Best ways to induce the labor Naturally

Pregnancy is the toughest and the most painful… yet very beautiful Phase of a woman’s life. No mother feels that as a weight or burden that she is carrying along with her for 9 months. From the 2nd week of pregnancy, baby’s heart starts beating. Since that time mother starts thinking and it continues till 9 months… that is 38 to 40 weeks… that is 280 days… “When will I see my bundle of joy coming out and playing with me”? Such a beautiful dream that truly comes true in front of eyes. She count the days and check the calendar daily… How many days passed? Still How many days left? When it is too late, Then they look to Induce labor early . So here are the Best ways to induce natural labor naturally

Why do we need to wait for Natural or Normal delivery?

Normal or natural way of giving birth to a child is healthier to mother as well as baby. Children born through birth canal will be developed with more resistance against many infections and diseases. Another good thing is they will be more affectionate with mother if the child birth is through birth canal.

For most of the cases baby comes out with + or – 2 days to + or – 2 weeks near to due date. But there are few cases where it may take longer than that. Why is that?

Why is the delay after due date?

There is no specific reason observed for the overdue of baby delivery as of now. It could be sometimes because of genetic predisposition.

What happens if you cross the due date?

Last few weeks of delivery is very exciting for parents. What if that gets delayed? Usually mother gets so anxious when this happens. If everything during pregnancy time is well and both mother and baby is doing well, then nothing to worry if it crosses the due date for 1 to 2 weeks.

If it is more than 2 weeks then the possible complications could be:

1. Placenta might gradually stop nourishing the baby
2. Due to growing size of the baby mother will be over stressed due to increased weight
3. Mother will feel difficulty in breathing
4. There may be an infection inside the womb due to over period of baby’s waste inside the womb which is harmful for baby and mother too.
5. Unexpected problems may arise during labor time
6. Risk of being stillborn (Flat or dead baby during birth) may increase, if it crosses after 2 weeks.

Don’t worry and don’t think too much on that. Only 10 percent of the pregnant ladies get the contractions exactly on due date. Remaining all will get before or after 1 to 2 weeks.

Don’t worry… Your baby is not going to stay in your womb for life long. He /She is just playing a hide and seek with you… and want to see you soon… Very soon…

Parents get tensed for this and worry about the baby and sometimes they cannot control the curiosity and anxiety to see the baby. So, I can help you with 10 best ways to induce the labor naturally. This is completely natural.

What is labor and What will happen when we induce the labor naturally?

Labor is the process by which the fetus and the placenta leaves the uterus of the mother through the birth canal. Labor happens when Cervix is ripened and softened and ready to fit the baby out.

How Do we know that Cervix is ripened or not ?

In medical terminology Cervix ripening is called as cervix dilation. This dilation will be measured in centimeters . In some women it is one, two, three, or even more centimeters dilated before labor even starts. When the cervix is open a couple of centimeters, you can easily slip your finger into the opening. it is like putting your finger between soft, puckered lips. So check yourself whether you are ready with dilation or not before going for the below process.

How to Induce the labor naturally ?

Note : You can induce the labor only when the cervix is ripened and ready to deliver the baby. You need to wait till that time, to apply any of these methods.

Here are the Best ways to induce the labor Naturally:


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Happy Pregnancy 🙂

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