How safe is it for a baby to sleep with a Pet ?

Babies playing with Pets

Is it really safe for a Baby to sleep with a Pet ?

It is very cute to see babies playing with puppies. They both are very innocent and loving friends. Their innocence level matches quite high. Babies love to play with puppies and cats and what not… All little animals. And they love to keep them while sleeping too.

But… Do you know the Pros and Cons of Babies sleeping with Pets ?

We can take risk on anything and anyone to have fun but not in case of our little ones.

Babies like pets and like to play and always be with them because pets are different from us. The way they live, the way they treat us and the way they receive our love. Babies like them so much because they are cuddly soft thing to sleep and respond faster than humans to their cute reactions.

But, I suggest you not to keep the babies VERY MUCH attached to the pets and especially during sleeping time.

I am not against keeping pets with us and pampering them just like our kids. But I have very good reasons for my firm “NO” here.

Let me tell you why we need to keep the Pets away from Babies :

Pets may or may not cause allergies to adults but definitely will cause bad to babies when we speak in health perspective. It is not at all safe for babies to be around and sleep with them because they are mostly Allergic to baby. Though the puppies are vaccinated and well maintained, Though you use HIPA filters or any other high skilled equipment to avoid the risk, There is a chance that their tiny hairs may go in to the respiratory system of babies and stuck over there in lungs and create illness. Sometimes mucous membrane and wet mass will surround the hair and forms a dangerous cyst in respiratory system. That cyst should be removed by surgery. And we definitely can’t see our little ones to suffer with the pain of operations to remove those kind of things.

Body temperature of babies are different from grownups. Maintaining a constant body temperature to babies is very important thing to keep their body condition normal. Temperature of animals vary a lot and it is more high. When babies allowed to sleep with pets the temperature of baby body may vary and effect the digestive system of the little one badly.

The 3rd most and important reason I want to mention here is… Babies feel attached towards pets than humans. But this should be only till certain age. When they are growing up they should mingle with society and same kind of species. Human brain has no limitations to learn. But the animal brain has that. So, when we be with those innocent animals… level of learning will drastically decrease than the babies that learn new things from toys and same kind of kids.

Fully avoiding pets is also not good. Because babies will develop kindness and humanity with these little pets. Good thing about pets is… studies have proved that, Pets will reduce the chance of childhood depression and anxiety. So, allow babies to play with kids just a part of their day but not fully. And keep the pet healthy and well maintained all the time for the goodness of baby.

So, maintain a good gap between them so that, they don’t miss playing with their pets and same time have good health and well being.


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