How to start a conversation with a GIRL – 4 simple steps to Workout

how to start a conversation with a girl

Oh… Boy ?. I Know what is running in your mind right at this moment. Maybe you’ve been eyeing that gorgeous girl at the office. Or perhaps you’re out on the town and spot a beautiful girl across a crowded room. I just say this to every guy “Don’t think too much to start a conversation. Be direct while expressing yourself. A normal “Hi” works good enough. Do it before it’s too late. Remember “Tick, Tick, Tick”- that’s the sound of your life”. It was shared by some sweet guy who learnt this from a failure of doing this ?.

Okay… coming to the point now… How to start a conversation with a girl?

By following the tips from here, you will be able to know how to start a conversation with a girl in any situation.

If I am not wrong… you must be reading this to deal with someone really special and someone who you really don’t want to lose with your stupid or wrong timing conversations. If so, then try to know her little… before jumping on for a conversation.

Try to Know if she is single or already seeing someone. of course, you have to find this in your own way, I’m sure you must be having a plan for this.

I wish you find the Answer as single which makes you happy to read further. Now, know how to start talking to a girl with these simple tips to impress her.


  1. Be confident while saying your 1st word with her:


Be confident and be yourself. Now, how to start a conversation with her ? She must be your childhood crush. Or a girl you like from a long time. They should like the way you’re and that’s how you can be like normal with her any time as that’s what you are. If you act too much now, you need to act for life time ?. Again… Don’t be too rude or rough in the very 1st conversation. Start it with a simple HI and tell your name. Ask her name if she feels comfortable looking at you or facing you. That way you can make eye contact and get what you expect from her. A HI back to your simple wish. Control yourself with that reply. You need to wait for some more time to extend this HI to the next level.


  1. Don’t rush in expressing yourself:

Don’t rush and pour out what you feel for her. Try to make a good relationship with her. Be a friend. If you both know each other already but don’t talk much, then try talking about common things that you both know and you both go through every day. You can understand her face feelings and expressions if she is interested or not in those conversations. You might not be aware of what you’re talking about and where that conversation is going. Because… you’re there with an intention in your mind which doesn’t let you feel bored of what you’re talking. But not for her. So, put a pause and change the topic.


  1. Try to read how she is reacting:

After 3 to 4 talks you will get to know how she is reacting and treating you. She likes talking to you or she wants to move away from you. Anything can happen. All depends on you. If you’re a shy guy and can’t keep the momentum of talking and go with the flow, at least try. Do some homework like this on conversation questions and good conversation topics girls like. Prepare yourself on what to talk and how to end if something goes wrong. Once she is tuned to you, you don’t need to worry much to continue the flow. Girls are good listeners only when you’re praising them. All other times, they are good speakers ?. Obviously, afterwards you would love to listen to her if you really like her. You should know her heart by then.


  1. Not just words… It’s you… Always you.

Remember one thing. No matter what happens and how she reacts for you HI… Don’t worry at all. If it works out… well and good. If not, the world is not small. You will find your right reply… at the right time… at the right place… with the right GIRL. So, be you and wait for the one who fits your HI. After all, … Just one life. Make the best out of it 🙂



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You can’t take EYEs OFF these Celebrity Couple

Nara Lokesh and Brahmani

Adorable Celebrity Couple On and Off the Screen

Nara Brahmani and Lokesh couple is one of the good looking and adorable non-filmy celebrity couple that enjoys their personal space with lots of love, sharing together. Being a minister and the son of AP state CM, Nara chandrababu naidu… He is quite busy with his activities while serving the public. The other side Nara Brahmani is the industrialist and Vice President of Heritage groups is successful in her career as an entrepreneur. But still they managed to get some time to spend for themselves on their wedding anniversary. So cute and Lovely to see

What makes LOVE lasts for LONG ?

What makes LOVE lasts for LONG

How to make a Relationship Last Forever?

Whether it is Just LOVE or MARRIAGE or a LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIP… Love is beautiful, intoxicating, and we all want it to last with us forever. No one knows what makes love lasts for long and How to make a relationship last forever. There are many things comes in… when you speak about how much time a love lasts. What makes love stronger between two ? What makes LOVE lasts for LONG? If you know the secret of Best ways to keep your Bonding STRONGER then you will be the winner of this universe.

So, what makes a love lasts for long?

What is that ? Is it just Sexual relationship or something magical that is not at all related to this… Well there could be something more than these? If not we don’t need to discuss it here.

I did a small research on this and took the opinion of people who are in a relationship from long time and who were in it for a short time.

There are people who stay in a relationship forcefully though they don’t feel any love and affection. Do they really deserve it. Leave about them. I speak about you now. If you’re one of those few people who is suffering a life without love… Know these points how to make your love lasts for long or What makes the love lasts forever.

So here are the 10 things that keeps the love lasts for long and for blessed people it is forever and ever ?

How to make your love stronger?

The Trust:

What do you expect in 1st place other than trust ? Trust is the foundation of Love. Love is a beautiful feeling that builds strong on the grounds of trust. If there is trust from both sides, love grows naturally. To last your love longer, mutual trust is the base thing to keep your relationship stronger forever and together. Suspicion of one on another will start creating cracks on love. It’s not the mistake of the one, who is having the opinion of suspicion on the other one. Each should open up well about those things that is keeping the other one disturbed about the love you both share.

