How is Your Day today ???

Life is like a surprise everyday. Who knows what is going to happen in Next minute. But you know what…??? I know prediction very well… Do you want me to tell you… How is Your Day today ???

You don’t believe.. ?? Okey let me tell you my prediction… ūüôā

I have predicted the count of stars.. It is 145,723,487,69…

You don’t trust me…?? Tell me if i am wrong and tell me what is right number.

You don’t know that right ūüôā … Then you should trust me ūüėČ Ha ha ha…

Everyone start their day with lot of hopes and good wishes and would definitely want to know what is going to happen today…

So.. here is the prediction i am going to tell you…

Select any one number From 1 to 101 and then search for that number by doing¬†Ctrl¬†+¬†F ¬† (Find option).¬†That tells you how is your day going to be. Its just a prediction… Do not take it as serious. This is just for fun. ūüôā

1.Its an awesome day for you today. Something new will come in to your life.

2.Think Twice before you start doing something today.

3.Better not to spend or invest on anything today.

4. Get ready and buckle up as today will be an adventures day for you

5. Most lovable person will meet you today

6. Do not trust and do not work with any stranger today.

7. You will get a surprise today by end of the day

8.Do not fear for the thing that is killing your brain. You will be on top finally.

9.Work as much as you can and be ready for the inspection. Someone is watching your progress today.

10. Be careful while travelling. Do not think of unnecessary things while driving. The one who loves you most is at home.

11. Joyful and color full day.

12. Your going to meet new people today. They will help you in your future tasks.

13. Something very great is waiting for you at your work place. Get ready and grab it.

14. Open up with your loved ones today. They will accept you how and what ever you are.

15. If you are planing to buy something today.. wait till the noon and buy after that.

16. Spend some time with your partner today. He/She has something to share with. Ask what is that.

17.Avoid going to public places today. Its safe to sit at home after work hrs.

18.Good news is on the way. Prepare yourself and be ready with party mood.

19. Check your completed task once again. You have missed something in that which will effect you today.

20. Good day for you to start anything related to earning money. Go for it.

21. Do not ignore the words from kids or younger to you today.They are giving you some clue about your planing project.

22. You are going to meet the love of your life.

23.All your bad days will come to an end today. Start the journey with fresh thoughts.

24. You work very hard. But that where you are going to get some trouble today.Be cognizant before doing something.

25.¬†Do not think about your painful past. That’s not going to work. Be calm and plan for the future

26. A friend of you is suggesting something for your future. You can trust him/her.

27. A crucial and hectic day. Better start it early.

28. Avoid going on new way.Same old way is better for you to reach the goal.

29. Good day for doing some creative work and experiments

30. You are really a great and very humble human being. You will get that recognition today with your behavior.

31. Why are so stubborn on something from few days? Listen to others too.That will help you today.

32. Keep an eye on your sub-ordinates and co-workers. Do not give them a chance to speak behind you. Mind your work.

33. Problems will be resolved today. Need to spend some time for that.

34. Long awaited news will make you feel happy today.

35. Do not respond too much for back talks and discourages. Ultimately you are going to win.

36. God is with you. Trust your strength and go for it.

37. Listen to your life partner today. They will be your life saver.

38. Do not think too much about money. You will get it on time when you need it today.

39. Angry is not at all good for you today. Be patient and clam if something irritates you.

40. A great day for you. You will hear a good news from your family today.

41 Do not trust one anyone blindly today. They had planned something bad.

42.You are searching for something from long time. That has come to an end and your going to get it today.

43. You took enough break from your work. Now its time to start it again.

44. Good day for you to plan some investments. You can see good growth in near future.

45. Do not show your anger on your family for your mistakes.They will pay you back if you do that today.

46. Be careful.. Its a bit tough day today. Handle everything with care.

47.Some thing good is coming to your inbox. Clear the junk and cookies.

