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How to ask a GIRL for a DATE ?

How to ask a GIRL for a DATE ?

Want to ask the most beautiful girl of your life for a DATE ?

Here are the tips and tricks

Look Good

First of all you must gather courage and confidence and believe in your ability to win the girl. One thing that can make you feel confident is taking care of your appearance. make sure you always wear clean, attractive clothes, cut your hair so that you will look neat, take care of your fingernails, and observe general good personal hygiene practices.

Approach Her

Plan where and how you are going to meet her; you must know where she goes often to be able to do this. Rehearse what you are going to say to her so that you do not become nervous and make a first bad impression of yourself. Go over the lines you would want to use over and over again until you know them by rote; if you have a sister, practice what you are going to say by using your sister as the girl you are interested in and rehearsing those lines on her.


Then on the day you decide to go forward, dress smartly, and approach her confidently. A woman wants a bold guy, and you must demonstrate that you are bold.


Be Confident:


Make it clear to her that you like her and are interested in being her friend from the start. Smile broadly, look cheerful and interesting, walk to her and say something like, “Hello. I have been seeing you around. I really like your taste in clothes, I think you have got great taste there, and I want to be your friend,” or you can say, “Hi, I saw you across the room, you look like somebody who would be a great friend and I want to be your friend. By the way, my name is…,”or you can say, “Hi, I really love your hairstyle. It makes you look nice. You know what, I really want to know more about you. Do you live around here?” You can then start a conversation with her, if she is in the mood for one, and take it up from there.

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Prolong the Conversation


Use her desire to open up to you to make the conversation last so that you can obtain as much information about her as you can possibly get. Ask her open ended questions which will force her to talk more. Open-ended questions start with: Who, When, What, Why, Where, and How.


For example, you can ask her, “What sort of books do you like?” or “Who is your favorite movie star or musician?” or “How do you find this place?” or “Where do you normally spend your holidays?” or “What is your favorite sport? Why?” These sorts of questions will force her to talk more and she will not be able to give you yes or no answers which cut a conversation short.


Ask for a Date


After your conversation, ask her for her phone number or address when you are leaving. If she gives it to you, call her later, engage her in interesting conversations, and build a friendship with her.


When you get to the stage where you feel that you both understand yourselves and are friends, then ask her out. Start small by asking her to accompany you to a friend’s party, or for a bottle of soft drink, or take a walk through a park and admire flowers or listen to birds singing.


Later you can scale things up by asking her out to a formal dinner when you have built a connection and you both feel you like each other sufficiently enough to move your relationship to a higher level.


Your Attitude:


Every woman wants to go out with a guy who is fun to be with, and who is interesting and exciting to have around. Therefore do your best to be as entertaining as possible on your dates; make jokes that will make her laugh; be a good conversationalist; treat her politely and with respect; be romantic—give her flowers, write romantic poems and read them out to her, and give her thoughtful gifts.


Don’ts of Dating


Don’t try to impress your date with your achievements—act natural and don’t try to impress her too much.

Never show yourself to be arrogant—be nice and friendly.

Don’t be selfish when you are conversing—let her do some of the talking too.

Keep your promises; when you plan to have a date, try to honor that commitment.


Don’t rush the relationship. Take it slowly and move gradually from one level of friendship to another. Be patient and let the friendship mature little by little.


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