Little romantic with A soft touch and A warm hug:

Romance is not always a physical thing to think. A touch or a warm hug is the most powerful thing that keeps a bond more attached. In a romantic relationship… holding hands while walking or hugging each other before departing, patting them on their back or a kiss on their forehead while leaving, a text message of “MISS YOU” and many more to say it silently that… your love is eternal for them and lasts forever. These frequent hugs and kisses, show how much you love the person, which eventually make relationship last for long.

Understand the Loneliness & Disappointments:

There are many things that runs in our brain continuously due to work pressure or lack of sleep or stress. Sometimes or most of the times this creates depression, Disappointment and loneliness. Reasons could be anything. This is where everyone needs a person who loves them and understand them without opening their heart by words. If you can win their heart and make their loneliness run far away from them… Understand the feeling of loneliness and fill that emptiness with your love and care to say that you are there for them in every hurdle and every battle. Then you would be the winner of that love that lasts forever.

Let them fall in love with you every moment:

At young age we try many tricks to impress someone whether to attract them or to be with them or to grab their attention. We think differently and specially until they fall for us. Once they fall for us and they are for us… we tend to neglect with the feeling that they will be with us and no need to impress or flirt again. That is not correct. Falling in love is easy but keeping the state of love constant and ever blooming is difficult when the days are passing. You love them… so there is nothing wrong to do even silly things to impress them. Though they are silly and small that makes an impression that you will do anything to make them smile… laugh and to make them happy. Eventually that makes them fall in love with you every time which will be very fresh every time 🙂 .

Why a WOMAN is always Special than a MAN?

Practice to be patient and be the 1st to forgive :

Cooking a wonderful dish is not a 1 minute thing. Even the ready made Maggi noodles will take 2 minutes of time to cook. So, never expect the result instantly. Your personality might be a short tempered or always angry man kind. But that may not be the case with your partner. They might be expecting a soft spoken and a person who can listen them before they speak. Try to be a person of that kind. That is the best personality and attitude any person will like and that is what required in every relationship to last it for long. Patience will teach you forgiveness and that is what is needed for a ship to sail smoothly.

Gift them the gratitude of being with you in the form they love:

Love can be shown in different ways. Meaning of love is different for different hearts. Understand their language of love and respect it by honoring what they are expecting in that love. Let’s start showing the taste of love in the way they like (They will eventually understand to show the love the way you like). Let them get addicted to your love ?. Tadaaa… No hurdle can separate you both after that.

Let’s not speak too practical, instead help them by understanding the practicality:

Thinking practically will work anywhere but not in case of love. Everyone knows that when you love someone… It is not just love and happiness you are going to share with them but the responsibilities, burdens and duties too. Initial stage of love will hide the last 3 things. But once you start living and being around in that love… You will start facing them. You need to prepare yourself for that at starting only. Because love comes with expectations of happiness and hides the responsibilities behind. You be practical with the responsibilities, burdens and duties and guide yourself in a planned manner by planning a way not to disturb your love for each other. You don’t need to say your partner to be practical when something comes wrong in your way as an issue. She or he might have thought that they are happy to run the race with you though the legs hurt sometimes. Because they might have loved your company and thought to forget the pain. Understand that and keep that love alive always.

Why I said this ?

Because… People love happily initially. But after sometime with the responsibilities coming in their way and the partner is expecting your love and care… they start telling to the partner to be practical and not to behave as young days. I thing you got me now ?

Compliment your Love:

Top and open secret of any couple in love is Compliment your partner. We love to admire a beautiful rose that we see in decoration and a rose in someone’s hand. But we don’t pay much attention to the rose that has blossomed in our garden. We hardly see it once or twice and leave it. But the fact is… you are the one who is growing that rose in your garden. You take more care and it will mesmerize you with the beauty all the day.

So, be good and compliment the one that is staying with you unlike comparing them with outsiders. It’s not just about beauty. For example… If you say your partner that, “you look beautiful today”… That makes them blush for that moment. They want to blush every time. So, for that they try to impress you all the time just the way you like. If you say… “food is delicious today”… they will try to get that compliment everyday by trying something for you. That means.. you are making them love you.

How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY

Let them feel the “BE YOU” moment every time:

Every person lives 2 lives. 1 before love one after love. Most of us might have used this line “I used to be like this before but not now” Whatever it could be. Being in a relationship might have changed the PAST YOU. Never let that happened to your partner. Make them feel free in their likes and dislikes. Let them follow their heart and give your suggestions whenever they need. Don’t put your thoughts on their chest and rub off their personality completely off.

Remember… you liked the PAST personality of your love. That’s why you are together now. If you make them live the same every moment, they would love to live with you forever. You know… A person who can live a single life before and even after being in a relationship feels very blessed about their lives. If you give that things to your love and feel that they are same from past and present and… they are going to be same in future too… then your love will be yours forever and Happy Love life will start from then.

Hmm… You think I forgot to mention about that ? ?… No I remember.

But that is the last option which is not even needed to discuss here. Physical appearance will last only for some time. Time being… your skin will start showing wrinkles and your muscles will be weak to make love but, what lasts forever is the love you both shared together. If you care about all the 9 points then 10th point what you think I need to tell is nowhere in the way of love to last it forever.

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How is Your Day today ???

