10 Foods to avoid during PREGNANCY

10 foods to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the crucial time for every woman. Utmost care should be taken about the health of both mother and baby. Here, I am trying to help with the foods to avoid during pregnancy. You may think that, what will happen if we take a little amount of these foods as we are craving for them. I am suggesting you not to do that. Because, taking small amounts may not lead to miscarriage or abortion as the dose is very small. But, though the dose is small they will show the effect which will cause malformation of organs in the baby and leads to a dangerous punishment to the little one after birth. You don’t want to see your baby in that situation, right? So, dear mom… Please have some control of food craving and avoid the below foods strictly for the health of the baby and you.

So,Here are the 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Pineapple:

Though pineapple is rich in fiber, water content, vitamin-c and many more health benefits… Pregnant women should strictly keep it away for the safety of the baby in the womb. Intake of pine apple will cause abortion if it is taken during the 1st trimester of pregnancy, as it causes the uterine contraction and may leads to miscarriage.



2. Papaya:

Papaya is another healthy fruit but, strictly avoided during pregnancy. Enzymes in unripe papaya will act as prostaglandin and oxytocin which will be actually used to induce labor. So, eating papaya will induce premature induction of labor and thus induces an abortion of the baby. Whereas fully ripen papaya is good source of vitamins and good for health. But better, think twice even if you want to take the fully ripen papaya too.

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3. Sesame Seeds:

Though Sesame seeds are rich sources of iron, it is not at all good to take them during pregnancy. Intake of Sesame seeds or cooking with sesame oil will cause severe heat to the body and it will induce the contraction and excite the uterine muscle. That will lead to the expulsion of fertilized ovum and will abort the pregnancy.

Still 7 more Dangerous foods are there below …


Hope this post help you to clear at least 1 percent of your doubt about what not to eat during pregnancy. Well… If you are doubt in eating something new during pregnancy, please take suggestions for your dietitian.


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  1. Thank you mary.Please share it to your website visitors so that we can help many with good information 🙂

  2. That’s a very good suggestion here. When I got pregnant first time, my doctor suggests me more food to avoid and bad luck is that almost all of them are my favourite (Junk Foods, Cheese, Fruit Juice, Alcohol and Caffeine) 🙁 It feels bad, but that was for my own good.

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