How to find non copyrighted photos in google

How to find non copyrighted photos in google

Images.. Pictures… Photos… world is going around these things nowadays. We need images for several purposes like using for pictorial representation of a project or for explaining something in detail in our blogs or websites or showing something to viewers which they were not aware of how it looks.  Pictures or images in a blog or website will represent and show what exactly we are trying to tell to the user. There could be several more reasons. We may not be able to take photographs for all of them. For that we depend on internet for images and pictures. But, do you know…All images are not free for use though you can see and download them without any restriction. Because some of them are copyrighted or watermarked. Usage and modification of those copyrighted or watermarked images is illegal sometimes. Here i will show you How to find non copyrighted photos in google.

Don’t worry… We have a process to find of the images which are non-copy righted to use in our personal and public pages. Google has given that facility to us.

Follow the below steps for easy identification:

1. Go to google home page and select google images.

2. Type the name of images you are looking for.

3. Click on tools on your right hand side. You can see an option called usage rights.

4. You can see 5 different options available. Select according to your requirements.

Generally pixabay, flicker, shutters stock and many more sites provide free images to download. You can use them without any issues. Few of them are free and few are paid. Pixabay is free for many images.

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