10 Things Everyone should Experience at least Once in Their Life time

Things you need to do and Feel… before you DIE.

So much frustrated about life? Or you think you are all done with the life or You feel that you are complete in your life? Please don’t come to a conclusion. Life without doing below things… Not everything… But at least few of them is incomplete. What are those things to do before we die? 10 Things to do in Life before we die. Here you go…These are the10 Things to do in Life before we die

10 Things to do in Life before we die:


Sleep at the sea shore under a starry sky on a full moon day:

Did you ever try sleeping under open top terrace. That is an awesome feeling and a good way to get a sweet sleep. What if you do the same under that limitless starry sky on the sea shore on a full moon day ? The sound of tides and the cool breeze that is bringing a smoky bunch of foggy breeze filled with water droplets with in it. Such a cool breeze walking towards you and giggles you and roams around you and hides from you just like your loved one that surrounds you as if it is h and k you. It makes you feel like you are the Prince/Princess of this whole world and stars are like shower of sparkles and moon is the snow ball that is falling down from that far to play and mingle with you in that magical moment. Imagine that and see yourself there… one should never miss it ?

Under water or scuba diving in sea:

We live in a terrestrial life with all kinds of sounds. Some are sweet and some are noisy and some are different from both of these. But did you ever try listening what sea says. It is really awesome. Just a water splash in a music track makes so much magic. Just think of how it feels inside the water. Life inside the water is just like living in another world. One should experience this to feel the difference.

Go to Tomatina Festival:

Go to this fest with friends that happens in Spain at least once in your life time and have fun. This happens once in a every year in Valencian the town of Bunol in Spain. We all know that Spain is famous for tomato. We can see that in one of the flavors of Lays as SPANISH TANGY TOMATO. This La Tomatina Festival is as famous as that tomato for Spain. It is just like funny fight with tomato. I have no words to tell it. So, just adding a picture here to create some excitement. By the way, it is going to be 29th of August this year. So, why late… book your tickets for unlimited fun.

Go to a trip to your favorite place alone:

You know… We all have dreams. But, many of us just dream and leave. Our commitments in life makes us leave our dreams or ignore them. Only a few get a chance to chase the dreams. But just one life boss… Do we really need to ignore or forget our dreams and dream places. How will you be alone when your shadow is with you to run anywhere. So, plan a trip to your favorite place where you want to go from long time. It’s just an awesome experience to go like that and face every challenge. Remember… If it is an adventure trip, be in touch with someone when you are away from your place.

Fall in love…

Falling in love and Coming out of it. Both are very difficult things. you will experience sweetness of love if you succeed, you will experience the pain of Love if you fail. But be prepared to face both. Either way you get the feeling of being in Love ?.

See the birth of a baby:

Mother is the goddess of every living being. This will be agreed by everyone in this universe. She bares so much pain to give birth. A woman only can feel how it is for those 9 months. I am not specifying only human birth here. But we can see the expression of mother clearly in the form of Painful but happy tears only in human beings. The moment the baby comes out it’s the magical moment that makes the tears sweet in taste. One should only can feel it while seeing it.

Do a wild Dance in rain thinking that no one is watching you :

Except few talented… Most of us are bath room singers and hidden dancers. But we feel shy to express our joy in front of someone thinking that what they feel about us. Ignore and keep all these feelings aside. Rain will not come whenever you want. So, go to the terrace when it is raining… Ignore everything and feel yourself like a peacock and do a wild dance following the splish splash moments of the rain. Do it and tell me. It will surely change any kind of mood and turns it to happy and joyful mood.

Kiss your loved one :

in a public place shouting to the world telling “I LOVE YOU” : Oww… wait a minute. She or he may not like this. So, opt for forehead to kiss and say it. It’s not necessarily be in public place. But any place that makes you feel that you are the king or queen of this world. Let’s say hill top, Sea shore, beach, Water fall or any such similar and romantic places.

The First Kiss :

We definitely don’t know whom we kissed first after our birth. But after knowing all the things and knowing about life… There will be a person about whom you feel that they are your life. If you don’t have any such feeling on anyone and if that person did not come to your life yet… then wait until that someone comes. And lets see the magic after it.

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Top 10 Best Ways to Win a Man’s Heart

How to win a Man's Heart

How to win His Heart?

Melting ice and Man’s heart… Both are almost same. In fact… Men will melt more easier than ice :-). Though they look rough and harsh, unlike women…they are very light at heart. One can easily find out hoh to impress her man. All men are not same. So, you need to be very careful while choosing a correct person for you, before you try to win his heart. Now the actual thing is… men psychology is very different from women when it comes to love someone and to be loved by someone. How to win a Man’s Heart ? You don’t need to gift them very costly gifts, chocolates and Teddies. You just need to know their heart and follow it.

Here are the 10 best ways to win a Man’s heart:

1.Love them with their Positives:

We are living in a male dominating society where women are least respected by many men…Even in this well educated and matured society also. So, never expect him to be like a Perfect man. He might be having both. But what he shows in front of you is important for a good and healthy relationship. Always look at his positive angle. Then slowly he will change his negatives to Positives.

2. Never question and remind him about the things they failed in Past. They know what to learn:

A well-known fact for the whole world is… you should never hurt a man’s Ego. If you question them about their faults and mistakes that gets them hurt so much. It doesn’t mean that you should not question anything and let them do wrong things… There is a separate way to handle these kind of things… Ask them with love and smiling face at correct time… He will surely respond to you… ?

