Why do Most Men Fail to Understand Women?

how to understand a woman mind. Book on how to understand a women

Why do Men will never understand about Women?

First of all, there are plenty of men who do understand how women feel. How to understand Women ? There are certainly men who act as if (and perhaps believe) female psychology is an impenetrable mystery and just ignore to understand that mystery. If a man wants to understand what women feel, the first thing he can do is learn a tiny bit about human psychology. When he does, he’ll discover that all humans (male and female) have similar core psychologies. There are differences between male and female brains, but they’re way more alike than they’re different. Just like men, women feel joy, sadness, lust, jealously, fear, disgust, pain, loneliness, and so on. So, to answer the question Why do some men never understand what women feel? Why do Most Men Fail to Understand Women?

Not all women share what they think or how they feel. How to understand a woman mind in that case? We can’t expect men to read minds. Even some women don’t understand men. Not everyone understands himself/herself. It is difficult to understand someone who doesn’t understand himself/herself. Some men do understand women.

Most of the behavior differences between men and women are due to socialization. Women are raised differently than men, with different experiences and different expectations placed on them. It varies depending on the place they grew up, but that definitely will have impact.

A man who isn’t scared every time he’s walking alone at night won’t have experienced something most women experience regularly. Men also aren’t socialized to expect a magical wedding day or given license to cry in public. They’ll never experience having menstrual cramps, being examined by a gynecologist, giving birth, or breastfeeding.

All these things are because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? I don’t know… But Men think that she should look after him and women think men should look after her feelings no matter how hidden they are inside her. Men’s vision covers the superficial things and women sees everything in deeper.

Why a WOMAN is always Special than a MAN?

Do you know there is a book on how to understand a woman? Yes there is a book to know how to understand a woman’s mind. But you know what… that funny things is that book completely empty. If you don’t trust me you can see that here : Book on How to understand a women

Ha ha… Funny right ? Okay… On a funny note, instead of searching for how to understand her start learning how to follow her. 

So, finally Men wants to hear and understand. Women do not want to speak and expect the other to understand with the expressions and feelings. But poor men… Most of the time they throw the stone on a wrong pot and the women start shooting at point blank ?. That’s where this statement “Men will never understand what women Feels”

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