function. And vitamin K is essential for bone formation and blood clotting.

4. Well of Minerals:

A rich source of Potassium, Magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and copper. This also has protein and dietary fiber content to maintain good health. Potassium is an electrolyte that is very much required to maintain the health and body functions normally. With rich mineral content tomato helps to maintain a healthy heart.

5. Best diet to lose FAT faster:

Tomato is a rich source of all essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It contains abundant amount of water and fiber to supply all the needs of your body. It has very less calories and it is very rich in taste that can control your sweet tooth sometimes by replacing it with cherry tomato.

6. Prevent UTI:

Tomato is a rich source of water and electrolyte content that helps to prevent urinary tract infection. Tomato is diuretic which will promote to urinate faster than usual. More intake of water through tomato will help to expel out the bad metabolites and infection causing bacteria from urinary track faster. Vitamin C present in tomato will helps in providing good immunity to these kind of infections.

7. Visual Improvement:

We already knew that tomato is a rich source of Vitamin-A which is very much required for eye health. Apart from it, tomato is a rich source of beta carotene, lycopene and leutin that helps the eye from light induced damage, cataract and macular degeneration. So, intake of tomato will help to maintain a healthy vision for all ages.

8. A Fruitable to protect your body from Free Radicals :

Tomato is a rich source of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants play a very major role in removing the free radicals and impurities that damages the heart health. Removing the free radicals from the body time to time is very important to maintain a healthy skin and digestive system. Important thing here is removal of free radicals will keep you away from diseases like Cancer.

9. Diabetic Friendly Fruit:

According to medical studies, oxidative stress can be reduced better with tomato in type 2 diabetes. Apart from it, tomato can be happily consumed by diabetic patient as it has no sugar content but very delicious in taste.

10. Good remedy if you worry about “How to get rid of Constipation” :

This is a big morning problem for many people in this generation due to varied food habits and lifestyles. Tomato is A food with high fiber and water content that is very much required to fight with constipation. Tomato comes first in place for those 2 qualities.

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