3. Never cry in front of them with unnecessary sentiments. They won’t sell out all the time:

Men like happy faces and happy women. They may show sympathy on girls when they are crying. But they never want to be with that kind of girl for their life time. So, if you want something… Talk… Fight… But don’t cry unnecessarily.

Interesting right… ? Want to read further ?


4. Compliment their Achievements:

Men loves to hear compliments about their achievements. You can see a very rare exception from this. Just like how girls expect compliments about beauty… Men like to hear it for their achievements. If the compliment is from their most loved one… That happiness will be 10 time more. So… start complimenting him.

5. Give some privacy… Don’t put your finger every where:

Though he is yours… Don’t control him for everything. Like watching his mobile phone without any reason, spying his activities with his friends and many more things come here. If you do that… its creates an impression that he lost his freedom when he is with you. That is such a painful thing for men. So, let him be like himself when he is with you. If he feels you near to heart… You don’t need to ask him anything. He will only open up and share everything.

6. Pamper him with care and love… Of-course in his free time:

Loving someone is a great thing. And loved by somebody is a blessed thing. Men likes the pampering kind of things. When i say LOVE… it is love with freedom. He should feel like “I want to be with her and want to be pampered by her like a baby

7. Teach him smoothly if something needs to get done:

They really don’t like dominating women. If you think that needs improvement in something… Tell it at right time. Never try to control him and take the authority on him. You may lose him permanently if, he realize that you don’t deserve his patience and love.

8. A smiling face and a Loving Kiss is what they all need:

Let’s talk about the truth here… We, girls if not all the time, but most of the time expects gifts and presentations from them. But do you know what they need from us ? They just need our happy face and smiling lips… and of course some sweet kisses too :-).

9. Be brave and self efficient in handling things:

To much dependency on anyone creates discomfort to the person who is bearing that. Same with your guy. Men like women who is independent in handling things of her own. It gives them a sort of confidence that you can manage of your own in any circumstance of your life.

10. Get ready in the way they love:

This is not at all losing your freedom about your dressing and overall attire. Sacrifice it once in a while for any occasion or any special moment of you both, to make him feel surprise and happy. I am sure… They will definitely get tuned towards you.


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So girls, Now you understood what to do to make him your’s right ? Then… why late :-)… Move on…

How To Get Pink Lips NATURALLY

How to get pink lips NATURALLY?

How to get Pink Lips Naturally in all seasons ?

Who doesn’t want rosy and pink lips…? But, How To Get Pink Lips naturally? Smile is a universal language and it is important to communicate with everyone. Lips texture is also important to make that smile more beautiful. Lips tend to lose the tenderness and smooth texture when there is a rapid change in climatic condition and temperature variation. You can cover up the color of your lips… But, how can you cover the texture? More over… Lips with good texture adds more beauty to the color you applied. If the lip texture is broken and patchy… it doesn’t look good at all.

So, How to get rid of CRACKS ON LIPS NATURALLY ?

What makes the lips Dry?

It depends… When the body is dehydrated, the 1st place that it shows its effect is on lips.

What are the causes of Dark pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips?

There are several reasons for pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips.

Here are few reasons for dark lips:@

  • Smoking
  • Having very Hot drinks
  • More usage of cosmetics
  • Exposure to pollution


It is not only unhealthy for body but to your beauty too. Regular smoking will change the color of lips to dark and pigmented. This can be avoided by stop smoking. If that is not possible for you, then at least use air purifier smoke filters while smoking.

2.Having very Hot drinks:

Few people like to have tea and coffee Smoky hot. They enjoy the freshness of the beverages when they are damn hot. But, do you know the fact that… skin of the lips is thinner and that is as sensitive as your eyelids. When you are taking drinks with that hot regularly will damage the skin of your lips. And obviously skin exposed to more heat will lose its glow and changes its color to dark.

3.More usage of cosmetics:

Believe me or not… cosmetics makes you look beautiful just from morning to evening. But the damage they cause to your skin is irreparable. Cosmetics are full of unnatural colors and chemicals. And if the brand you are using is not good… then the result will be more worst. So, it’s never too late. Switch to natural ways to get pink and velvety lips naturally. If you do not have so much time to take care like that, then go with good and reputed brand of cosmetics who maintains the quality of the product.

4.Exposure to pollution and UV light:

The last cause of pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips in our discussion is pollution and bad sunlight. No one can escape from pollution and bad sunlight as controlling pollution and sunlight is not in any one person’s hand. So, leave that to the society. But you take care of your own. Use a thick scarf while going out to prevent the exposure from pollution as well as the harmful ultraviolet race from sunlight.

What we have discussed till now are the causes of pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips.

What process will make the lips to look pink naturally?
  1. Increased blood flow on lips will get their texture normal to original.
  2. Hydrated skin will get its normal color and appears pink as usual. That’s why you need to drink more water to keep them healthy all the time
  3. Removal of dead and uneven skin on lips will show its natural and pink look

Now, let’s speak about… what makes the lips to look pink and soft.

How to treat the damaged lips?


how to take care of lips to get pink and velvety lips naturally?
 Here are the 10 best ways to know How to get pink lips naturally:

1.Coriander Lip mask:

This is a natural herb that makes the lips smooth, pink and beautiful naturally. Make a smooth paste of coriander leaves without adding water, early in the morning. It will make your lips look fresh for the whole day.

