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10 Things Everyone should Experience at least Once in Their Life time

Things you need to do and Feel… before you DIE.

So much frustrated about life? Or you think you are all done with the life or You feel that you are complete in your life? Please don’t come to a conclusion. Life without doing below things… Not everything… But at least few of them is incomplete. What are those things to do before we die? 10 Things to do in Life before we die. Here you go…These are the10 Things to do in Life before we die

10 Things to do in Life before we die:


Sleep at the sea shore under a starry sky on a full moon day:

Did you ever try sleeping under open top terrace. That is an awesome feeling and a good way to get a sweet sleep. What if you do the same under that limitless starry sky on the sea shore on a full moon day ? The sound of tides and the cool breeze that is bringing a smoky bunch of foggy breeze filled with water droplets with in it. Such a cool breeze walking towards you and giggles you and roams around you and hides from you just like your loved one that surrounds you as if it is h and k you. It makes you feel like you are the Prince/Princess of this whole world and stars are like shower of sparkles and moon is the snow ball that is falling down from that far to play and mingle with you in that magical moment. Imagine that and see yourself there… one should never miss it ?

Under water or scuba diving in sea:

We live in a terrestrial life with all kinds of sounds. Some are sweet and some are noisy and some are different from both of these. But did you ever try listening what sea says. It is really awesome. Just a water splash in a music track makes so much magic. Just think of how it feels inside the water. Life inside the water is just like living in another world. One should experience this to feel the difference.

Go to Tomatina Festival:

Go to this fest with friends that happens in Spain at least once in your life time and have fun. This happens once in a every year in Valencian the town of Bunol in Spain. We all know that Spain is famous for tomato. We can see that in one of the flavors of Lays as SPANISH TANGY TOMATO. This La Tomatina Festival is as famous as that tomato for Spain. It is just like funny fight with tomato. I have no words to tell it. So, just adding a picture here to create some excitement. By the way, it is going to be 29th of August this year. So, why late… book your tickets for unlimited fun.

Go to a trip to your favorite place alone:

You know… We all have dreams. But, many of us just dream and leave. Our commitments in life makes us leave our dreams or ignore them. Only a few get a chance to chase the dreams. But just one life boss… Do we really need to ignore or forget our dreams and dream places. How will you be alone when your shadow is with you to run anywhere. So, plan a trip to your favorite place where you want to go from long time. It’s just an awesome experience to go like that and face every challenge. Remember… If it is an adventure trip, be in touch with someone when you are away from your place.

Fall in love…

Falling in love and Coming out of it. Both are very difficult things. you will experience sweetness of love if you succeed, you will experience the pain of Love if you fail. But be prepared to face both. Either way you get the feeling of being in Love ?.

See the birth of a baby:

Mother is the goddess of every living being. This will be agreed by everyone in this universe. She bares so much pain to give birth. A woman only can feel how it is for those 9 months. I am not specifying only human birth here. But we can see the expression of mother clearly in the form of Painful but happy tears only in human beings. The moment the baby comes out it’s the magical moment that makes the tears sweet in taste. One should only can feel it while seeing it.

Do a wild Dance in rain thinking that no one is watching you :

Except few talented… Most of us are bath room singers and hidden dancers. But we feel shy to express our joy in front of someone thinking that what they feel about us. Ignore and keep all these feelings aside. Rain will not come whenever you want. So, go to the terrace when it is raining… Ignore everything and feel yourself like a peacock and do a wild dance following the splish splash moments of the rain. Do it and tell me. It will surely change any kind of mood and turns it to happy and joyful mood.

Kiss your loved one :

in a public place shouting to the world telling “I LOVE YOU” : Oww… wait a minute. She or he may not like this. So, opt for forehead to kiss and say it. It’s not necessarily be in public place. But any place that makes you feel that you are the king or queen of this world. Let’s say hill top, Sea shore, beach, Water fall or any such similar and romantic places.

The First Kiss :

We definitely don’t know whom we kissed first after our birth. But after knowing all the things and knowing about life… There will be a person about whom you feel that they are your life. If you don’t have any such feeling on anyone and if that person did not come to your life yet… then wait until that someone comes. And lets see the magic after it.

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