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Best foods to eat for Breast Milk

Best foods to eat for Breast Milk

Hello Moms… A very exiting moment for every new mom is feeding her new born baby. Feeding your breast milk to the baby will resist them from many diseases and disorders in future. What we all hope is.. their good health. Breast feeding is the time that actually creates an affection between baby and mother. Feeding your baby is not only healthy to your baby, but also healthy to you to get back your physic and to tighten the uterine muscle. Due to varied health conditions and food habits mother may not be able to get the required amount of milk for baby’s growth. So, that time we need to depend on formula milk which is not as healthy as MOM’s milk and more over cleaning and maintaining perfect hygiene for the formula milk bottles is a tedious task everyday. So here are the best foods to eat for Breast Milk.

Luckily we have many natural foods available to improve the milk production in mother and keeping the baby’s tummy full 🙂 You need to feed them at least for 6 months for proper brain development. So, add these foods to your menu for your baby’s health.

Here are the top 10 best foods to improve the breast milk in new Moms:

1. Raw Papaya:

Ripen Papaya is a rich source of many vitamins and always a healthy fruit for good digestion. Good thing is Raw papaya is also a pack of nitration. Eating raw papaya either with sugar or by cooking it with little oil and spices will add taste too. This will increase the milk production happily and eating papaya will improve the digestion in mother and baby too.


2. Garlic:

This is a very good food to improve the breast milk. Many doctors suggests this before and after delivery. This can be consumed as boiled garlic along with rice or raw garlic. Eating raw garlic with Ajwan (Vaamu) early in the morning with out taking water for half an hour will reduce the body water content that comes after delivery. Doing this daily for 1 week immediately after delivery will remove the water content very faster than any exercise and any medicine.

3. Coccinia or Indian Ivy Gourd:

Many of us doesn’t know this vegetable. But this is an excellent vegetable to eat to get the breast milk. One can eat this either as raw food or by cooking it with different vegetables. This is a rich source of water content and healthy for new moms.


4. Bread:

Eating bread dipped in milk is an excelled food to increase the breast milk production. It also provides good fiber content to body and helps in good digestion.

5. Juvenile Fishes or Fingerlings (Small fishes):

Many of us love to eat seafood so much. But how many of us know that eating baby fishes or juvenile fishes will increase the breast milk production. But that’s true. Eating them cooked will increase the Brest milk production a lot.

6. Milk:

Taking cow or buffalo milk 250 ml 2 times a day (Morning and evening) will increase the breast milk to a good amount as milk is a rich content of protein and calcium.

7. Egg:

Eating a boiled egg once a day will improve the breast milk as egg is also a rich source of protein.

8. Bombay Halwa (An Indian sweet recipe made with wheat flour or cake flour):

Eating this sweet made with ghee is very yummy and is a good food for breast milk improvement.

9. Spinach:

Spinach is the king of all leafy vegetables for rich source food fiber and many nutrients. This wonder food is very good for breast milk production.

10. Sprouts:

Eating sprout salads or any dish sprout with sprouts is a healthy snack for new moms and is also a best food for breast milk production.


(Please share it to As many mothers as possible to create the awareness how much important breast feeding is..And to help them to get the breast milk. As a mother you must be knowing how difficult it is if you can’t produce the milk properly.

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