2.Rose petals with cold cream milk:

Beauty of lips is always compared with Rose petals. Not sure who said that, but that is really apt. Rose petals have essential oil that are required to get smooth and soft skin and to prevent and remove the skin discoloration and pigmentation. Take a handful of rose petals and one spoon milk cream from un boiled or cold milk (Top thick layer of milk). Add them to a blender to make it as paste. Apply it on lips and keep it for 15 minutes. You can see the smooth texture immediately. If you do this regularly you can see the lips getting back to normal color too.

3.Milk cream (Cold milk cream) or Butter :

This is a known fact to everyone that milk cream is so smooth and good for facial massage to get fair and glowing skin naturally. Same thing applies for lips too. Apply little amount of cream or butter on to your lips before going to bed and leave it for overnight. This will nourish the cells and repair it from inside. So, by morning the skin of your lips become smooth and soft. This will not work so effectively for discoloration and pigmentation. But surely smoothes your lips.

4.Olive oil with sugar powder:

We all know the importance of olive oil in skin nourishment. Sugar works as a good scrub on facial skin. However, on lips the solid form of sugar hurts on those thin layers of skin on Lips. So, better make sugar as little corrase powder. As sugar will not dissolve in oil it will not lose its scrubbing property. Now use the mixture of  1 spoon olive oil and half spoon sugar powder to scrub the lips evenly. It will remove the dead skin and olive oil soothes the skin of the lips and make it look pink naturally.

5.Ice cubes with lemon drops:

Rub the ice cube on your lips gently by dipping it in lemon drops. Ice cubes will help to Increase the blood circulation in lips and by then bring back the tenderness to lips. Lemon drops will remove the darkness and pigmentation on lips because of its bleaching property. Once the lips become tender and perfect, the dead skin will automatically will move apart from lips as white dead skin along with melted water slowly. Do this process for at least 10 mins.

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6.Honey with salt (Don’t Mix them):

Honey is used in many beautification therapies from olden day. Honey works very better to soothe the broken and patchy lips. But you should not mix these two for applying on to lips. First take little amount of honey on your finger and apply on your lips. Let it be for 2 mins. Now, take a pinch of salt with same finger and start rubbing gently to remove the dead skin. This makes the lips pink and perfectly shiny.

7.Sore curd:

Sour curd is good for skin therapies due to its good bacteria and astringent properties. Take a little amount of curd and apply a thick layer of it on lips. It will moist the skin of the lips and due to the soaking property of it, dead skin will come up. Remove the layer after 10 minutes. After you remove the layer, you can wipe of the dead skin with a smooth towel or cotton easily.

 8.Green tea Bag:

The bitterness of green tea is not only good for health but also for beautification. Take a fresh green tea bag and dip it in very little amount of water. Let’s say 1ml of water in a cup. After 1 minute, it will start releasing its extract. Now take out the bag and slowly press it over the lips changing from one place to another place. Do this for 10 minutes. It removes the dead skin and fades the discoloration if you do this regularly. Your lips will look very natural after this.

9.Mint leaf extract:

Mint leaves are good remedies for patchy and dark spots on skin. They also work on lips too. Take few healthy mint leaves and rub them on your palm with your fingers. Apply the extract on lips immediately without placing anywhere. Mint leaf extracts has the property of volatility and immediately volatile if you keep it open. So, you need to follow that process. It will work but it may take longer time than above remedies.

10.Aloe Vera Gel:

Take the freshly extracted gel of aloe Vera and apply on your lips. It takes so much time for that to completely get dried. So, you can wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes.  Like mint leaves, it will show the affect. But, may take longer than other remedies.

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How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY

How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY

How to be happy in pregnancy

Wife is every Husband’s 2nd mother. But, husband is always wife’s first kid. This is what a wife’s heart is. That is the bond a good relationship or happy wedding creates. Now this is the precious time for you both… She is carrying your image in her womb. This is a great time to express all your love to her. Keeping pregnant wife happy is your duty. Because, keeping her happier is very important for her and the baby too. So… How to keep your pregnant wife happy? how to be happy in pregnancy ?

Here are the few points every husband should keep in mind when their wife is carrying.

How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY:

1. Let her show all her excitement about the good news and cheer up:

Once you both are prepared to invite your baby home, both of you would be more excited for the coming little dude. Here… you are the best buddy to her. So, she always feels like sharing everything with you first. Understand that and give her a warm hug and listen whatever she is feeling about the confirmed pregnancy. Not only when you heard it 1st time… continue that till last month to make her warm and happy always.

10 Super secrets of Successful and Happy Married Life

2. Know her heart and get her before she asks:

This would be a very easy thing for you as, you already love her so much. But during pregnancy craving for different things is more than the normal time. During pregnancy, women may not like the things what they usually like. Don’t force her what she doesn’t feel like eating. Instead get what she tells. If  the things she asked should not be taken during pregnancy, convince her telling some sweet excuses. Remember… She is not asking you all these… the naughty little one who is playing inside her is insisting ?. So, treat her like a baby and convince her if something is not good for her and the baby.

