10 Things you need to Look while searching for a LIFE PARTNER

How to search for a Perfect Life Partner

What kind of Better half are you Looking FOR ?

This is the biggest decision of your life… If you are lucky, then the next phase will be heaven. If that is in other way then for your entire life you will keep regretting the mistakes you did. That is not only bad for you but your partner too… You both are good as individuals. But what if, you both are not compatible with each other? I am not speaking about astrology compatibility. What I mean here is… compatibility in understanding each other. I am not an expert in guiding this… But can guide you with 10 simple points…How to search for a Perfect Life Partner?these are the 10 Things you need to Look while searching for a LIFE PARTNER.

How to search for a Perfect Life Partner? Here are the 10 points:



1. More than looks… search for a person who understands you better:

Beauty of a flower will wither after hours and will not last forever. Similar kind of thing applies to humans too. For us it is little more time.

So, beauty is not always the standard to select a life partner. Yeah…that is also necessary when we think about our next generations. But that is not the only criteria we need to look for. And moreover… the funda is..if you select a person equal or a bit lesser than you. They feel very respect about you for selecting them as your partner and love you more like angel. I have observed this in many of my known couple.

So don’t run behind beautiful girls and handsome boys. Remember that.. good Understanding between you both will create a beautiful life that lasts forever.

Choose someone who inspires you, who encourages towards your aspirations, who supports to reach your goals, who gives you a shoulder when you are sad.

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2. Who has individuality:

This is very much necessary these days. If a person is not so individual in taking decisions and driving his/her own activities, somehow they will become burden to their partners eventually. But that should not be the case. You both have to be individual in handling things by your own. Because you both need to guide your kids how to go in to the society. If you choose a person who always depends on you and always wait for you to complete small little tasks apart from your daily tasks.. it will create a big mess to your life and you can’t change it afterwards.

3. Who has self-respect will respect the society:

Person who has self-respect will not make or commit to mistakes so easily. They will definitely respect the other persons opinions and respect the society. Though we don’t like many things that are running around us in our society. Still we need to go along with everyone. Because that is our life. We should be adjusted where ever it is necessary. But we should not fight everywhere. So chose a person who has that self respect and respect over the society.

4. Not so much money minded:

Money will not bring everything. And at the same time… No money.. No honey ?. So person who thinks moderately about money is good for family life. Too much money minded people always crave for money and look everything in a calculated way. Savings and investments is important for future needs. But spending for ourselves today is also important to make our soul healthy and happy.

5. Who can mingle and jingle :

We are living in a very closed circuit box. Life has become like that. May be you are fine for that for now. Once you get married and get into your responsivities, you need to have many things. You may need many hands to support you. Friends and relatives come in to that place. You need to go for them and they will come for you when they need you. This is like mutual help. If a person has that good relationship with everyone will never be a single fighter when he/she get any problems in future. So chose a person who can give importance to relationships

6. Better go for outgoing Person:

Person who is very reserved, and will not be able to mix up with people is not so compatible with everyone. They may take long time to understand you as well. And enjoying the life to the peaks will not be possible with guys or girls with this mentality. If you are also same kind.. then that will be fine… But just a suggestion.. it will create a boring environment at home ?

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7. Helping with heart:

Helping others is a very good thing that we see in good people. I get impressed very easily with people who does that. People who have a helping heart will not differentiate the person and judge the person based on their qualities and attitudes. They do normally what they do. This creates a peaceful environment at home and even in their circle too.

8. Who cares for affections:

Affections and sentiments are the driving forces to keep a family life strongly bonded. If a person who cares it will not break or object those affections of yours with your family very easily.

9. Who cares the “WHO YOU ARE”:

If someone thinks that they are great.. and that’s why you are getting married with them… That is completely wrong. If you have such kind of person coming into your life… then you will no longer be yourself after marriage. Person who speaks “we both are important for this relationship” is the one who drives your life in the right path to a correct way.

10. Who knows the value of Love:

You have all the qualities you are looking for and he/she is the one you dreamed off. Everything’s there except the Love. Then what is the use of remaining things. Its very easy to handle everything when you both love each other. But when love is not there everything is difficult to handle. Love will be the reason to get compromised when you both fight. Love will be the reason to love each other unlimited. When you say sorry… she/he understands your love so they accept it. So… It is such an important thing. In arranged marriages, we wouldn’t be easily get to know the other person is loving us or not. But try to know their interest personally if possible.

Finally… ignore their past.. and love to live in your present Life. And Don’t expect a perfect thing… it will disappoint you. Try to make it perfect after you get it… All the best

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