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How to get fair and glowing skin NATURALLY

How to get fair and glowing skin NATURALLY

How to get NATURALLY fair and glowing skin

Nature is always beautiful and Natural is always beautiful…Well… 50 years back we did not have much advanced care about beauty… still our ladies were very beautiful. I am specially speaking about ladies here because… women are the symbol of beauty. This is true. It is up to you whether you accept it or not. Why I told that was… till 90s only women were looking for beautifying agents, beauty care and men were looking for muscular body. While the trend has changed now. Both men and women are looking for smart looks and fit body. So… Now I don’t need to tell you separately why we need to have fair and glowing skin.

Now… How to get fair and glowing skin naturally?

This can be achieved with costly bleaching face creams. But many of them cause an irreparable damage to our skin. You may get that fairness and glow instantly for some time. But remember… that will start showing negative effect once your skin starts aging. In your 40s, you look like you are in 50s with dull and damaged skin with big pores and acne marks. Is that really necessary? So… I suggest you go with natural beautifying agents to get fair, beautiful and healthy and glowing skin.

  Well… Here is the answer for your question “How to get fair and glowing skin naturally”:

10 best ways to get a good and healthy skin naturally:

1.Basin power (Organic) and Turmeric (Organic):

I mentioned organic because everything is adulterated now a day. So, to see the actual result of an ingredient we should use its pure form. Well… coming to the point… mix these two ingredients in 3:1 ratio. 3 parts of basin powder and 1 part of turmeric powder. Make it to a paste by adding little coconut or olive oil and sufficient water to get a consistent paste. Use this for scrubbing your face and body while bathing. Do this for at least 3 days continuously to see the results… It gives a fair skin tone and it also removes the dust, dead cells and impurities from the skin and make it look fresh.

Note Before using Basin powder for skin:

Test yourself for basin power. 1 in thousand will have allergy for basin powder. So, before applying it to face, apply it back on your ear lobe to test how it works on your skin to see any occurrence of allergic reactions

2. Sandalwood and turmeric paste:

From age, old times we all know that sandalwood and turmeric are great beautifying agents. That is always true. Again, same condition here. Strictly go with organic products when you are using them for beautification. You should be very careful while purchasing sandal wood piece. They sold by licensed sellers which is authentic. Few sellers sell the normal wood piece by dipping the piece in sandalwood sent for overnight and keep it for selling as original sandalwood piece. So, be careful while purchasing. You will get a special kind of stone to get a smooth paste from sandal wood piece. Add turmeric powder to the sandalwood paste and apply on to the face morning and evening. Use this for 1 week to see the most effective results.


For few skin types, it takes time for sandalwood to show the effect. This is very good for oily skin kind and show the results faster.

3. Eat and drink Carrot:

Carrot is another good beautifying agent, that too from inside the body. This is rich in lycopinis and vitamin-c. Antioxidants are sufficient in carrot to purify the skin from inside and give a glow. And this is a fiber rich food. So, removes the waste from body and keeps the health free from constipation too.

4. Tomato face mask:

Fully ripened Tomato is a very rich source of antioxidants which works as a good natural bleach for tanned skin and brings the fairness naturally. After applying the mask on face immediately it starts showing a tingling and little strange sensation on face. Don’t worry that is the indication that it started showing its effect on face. There is no doubt it works for all kinds of skins and shows the results faster within 1 week. Apply it once daily and keep the mask at least for 15 mins to get the juice absorbed by the skin.

5. Eat at least one oranges Before sleeping:

As I told you, vitamin-C is a natural beautifying agent. Oranges are rich sources of Vitamin-C. It is a rich source of anti-Oxidants that helps the skin by prevent the oxidation and deterioration of cells. Eating oranges before going to sleep will helps the body to absorb the essentials of orange completely. You can also use the orange peel for skin beautification. Fresh Orange peel has many essential oils that helps to beautify the skin naturally. It works to cure pimples and pimple marks on the face. Squeeze the peel directly on face and spread it evenly. Keep it for 5 to 10 mins and wash it with warm water. It gives the skin a fresh look and to prevents the pimples also.

6. Papaya face mask:

Fully ripen papaya will work effectively to get a fair and glowing skin. Take a piece of fully ripen papaya, make it soft paste without adding water. Coat the paste on to the face and leave it at least 15 mins to get better results. Do this every day and you can see the results in 1 to 2 weeks.

7. Avoid junk food and eat all seasonal fruits:

How eating junk food related to Fair skin? Yes… your food habits affect the texture of the skin a lot. Why do few people get skin allergy when they eat brinjal? Because there is something in brinjal that is showing negative effects to the skin. Same as that… Junk food contains impure oils and fat that affects the skin. It makes your body secrets more oils thereby pores on your facial skin will become larger. When pores are larger they are prone to attract more dust and pollution into your skin which makes the skin looks dull. That is the reason people how eats mores junk foods will get pimples and acne easily.

8. Massage with mix of olive and almond oil:

A face massage with essential oils is very much necessary to maintain a healthy, soft and beautiful skin. Olive oil AND almond oil are rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E will nourish the body from inside and help to look the skin younger and glowing. Take almond oil and olive oil in 1:1 Ratio. Apply it smoothly on facial skin. Gentle massage with these oils relaxes the skin and gives a good soothing effect. With that blood circulation to all facial muscle will become active and makes you look glowing.

9. Eat More Melons (Water melon, musk melon) :

These fruits are rich sources of water content. When you eat fruits that contains more water, it energies and purifies the skin and clean the pores from deeper. That will help you to clean up your skin and intern brings the glow from inside. If you take these fruits continuously for 1 week, you can see a visible difference all over your health.

10. Avoid aerated drinks and prefer natural drinks like fruit Juices, Coconut water:

This is a well-known fact that natural is best and artificial is worst ?. More over artificial drinks and foods spoil your health and damage and pollute your skin. Whenever you need a drink.. Better go with natural drinks. It prevents pimples too.

Apart from these, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle it will automatically makes you look younger and healthier.

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