10 Health Benefits of Eating KIWI FRUIT During Pregnancy

3. Take her to a Babymoon:

Very interesting till here right ? 🙂

Read below for more interesting things…

When we get married, we love to celebrate the happiness alone by naming it as honeymoon. Why don’t you celebrate that for pregnancy too? Generally… during the period of pregnancy, 1st month to 5th month is very crucial and one should be very careful about travelling and foods. So, this is not a good time. Avoid that time for babymoon. After crossing 5th month, that should be fine and baby will start showing moments too. So, this is the perfect time to enjoy the babymoon period. If you want to go for it, get ready with everything whatever she needs, to make her comfortable during travelling.

4. Give her a memorable Pregnancy Gift that she never ever forgets:

She is going to give you precious gift for your lifetime. A new relation, a new bond to your heart. A big promotion to you as “DAD”. So, don’t you think she deserves a fantastic gift that she loves. Though you can’t give an equal gift like the baby… but definitely you can make her happy with your gift. Choose anything that she loves, and that memorizes her pregnancy days every time when she wears or uses it. You can even plan to a pregnancy photoshoot too 🙂 .


5. Pamper her and treat her like a baby:

This is what a woman usually expects from her man. That is more required during pregnancy time. Never behave aggressively and show your anger in front of her. You know… Pampering her will not only make her happy and it makes the little one happy too. When you touch her tummy, baby can feel your touch from inside. By that, they can easily get attached to you once they come out to this world. So, to be a good father… Be a good husband.

6. Spend enough time with her:

During normal days, it’s obvious that you might be busy with your daily routines and works. She might be used to it. But what guys doesn’t know is… Pregnancy is the time women feels so much stress and anxiety. This causes a kind of depression which will affect the mental health of the baby. They sit silent, but many things will run in their brain. That could be about the anxiety of delivery and pains or the stress that is causing on their uterus. Understand that and make her feel that, you are there to share her burden. Tell her that, you can support her at any circumstance. Not only telling… create that environment so that, she never gets that time to think about the loneliness.

7. Help her in her daily routine:

During pregnancy, she needs to carry around 10 to 15 kg of weight which will increase day by day for day and night. So, handling household things is not so easy for her during this time. Understand this and help her in her daily routines like cooking, bringing groceries etc.  Small help will also matter big during this time.

8. Discuss with her often about the newly coming little one:

It is one kind of help to her to relieve the mental stress and pressure that she is facing due to continuously increasing weight. Discuss about what to name to the baby. Talk about the baby images that you both saw in Scans during regular checkups. Compliment about how good she is doing with the baby. How the baby is going to be. How you both will play with the baby. She loves to hear them a lot.

9. Start shopping for both Mother and Baby:

It’s a universal truth that “Women loves shopping”. When it comes for your upcoming bundle of joy… then it would be more exiting to her. Take her to baby malls and kids places where she can choose whatever she likes. Also, she needs maternity wear to feel comfortable during the time of pregnancy. You can start Maternity shopping from 5th month onwards. But, Baby shopping you can do it from 8th month.

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10. Comfort her with massage:

Day by day when the weight is becoming more… she gets severe back pain and swelling of legs and feet. A regular massage to the lower back gently will help her to relax a lot. Also, massage her feet, so that she feels less pressure on feet while walking. Adjust her pillows and bed to give a comfortable posture to sleep. Bring her a C-Pillow to feel better while sleeping.


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Apart from these there are many things… Only you know about her. So, you know how to make her happy for sure ?

All the best…

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10 Things you need to Look while searching for a LIFE PARTNER

How to search for a Perfect Life Partner

What kind of Better half are you Looking FOR ?

This is the biggest decision of your life… If you are lucky, then the next phase will be heaven. If that is in other way then for your entire life you will keep regretting the mistakes you did. That is not only bad for you but your partner too… You both are good as individuals. But what if, you both are not compatible with each other? I am not speaking about astrology compatibility. What I mean here is… compatibility in understanding each other. I am not an expert in guiding this… But can guide you with 10 simple points…How to search for a Perfect Life Partner?these are the 10 Things you need to Look while searching for a LIFE PARTNER.

How to search for a Perfect Life Partner? Here are the 10 points:



1. More than looks… search for a person who understands you better:

Beauty of a flower will wither after hours and will not last forever. Similar kind of thing applies to humans too. For us it is little more time.

So, beauty is not always the standard to select a life partner. Yeah…that is also necessary when we think about our next generations. But that is not the only criteria we need to look for. And moreover… the funda is..if you select a person equal or a bit lesser than you. They feel very respect about you for selecting them as your partner and love you more like angel. I have observed this in many of my known couple.

So don’t run behind beautiful girls and handsome boys. Remember that.. good Understanding between you both will create a beautiful life that lasts forever.

Choose someone who inspires you, who encourages towards your aspirations, who supports to reach your goals, who gives you a shoulder when you are sad.

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2. Who has individuality:

This is very much necessary these days. If a person is not so individual in taking decisions and driving his/her own activities, somehow they will become burden to their partners eventually. But that should not be the case. You both have to be individual in handling things by your own. Because you both need to guide your kids how to go in to the society. If you choose a person who always depends on you and always wait for you to complete small little tasks apart from your daily tasks.. it will create a big mess to your life and you can’t change it afterwards.

