How To Get Pink Lips NATURALLY

How to get pink lips NATURALLY?

How to get Pink Lips Naturally in all seasons ?

Who doesn’t want rosy and pink lips…? But, How To Get Pink Lips naturally? Smile is a universal language and it is important to communicate with everyone. Lips texture is also important to make that smile more beautiful. Lips tend to lose the tenderness and smooth texture when there is a rapid change in climatic condition and temperature variation. You can cover up the color of your lips… But, how can you cover the texture? More over… Lips with good texture adds more beauty to the color you applied. If the lip texture is broken and patchy… it doesn’t look good at all.

So, How to get rid of CRACKS ON LIPS NATURALLY ?

What makes the lips Dry?

It depends… When the body is dehydrated, the 1st place that it shows its effect is on lips.

What are the causes of Dark pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips?

There are several reasons for pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips.

Here are few reasons for dark lips:@

  • Smoking
  • Having very Hot drinks
  • More usage of cosmetics
  • Exposure to pollution


It is not only unhealthy for body but to your beauty too. Regular smoking will change the color of lips to dark and pigmented. This can be avoided by stop smoking. If that is not possible for you, then at least use air purifier smoke filters while smoking.

2.Having very Hot drinks:

Few people like to have tea and coffee Smoky hot. They enjoy the freshness of the beverages when they are damn hot. But, do you know the fact that… skin of the lips is thinner and that is as sensitive as your eyelids. When you are taking drinks with that hot regularly will damage the skin of your lips. And obviously skin exposed to more heat will lose its glow and changes its color to dark.

3.More usage of cosmetics:

Believe me or not… cosmetics makes you look beautiful just from morning to evening. But the damage they cause to your skin is irreparable. Cosmetics are full of unnatural colors and chemicals. And if the brand you are using is not good… then the result will be more worst. So, it’s never too late. Switch to natural ways to get pink and velvety lips naturally. If you do not have so much time to take care like that, then go with good and reputed brand of cosmetics who maintains the quality of the product.

4.Exposure to pollution and UV light:

The last cause of pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips in our discussion is pollution and bad sunlight. No one can escape from pollution and bad sunlight as controlling pollution and sunlight is not in any one person’s hand. So, leave that to the society. But you take care of your own. Use a thick scarf while going out to prevent the exposure from pollution as well as the harmful ultraviolet race from sunlight.

What we have discussed till now are the causes of pigmentation and Discoloration of Lips.

What process will make the lips to look pink naturally?
  1. Increased blood flow on lips will get their texture normal to original.
  2. Hydrated skin will get its normal color and appears pink as usual. That’s why you need to drink more water to keep them healthy all the time
  3. Removal of dead and uneven skin on lips will show its natural and pink look

Now, let’s speak about… what makes the lips to look pink and soft.

How to treat the damaged lips?


how to take care of lips to get pink and velvety lips naturally?
 Here are the 10 best ways to know How to get pink lips naturally:

1.Coriander Lip mask:

This is a natural herb that makes the lips smooth, pink and beautiful naturally. Make a smooth paste of coriander leaves without adding water, early in the morning. It will make your lips look fresh for the whole day.

2.Rose petals with cold cream milk:

Beauty of lips is always compared with Rose petals. Not sure who said that, but that is really apt. Rose petals have essential oil that are required to get smooth and soft skin and to prevent and remove the skin discoloration and pigmentation. Take a handful of rose petals and one spoon milk cream from un boiled or cold milk (Top thick layer of milk). Add them to a blender to make it as paste. Apply it on lips and keep it for 15 minutes. You can see the smooth texture immediately. If you do this regularly you can see the lips getting back to normal color too.

3.Milk cream (Cold milk cream) or Butter :

This is a known fact to everyone that milk cream is so smooth and good for facial massage to get fair and glowing skin naturally. Same thing applies for lips too. Apply little amount of cream or butter on to your lips before going to bed and leave it for overnight. This will nourish the cells and repair it from inside. So, by morning the skin of your lips become smooth and soft. This will not work so effectively for discoloration and pigmentation. But surely smoothes your lips.

4.Olive oil with sugar powder:

We all know the importance of olive oil in skin nourishment. Sugar works as a good scrub on facial skin. However, on lips the solid form of sugar hurts on those thin layers of skin on Lips. So, better make sugar as little corrase powder. As sugar will not dissolve in oil it will not lose its scrubbing property. Now use the mixture of  1 spoon olive oil and half spoon sugar powder to scrub the lips evenly. It will remove the dead skin and olive oil soothes the skin of the lips and make it look pink naturally.

5.Ice cubes with lemon drops:

Rub the ice cube on your lips gently by dipping it in lemon drops. Ice cubes will help to Increase the blood circulation in lips and by then bring back the tenderness to lips. Lemon drops will remove the darkness and pigmentation on lips because of its bleaching property. Once the lips become tender and perfect, the dead skin will automatically will move apart from lips as white dead skin along with melted water slowly. Do this process for at least 10 mins.

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6.Honey with salt (Don’t Mix them):

Honey is used in many beautification therapies from olden day. Honey works very better to soothe the broken and patchy lips. But you should not mix these two for applying on to lips. First take little amount of honey on your finger and apply on your lips. Let it be for 2 mins. Now, take a pinch of salt with same finger and start rubbing gently to remove the dead skin. This makes the lips pink and perfectly shiny.

7.Sore curd:

Sour curd is good for skin therapies due to its good bacteria and astringent properties. Take a little amount of curd and apply a thick layer of it on lips. It will moist the skin of the lips and due to the soaking property of it, dead skin will come up. Remove the layer after 10 minutes. After you remove the layer, you can wipe of the dead skin with a smooth towel or cotton easily.

 8.Green tea Bag:

The bitterness of green tea is not only good for health but also for beautification. Take a fresh green tea bag and dip it in very little amount of water. Let’s say 1ml of water in a cup. After 1 minute, it will start releasing its extract. Now take out the bag and slowly press it over the lips changing from one place to another place. Do this for 10 minutes. It removes the dead skin and fades the discoloration if you do this regularly. Your lips will look very natural after this.

9.Mint leaf extract:

Mint leaves are good remedies for patchy and dark spots on skin. They also work on lips too. Take few healthy mint leaves and rub them on your palm with your fingers. Apply the extract on lips immediately without placing anywhere. Mint leaf extracts has the property of volatility and immediately volatile if you keep it open. So, you need to follow that process. It will work but it may take longer time than above remedies.

10.Aloe Vera Gel:

Take the freshly extracted gel of aloe Vera and apply on your lips. It takes so much time for that to completely get dried. So, you can wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes.  Like mint leaves, it will show the affect. But, may take longer than other remedies.

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