Important things to do to get Google AdSense Approval very 1st time

Google AdSense… A well known word for all online money makers and people who look for earning money from their blogs and websites. Because google adsense is the genuine and timely paying online affiliate marketing site and more than that people get the earning for pay per clicks on the ads displayed on their web pages. Till here… Its all good…:-). If you know this word.. You might also be knowing that you need to get the approval from google to display their ads which is not very easy… It may not be so easy.. But never be an impossible thing if we approach the correct way. Here are the Important things to do to get Google AdSense Approval very 1st time

I dont want to write so much junk and confuse you before going to the actual content. I just want to guide you guys in a right and proper direction.

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1. Quality of content:

Quality which is a life saving oxygen for a website or blog to get the traffic and also to send the message to targeted crowd. Try to take a unique topic where you can show all your expertise and can present it very well. A post with high quality content attracts everyone more easily. Reviewers of the Google AdSense are not robots.. So..they also feel the same about the content of a published page or post.

2.Quantity of content:

Just like quality quantity is also a very important thing to get the approval. Never jump for applying to adsense after your 1st.. 2nd… Or 3rd post. Have some patience and write at least 15 to 20 pages with good quality content. You can chose any format like.. Image, video or mixing both to present your content.  Try to keep the word count on an average of 600 to 800 words per post.

3.Important and Must insert Pages:

Google considers the websites only when they feel that the site is maintained with good responsibility and it have all the information furnished in it to reach to the content owner or author. So.. Keep the pages “about the author” and “contact us” And google made it as a rule in its policy. People say that keeping  “privacy policy” page is also a mandatory thing. But what i feel is.. That depends on the content we write. So not required for every site.


These 10 are the straight points works as a checklist before applying for adsense.

Trust me.. You will get the approval if you follow them. I did the same and i got it.

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