Best ways to come out of Depression

How to control Depression ?

Every human being has emotions and feelings. Some times in some bad and worst situations we lose control on our senses and will fall in to depression. Reasons could be anything.. Love failure, Family issues, Loss of money, Close person’s death, life settlement, education…and many more. That time many things will come in to our brain. Why to me ? How did this happen? When and how will this pain go off..? How to come out of Depression ?

What to do ?….

We wont be in a situation to take other’s suggestions or opinions to come out of it. And naturally as you are already in pain.. those words from others will hurt you more. If that frustration reaches to peaks.. then the outcome decisions will be so much violent..One should control that.. Who will do that?  Its YOU… You only have that power to control and co-ordinate your brain and heart

Here are 10 solutions for you question How to come out of Depression ?

I can give you 10 best things to help for that… Gather some will power to change your mind after reading the below 10 best ways….

1.Get up forcefully and come out:

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As you already stated looking for pages like “How to come out of depression” this is very easy for you now. Because you.. yourself realized that you are in a bad state and wanted to come out of it… which is really a good thing. When we are in a depression mood… we feel like sleeping on a bed and thinking somewhere in to blank. Exactly from there you should get up. Forcefully do that and start activating yourself with any of the below ideas.

2.Play your favorite game: 

If someone says i don’t like playing games.. i don’t believe that. At certain age everyone of us played games and loved at least one of them. Think about it from your deep thoughts and play it alone or with friends.

3.Eat what ever you like: 

if possible cook it for yourself. Yes.. true.. I have my favorite dish.. definitely you also must be having one as your favorite dish. Pizza, Burger, Burrito, Pasta, Noodles, salads, Biryani…. anything… Go get it and eat tummy full… if you can cook it.. that is more better 🙂

4.Dig out your dreams:

Know your inner strength and start getting your dreams live. How silly or how difficult the dream is… give it a try. Many of us have many positive angles and capabilities that we deeply hide somewhere behind our blood and bones. Think.. think.. think… know your strengths..apply them for your growth.. make that dream to a beautiful picture that comes alive in front of you.

5.Go to some old age home or orphan house:

We have many things with us and can live happily with the things that we have. Think about the people who doesn’t have minimum needs.. like food, parents, kids, care takers etc.. God has given us a very beautiful life and thank him for that. Go and speak to the people who doesn’t have that. Motivate them and give some support with your sweet words. Every one of us have humanity in our hearts. Get out of your current situation by helping them. If you can help atleast one of them.. the peace that comes in to your mind is more than anything.

6. Play with your pet:

You will forget everything when playing with kids and pets. Everyone may not be able to play with kids.. but surely can play with pets. If you don’t have a pet..then get one.. 🙂 Pets are more good than humans as they innocently play with you not like humans who again and again remind and speak about your same old problems.

7. Pick up your pending task and complete it now:

Think about your pending works that you kept aside just because of the nonsense that is running in your brain.. like bike repair, house hold works or any project work that is still pending.. 

8. Gardening:

Who hates the greenery and pleasant environment?   Gardening is a good thing to do when we are out of mood. Gardening is a good physical exercise which can easily divert your mind and bad thoughts.

9. Go to any public place: 

This world is just a magical museum and each person is an item piece in that. If we closely observe the people around you.. you don’t need to read any books for inspiration, you don’t need to watch any movie. Everything is plain and transparent. So.. go out to a public place and move around and observe people. Either you get fun.. or you get some good inspiration. Both the things will work to divert your mind.

10. Final thing is…

Life is never like a ready to eat plate.. It has many things for us.. What you cook is what you eat. No one is deciding our life.. its not you.. its not me.. its not the money.. its not the person you hate… Its the TIME. Time has everything in its hand.. Everyone will get their chance either to get success or to collapse themselves. We run for many things in life. But at one point we definitely stop and think what we are doing and what should be changed. That moment will come to everyone and it will come to you also. So,.. never get depressed for these temporary things.. Time has something great for you.. You just need to let that time pass from your bad days… Be strong psychologically. If you can win yourself.. you can win the world.. 🙂

I hope i made you a bit free from your heavy heart… If that is true i am very happy 🙂

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