Can you break this Puzzle and prove if you are Genius ?

Break the puzzle

Break the Puzzle and Prove yourself 🙂

Let me ask you directly… You can tell your answer in comments section.

A,B,C are having food in a restaurant and the total bill for 3 is 30 rupees.

All the 3 taken 10 rupees each from their pocket

A gave 10 Rupees

B gave 10 Rupees

C Gave 10 Rupees

Total 30 rupees to the waiter.

Waiter went to the owner and gave the 30 rupees to pay the bill.

But the owner took only 25 Rupees and gave the 5 back saying that as discount and told the waiter to return to A,B,C.

Waiter came back and took 2 rupees as tip and gave the remaining 3 rupees  to ABC each 1 rupee.

So, after getting back the 1 rupees each, the final amount each of them paid is

A Paid 9 Rupees

B paid 9 Rupees

C paid 9 rupees

Total  3*9 = 27 and the amount waiter took as tip is 2 rupees. In total  27+2 =29 Rupees.

The total count should come as 30 Rupees. So,

WHO Took that 1 RUPEE ?

Break the puzzle  and answer it in the comments section 🙂


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