How to Deal with People who Ignore you?

how to deal with people who ignore you -how to face ignorance

How to face Ignorance ?

It is not a female or male problem. It is a problem for every individual. Someone ignoring you or insulting you is not an endorsement or a certificate of confirmation of your capability or your personality. What to do when someone Is ignoring you? Just because someone told it, it is not your definition or it is not what you are. It is merely a personal behavior of someone showing his own inner issues on others. It shows that a person has issues to deal with himself and lacks self respect and values. This is a reflection of that person and not about you at all. So, How to face Ignorance? How to deal with people who ignore you?

Whose problem is this ?

Do you know the fact… People who have the habit of ignoring other people just because they think that they are great… are actually sick people suffering with some kind of mental illness. In one word… MENTAL PEOPLE.

How do you treat mental people for Mental illness? If you ask me this question, I would say “I feel pity about them 1st… for their situation. If that is a more severe condition like how they made you feel… then i move little far and keep maintaining the distance. If not they may get hyper and bark too…

People who behave ignorant will not understand the feeling of being ignored by somebody without any reason. If you surrender to that and start thinking about it… you are the one who is encouraging them to make them feel great. Value of a person can be known only by the people who value the VALUES.

How to motivate yourself when you lose confidence

how to deal with people who ignore you and don’t value you ? Ignorant doesn’t understand those things. So, never bother about people who don’t care about you. World is not small. There are still more hands to give you shake hand… still more hearts to HUG you Tight… Still more and more Lips to share the smiles and talks with you.

Ignore the one who ignores you. Life is not for thinking about stupid people who can easily hurt other’s feelings. Life is for you… Me… and for those who share the happiness in the world. So, go on with your life… and be happy always. If you still feel ignored by that stupid mindless people… I am here for you 🙂

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