48. Good to take some proper decision on future. You should decide it now.

49.Think twice before shaking your hands with new friends and new relations. That hand may push you down.

50. Keep smiling and be patient. You still have time to get what you are looking for.

51. Someone is coming to you for your help today. Do it. You will get 10 times more than what you give.

52.Avoid playing with electricity today and should take care with water too.

53.Wow.. great.. you are going to bring something valuable today.

54.Very blissful day. Good day for long term plans.

55.Take care of your health. You are prone to some illness

56. You will see a good professional growth today. Will get a chance to travel too.

57.Do not worry too much and twist yourself for family issues. They need sometime to understand you. Give it to them.

58.Ask your sibling how are they. They are missing you so much. Today is a good day for that.

59. Do not burden yourself with the worry that is running in your mind. Share it with your friend today to feel lighter.

60. Some one some where is thinking about you. Do not just smile thinking about them. Give a call and they are going to come for you today.

61. Do not argue about anything with anyone today though you are right. They will understand that and say sorry tomorrow.

62. Feeling alone right ? Do not worry.. your company will join you today.

63. A very lucky day today. What ever you touch it will turn to gold.

64. Please inform at home before going to a new place today.

65. Do not get depressed for small things. Everything will be fine in a short time.

66. Loving someone and afraid to tell that right ? Tell it today and they are waiting for you.

67. Do not cheat your partner. They knew it already. But still excusing you as they love you so much. A good day for you to Realize that.


68.You need to bear some pain due to some difficulties today. Be patient and get ready to face it.

69.Come home early today to see some surprise.

70.Think before buying something today. That’s not correct.Wait for some time.

71.Do not run behind the opportunities. Let the big fish come on time. That’s not today.

72.Do not bang your head for the thing that is worrying you. Solution is in your pocket only.

73. Be confident about the step you are taking. It is going to be a big day for you.

74. You have your family to support you. Do not take any wrong decision.

75. Long awaited festival is coming today. Be happy.A thrilling day with full of suspense ahead today.

76. You will be rewarded for your work today.

77. Do not be so shy.. you are not a bad person. Go ahead and do what you are thinking.

78. Accept the apologies from the one telling you. They really got realized about and you.

79. Do not shout at the people that comes in the middle of your way today. The delay in time to do your work is good for you only.

80. Spend time with your family today. They need you.

81. Do not over look the positive opportunities that you usually do.Grab it this time and that too today.

82. You are wasting your time for the things that are not going to materialize.

83.You are not responsible for what has happened. So relax and carry on with your work. Time will let everyone know about you.

84. You are still young. So you can happily accept the proposal. So do not hesitate and go for it.

85. Too much wealth is not good for health. People behind you are not with you but with your money.

86. Luck will kick you like a donkey. Get ready for a shot.

87. Do not worry about what people think about you. Follow your heart and take your decision. It will be fine.

88. Your love life will be in trouble. Focus and work on it.

89. You have a very special quality which was not known by anyone. This is the day they will come to know.

90. Bad day for journey and good day to open up the truth.

91.¬†Do not follow other’s style. Follow your’s and proceed. Your loved one loves to see that.

92.¬†Respect other’s opinion and follow it today. Your’s is a bit tricky and will not workout.

93.Work heard to earn what you want. Do not look for easy money which will not give luck to you.

94. Do not get depressed for what has happened. Know what is your strength. You can surely achieve it.

95. News from unknown source will worry a bit. Be prepared for that.

96. Just think from where you have come before taking any wild decision today.

97.What you see is not correct. What you believe is correct. Follow your belief for today.\

98.Today is a great day for you to make any deal and to take any decision.

99.Think a lot before promising something today. You may not be able to stand on it due to few circumstances.

100. Get the Planned things done today by evening. Later you may not be able to do it.

101.Luck will come with your family. Do not let that go with foolishness.

So got your day prediction right… All the Best and Have a Nice Day ahead ūüôā