3. Who has self-respect will respect the society:

Person who has self-respect will not make or commit to mistakes so easily. They will definitely respect the other persons opinions and respect the society. Though we don’t like many things that are running around us in our society. Still we need to go along with everyone. Because that is our life. We should be adjusted where ever it is necessary. But we should not fight everywhere. So chose a person who has that self respect and respect over the society.

4. Not so much money minded:

Money will not bring everything. And at the same time… No money.. No honey ?. So person who thinks moderately about money is good for family life. Too much money minded people always crave for money and look everything in a calculated way. Savings and investments is important for future needs. But spending for ourselves today is also important to make our soul healthy and happy.

5. Who can mingle and jingle :

We are living in a very closed circuit box. Life has become like that. May be you are fine for that for now. Once you get married and get into your responsivities, you need to have many things. You may need many hands to support you. Friends and relatives come in to that place. You need to go for them and they will come for you when they need you. This is like mutual help. If a person has that good relationship with everyone will never be a single fighter when he/she get any problems in future. So chose a person who can give importance to relationships

6. Better go for outgoing Person:

Person who is very reserved, and will not be able to mix up with people is not so compatible with everyone. They may take long time to understand you as well. And enjoying the life to the peaks will not be possible with guys or girls with this mentality. If you are also same kind.. then that will be fine… But just a suggestion.. it will create a boring environment at home ?

Hey…How is Your Day today ???

7. Helping with heart:

Helping others is a very good thing that we see in good people. I get impressed very easily with people who does that. People who have a helping heart will not differentiate the person and judge the person based on their qualities and attitudes. They do normally what they do. This creates a peaceful environment at home and even in their circle too.

8. Who cares for affections:

Affections and sentiments are the driving forces to keep a family life strongly bonded. If a person who cares it will not break or object those affections of yours with your family very easily.

9. Who cares the “WHO YOU ARE”:

If someone thinks that they are great.. and that’s why you are getting married with them… That is completely wrong. If you have such kind of person coming into your life… then you will no longer be yourself after marriage. Person who speaks “we both are important for this relationship” is the one who drives your life in the right path to a correct way.

10. Who knows the value of Love:

You have all the qualities you are looking for and he/she is the one you dreamed off. Everything’s there except the Love. Then what is the use of remaining things. Its very easy to handle everything when you both love each other. But when love is not there everything is difficult to handle. Love will be the reason to get compromised when you both fight. Love will be the reason to love each other unlimited. When you say sorry… she/he understands your love so they accept it. So… It is such an important thing. In arranged marriages, we wouldn’t be easily get to know the other person is loving us or not. But try to know their interest personally if possible.

Finally… ignore their past.. and love to live in your present Life. And Don’t expect a perfect thing… it will disappoint you. Try to make it perfect after you get it… All the best

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How to Propose a Girl

I love you

BEST ways to propose a Girl

How to propose a girl…??? This is a very well known and famous question for all youngsters… Yet, no one knows a perfect answer… We can say many things when we are telling it to others. But… we feel nerves when this question comes to us at the time when we are going to propose a girl. You know everything about her… But not sure how to express your love to her… Want to know the best ways to propose a girl ? Okay… Think that in reverse… You know nothing about her… Still you love her and want to share it with her..


Okay… Let me help you for that… I have ideas for both the cases…

Very curious to know the Crazy Ways to propose a girl right 🙂 ?


Here you go with best ever known ways to propose a girl

1. With a rose to propose her :

A very traditional and filmy approach which is well known from long back. Still proposing a girl with a rose is always a fresh way to express your love. A red rose along with a smile speaks all your love from your heart ❤.

2. Write a letter to express your feelings :

Another traditional and well known method of proposing a girl. But only few follow this. This is replaced by emails now a days. But that is always a special way to express your love with pen and paper with a special ink made with LOVE.

3. Write an Email – Modern ways to propose a girl:

As i already told this is the latest and updated version of love letter… 🙂 Here also you do the same. Additionally you will not get the pain of writing… with a simple emil and you can show your emotions very creatively with less efforts.

4. Sing her a song :

What are you thinking now? Poor at singing? Do not worry… she is not going to measure your singing levels. She will filter only the love that you express in your words. Go-ahead and sing a song for her.

5. Cookie love:

Prepare or get some cookies designed in English letters. Put your expression in a box and send it to her secretly. See her expression after opening that box 🙂

6. Birthday love ? :

If you’re waiting for any occasion to propose your love to her… then birthday is the best time to express yourself. Take a piece of paper  and write your feeling. Put that inside a birthday cake and ask her to cut the cake ?… Surely she will understand what you are trying to say.

7. Banner Love:

This is going to be a big surprise to her. But only can be tried if you think… that will not create any problem to her. Select a common place that you both usually go. Write whatever you want to say on a banner. Better not to add her pic on it. Put that in a place which you have already selected. Call her and ask her to come to that place… That’s all.. You don’t need to speak anymore.

8. Love in the air:

Do it with red heart shaped ❤ balloons if you are doing it during day time. And choose sky lanterns if it is during night time. Select one open air place where you can show the balloons flying. Arrange a bunch of them to fly at a time infront of her and express your feelings with her.

