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How to start a conversation with a GIRL – 4 simple steps to Workout

Oh… Boy ?. I Know what is running in your mind right at this moment. Maybe you’ve been eyeing that gorgeous girl at the office. Or perhaps you’re out on the town and spot a beautiful girl across a crowded room. I just say this to every guy “Don’t think too much to start a […]

If life is a Fruit which Fruit would you be?

Which fruit your character falls under ? Human life is full of ups and downs. we change our mind and behavior according to our situation and moods. So, i would like to describe our life different fruits. Be a Bunch of Grapes : Be a Bunch of Grapes when you’re Happy- Divide the happiness in […]

Manushi Chhillar is making her Bollywood debut SOON. Can she WIN our Hearts ?

Here comes the most Beautiful… Manushi chhillar… After so many beauties like Aishwarya rai, susmitha sen, Priyanka chopra, Lara dutta, diana hiden now it is manushi chhillar who is planning her Bollywood debut. Manushi was born in 1997 and she won the Miss world title for 2017. Since then… This miss world 2017 is busy […]

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