How to analyse a person in 1st meet

How to face a stranger

How to face a Stranger ?

This ever running world has given us many things to live, to learn and to lead a happy life. We also should be part of this run to emerge out as a successful person. Women… This is for you. You have so much computation to  grow faster than any men around you. As part of your ever moving life… You will get to meet many new people and sometimes a very unknown stranger too. But, you just can’t give up because you don’t want to face any risk. Instead you can face and dare to handle to come out as a true winner. So, how to face a stranger ?

Let’s talk about the current topic how to meet a stranger when you know nothing about him. How do you get to know the nature of a person that you are going to meet today? Let me help you with few tips.

1. The way he receives:

Too much politeness is not trust worthy. A casual wish and just a hello is happy and respectable. But too much excitement and commitment in 1st meet is not always trust worthy. Your beauty or your external appearance make them speak like that. So, give sometime to your brain to react to the excitement and expressions he shows.

2. Observe his Target:

It is very important to observe his looks. When he is speaking with you… Where is he looking at ?. you know what I mean right ?
Girls have that god given gift to understand the body language of men speaking with them easily. Always have an eye on the direction of their looks. Try to keep him on track with your eye contact which is good for you with a stranger. Check it down below if you need some help

3. what is he talking about:

If he is keep on complimenting or keep on talking only about your beauty… then, you need to think about his character. If that is just a onetime compliment then, it is fine to accept it and go on.

4. Body language:

As I already told you, girls has this god’s gift of identifying and estimating a person’s brain just by seeing the body language of that person. Try to hide the fear if you see any bad signs and move to a public place where you can see the crowed so that, you can safeguard yourself.

5. Signs of showing expectations:

In this ever changing world… we always need to meet new people to go on with our regular works done. Be it for career, marketing or for any business needs. So, you meet them with some purpose every time. But don’t get go blindly that other person is also expecting the same kind of purpose. Be alert and be keen on the words that they impose to make you understand about their expectations. If you understand them and they are not in your limits to bare or their expectations damaging your self-respect… never hesitate to get up and walk away. World is so big and give you plenty of opportunities to excel in life. That is not the only one. So, be yourself and act accordingly.

6. Alertness of being with a new person:

You might have seen him online through social media like whatsaap or any video calling network. You both might have chat and shared your feelings quite sometimes. But when you are meeting that person in real world, situations are always not same as you think.

Fire will always mask itself with smooth ash. Don’t think that, it is just ASH and you can touch it without any worry. Fire may get up and show the heat if the situation is favorable to it. So, be alert.

7.Freedom of words usage:

Dear… It is just 1st time and you have a very long way to go. So, don’t give that freedom to use words which are not common to use with stranger. Sometimes it could be funny or sarcastic or sometimes they may hurt your emotions too. He definitely would not know about you how you feel, how you react and how you take those words. Don’t just ignore them with a smile, if you feel something is unusual from a person who is meeting you for the 1st time. You can stop him politely saying that “It is not acceptable as we both do not know much about each other”. You should stop it there itself. If not, the same will continue every time whenever you meet… thinking that you don’t mind those words.

8. Boasting about them:

If someone is always talking about themselves and their greatness… awe… Irritating to hear it more than 5 mins… right ? They are not good partners to move on for nest endeavors. They think they are the only ones who did everything and they feel that they are the only hope for you to show the ray of light. Definitely you won’t need such kind of person to partner with you in any aspect who underestimate your power and overestimate about their caliber.

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9.Calm & Quite:

Calm and quite people in this generation are not very common. But definitely not impossible. We see many in our routine life. But what if you need to face such person for the 1st time with whom you want to plan something for future. It depends on the type of things comes there. Are you meeting that person for a personal relationship, then quietness of a person in first meet is not harmful. He might be a shy guy or nerves to talk to girls 1st time. It’s ok. Let them be comfortable for sometimes and then start speaking. Girls are talkative when you speak about relationship. But boys are dumb. They are true at heart but dumb to speak them out ?. So, plan to speak more in your next meet.
But, if it is for some business or any project related things… quietness is a symbol or ignorance or he might not be aware of what you are going to discuss. So, go and act accordingly.

10. Usage of mobile:

Another device that makes and breaks the relationships and communications. Is he looking often at his mobile and watching something interesting without listening what you are speaking about? Ignore him and move back. A focused person is needed in any kind of commitment. Whether it is relationship or business or career or be it anything. Mobile will definitely not go anywhere and be in his pocket if he wish to keep it. They don’t need to switch off their mobile to speak with you. They just have to value your time while speaking and follow the mobile usage etiquette.

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