How to earn money from YouTube videos

Different ways to earn money from Youtube

How to Earn Money from YouTube in Different Ways?

Earning is not the only thing that makes men or women happy but that is definitely one thing that is needed for everyone to get a comfortable life. Earning money though online has become one big trend now a days after the internet revolution. Internet has changed the meaning of earning money and it has given a new definition for all who is looking for easy ways to earn money. The biggest brand that we hear when it comes to how to earn money online is YouTube.

How to make money from your youtube channel?

We definitely do not need an introduction to know about this social media. It has become that popular as not just a video sharing App but also the money making App with different youtube monetization techniques. There are Different ways to Earn Money from YouTube channels.

How to make money from youtube subscribers?  Earning money from youtube depends on subscribers ?

How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos?

How to earn money from youtube ads? When do we need to apply for google adsense approval ?

How to earn money from youtube without adsense?

How many views to get money from youtube?

These are few questions most of the viewers who is starting their new Youtube channel will get.

So, this post will explain you How to Earn Money from your YouTube channel in Different Ways. Want to know the easy ways to earn money ? Follow me

Let’s get started to know how to make money from youtube fast and easy

Uploading videos in YouTube is very common thing that we see in Youtube App. Few will upload as hobby, few will upload to share their passion and few will take it as profession. Many of you know that you can earn money from YouTube with YouTube’s Partner program. But how many of you know that it’s not just Partner program to make money from youtube but there are different other ways to make money even without meeting YouTube’s monetization criteria.

What are the different ways to make money from YouTube?

How to Earn money with YouTube Advertisements:

Once you reach the two YouTube monetization criteria for approval which is 4000 watch hours plus 1000 subscribers, your videos will get the eligibility to display ads on your videos. Once your channel is approved after you sent it for review, YouTube will take care of the rest of the things and you will start getting money. A share of the revenue on ads you display on your website will be given to you by YouTube. To know how to be successful in youtube check this one. Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber(Opens in a new browser tab)

How do you earn money from youtube Views :

Once your channel is monetized and it is getting views… if any particular video has become popular, it will start coming on top of the search result. YouTube algorithm will keep the most viewed and most searched and most commented videos in Top 5 list. If any of your video meets this criteria and it maintains, then you would be paid on the basis of views too along with Ads. After reaching that top level over 1 million views for your video, from next for every 1000 views you will get 3 dollars (It varies little with view location). Multiply this number and you can calculate your earnings based on that.

How to Earn money with affiliate Marketing from YouTube channel :

There is no urban area that is not aware of Amazon these days. Amazon has reached even the rural areas too. Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing earning source for many bloggers and vloggers. How to earn money through affiliate marketing from Amazon? You don’t believe how simple it is. What ever products you use in your video, you can tell the viewers where and how you get the products by providing the affiliate link in your video description. It is not just Amazon but many online portals like Flipkart, eBay and many more are having this partnership program to sell their products through you. Amazon is the bigger one who uses it’s affiliate marketing program to market their products. You can sell the amazon’s products and you will get some commission for selling that.

How to do affiliate marketing with Amazon ? Below is the link that lead to amazon affiliate marketing. Create your Amazon associate account and start following the guidelines they give on how to do the affiliate marketing.

How to Earn money with Product Marketing in YouTube channel:

It is almost similar to affiliate marketing. But here the brand is you. The product based companies will directly contact you to show  their products when you are playing the video. It could be either by using the product or by explaining about the product. Based on your reputation or based on the leads they get through your video they will pay you.

How to get Sponsorship to YouTube channel :

It is also again based on the reputation your channel creates with your videos. Companies will sponsor you to make the videos. The sponsorship cloud be the material you use in your video or the place or the video making costs. In return they will ask you to display their brand in your video, which is a win win situation. Why do they sponsor you? Because creating an ad with an agency will cost them very big. Instead… by sponsoring you minimum, they will get full exposure to all your present and future subscribers.

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How to Earn money with Endorsement through YouTube  channel:

“Use this and then Trust” 🙂 . This is what many product based companies and many consumer good companies tries to tell to the public through different modes of publicity stunts. This could be an advertisement in Televisions in the middle of an interesting program or sample packets to home along with your news paper or at the entrance of super market… a sales men with free samples. These might turn out to sales sometime and sometimes not. Because users will not trust it until they use it. This motivation to try some new thing will not come so easily to any customer who doesn’t know the brand.

But… You… As a YouTuber already created your brand. This is enough for the brands to ask your endorsement for their products. So, i guess i don’t need to explain what happens next 🙂 . Whatever you use and give your review… People trust your review. This is not only products but… Co-youtuber support through endorsement.

Publicity Encashment with your Brand and Face value :

Have you ever observed that in popular youtube channels… in the middle of video they speak about few products and when go to market to purchase that you will see the face of those youtubers. Example is Ryan’s toys review. This is a very popular kids youtube channel.  This is because Brands observed and they are using the face of that kid to sell their toys. So, obviously people whoever watch this kids channel… they will get attracted to those toys. This is similar to beauty products, electronics, consumer goods and many more.

So, you got it better now right ?

When you have that talent to show something to public and you have that confidence that you can make the viewer stick to your video more than 50 percent of your video… then no one can stop your success. So, why late… Go for it and think what you can

All the best 🙂

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