9. Garden Love:

This is a bit funny but worth trying… We see many places where the words written with plants. This is similar to that. Plant some fenugreek seeds (They grow very fast with in 2 to 3 days) with the expression that you want to say to her and show it to her surprisingly. Well… Where to plant is your duty to find 🙂

10. Propose in a Beach:

A perfect place to win anyone’s heart is the beach. No one can say “No” to anything while enjoying such a beautiful sea breeze and lovely whether. Take her to a walk on the beach near to the tides. Tides touching your legs an awesome moment. Now tell what ever you are feeling about her.


So guys… Be prepared and ready for it… ?

Please write your experience or comment on this page to improve myself in content writing. Please share it if you like it… 🙂

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Things Men should know about Women

10 Things Men should know about Women
Things Men should know about Women…

“Knowing much deeper about women is Injurious to Brain”

Laughing ???

No… ?

Then you are sooo sweet 🙂

You need to know many things but here i am discussing only 10 Things Men should know about Women

There are many circumstances that creates different opinions about girls whether it is positive or negative. If it is positive then you are a gentleman.

All girls are not same. There is definitely good and bad everywhere. But imagine if every woman is bad… then what about your mother?

So we should see everything as per their context and situation.

Why am I writing this topic ?

Okay… Let me tell you that

I heard from many guys criticizing women and playing jokes about their wife, Colleagues, a girl walking on the road. Many actually look very satisfied if someone is abusing women or scolding them. They might have faced a bitter experience with someone hardly 1 or 2 women. That’s why they are thinking like that. What might have hurt them ? Are these the below reasons?

Girls spend everything from boy’s pocket and finally they ditch them and marry someone else – This is what an unmarried guy thinks

They watch TV serials and try to behave same like that.. And creates daughter in-Law and mother in-law drama and fight at home- This is what a married men thinks.

Ladies do so much shopping and waste our time and money- A common problem for both married and unmarried guys.

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And what else you don’t like about her???..

A lady boss superior to you… A woman driving a car… A Woman dominating a group of Men.. List is so long. Because you don’t like to see her dominating you anywhere whether it is at home or on road or at work place.

But why it is like that? Is it her mistake if she gets a good rank and got a good job and become a boss to you ?

Is it her mistake to learn driving to drop the kids at school and to go to office just like you and to bring the house hold things while coming home ?

Those are not at all an issues if you think like a humble human being. Till certain age everyone of us have fickle mind. So loving someone is as per our wish.

Guys never ditch a girl and propose other girl ? You don’t need to answer this question. Just answer it to yourself. This is till certain age only. Actual life of a men and women starts once they get married.

But let me tell you few points about them

Did you see any Irresponsible mother? I am sure you will definitely say NO. Because,  you know the value of her love.

Did you ever ask your mother how much pain did she bear while giving birth to you? Go and ask her “Mom… How much pain did you bear when I was coming out of your womb?”

She will definitely smile at you for this question. Because there is no unit or no number to measure that pain.. still she is happy.

A Girl… Is not what you see… She is a Mother, Sister, daughter and a friend in every need. You are just looking at 1 or 2 examples and thinking everyone is like that only.

Okay… Let  me tell you few points one by one.

10 Things Men should know about Women:

1st one I have already told..

1. Did you see any Irresponsible mother? Because mother is the person in this whole world who thinks and provides everything though she has nothing.

2. Did you see anyone shouting “Dad” or “Pappa” or something else other than “Maa” whenever they feel some pain? NO right? Because Women is a great super natural power next to God.

3. Did you ever heard of a girl harassing a boy with the name of Love or teasing any guy on road with the name of raging? Because by birth girls do have lot of self respect. So… they know the value of it. That’s why they never do such things.

4. Did you see any girl killed a guy just because he is not accepting her Love? They don’t do that. Because girls can give a life but they can’t take it. They know the pain of birth so they just can’t end that with the name of death.

5. Did you ever heard of any news that Daughter has thrown out the parents from house? Because girls are very possessive about their parents than guys. You might be thinking… They marry someone and move out of home. Then how can she through them away. Modern girl is very independent. She is working, taking care of everything now a day. If there is any issue with husband for keeping her parents at home..She is ready to leave the husband and ready to stay with parents till the end. That situation will definitely won’t come. Because modern men is also very understanding and responsible about their in-Laws.

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6. Did you ever heard of any girl’s name that has harassed a guy sexually? Girls definitely won’t do that. Because disturbing a person’s self respect and privacy is not only crime but also hurting someone deep down their heart. They know it very well.

7. They are softer than flowers. You scold anything and fight how much ever you can.. at the end if you just go and give a hug.. they melt out easier than Ice. This is the nature of a girl. Can a boy be like that?

8. Girls have more will power and are stronger than a men when they need to face any hard situation. That’s why the power of a women is.. she can build an empire and can collapse it easily.

9. Kids are the major part of everyone’s life. If you observe and analyze almost 80 percent of the responsibility of kids will be taken care by women. And additionally she takes care of you too 🙂

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10. And finally a family without father still survives with the help of mother taking care of everything. But a family without mother is impossible to come up again.


I think this is too much what I wrote 🙂 . Hope you didn’t feel bore of reading this. My only concern is don’t underestimate the women. She is your daughter, she is your mother , she is your colleague and she is your wife that stands behind you in every stage of your life. Respect her… Love her… It’s okay if don’t do both of these but don’t Hurt her :-). To know how to win her heart…. ❤ Read more…

Please… Don’t just close the tab.. Please write your experience or comment on this page to improve myself in content writing. Please share it if you like it… 🙂

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