How to keep LIZARDS away from your HOME NATURALLY

How to get rid of Lizards

How to avoid LIZARDS at HOME ?

How to get a lizard out of your house? When i just say LIZARD… what exactly will strike in your mind? Is it the texture and scary appearance of the sticky creepy belly beauty with long tailed thing ? Or is it the Eco friendly insect killer that makes us free from spiders, grasshoppers and moths around the walls of our home? Whatever it could be, though few humans worship the lizard (Golden Lizard at Kanchipuram – Tamilnadu-India) But some how humans will never accept it as their friends 1st of all due to its scary appearance.

But that is surely not it’s choice to appear like that. If not look… then what else ? Though they are Eco friendly and not all lizards are poisonous… they irritate us in few aspects. Few of them are… 1.The worst smelling lizard Shit. 2. Too many number of lizards makes our home looks as some public platform. I am sure no one would like to make the lizard family as their tenants or neighbors. 3. And few will have the Fear of falling on foods. and off course the lizard fight for food at night will make too much noise.  So, the mission is How to let the Lizards get out of our House ? Okay… let’s move further to know how to avoid lizards at Home. Lets go to Natural remedies to avoid lizards and see How to get rid of Lizards?

Here are the 10 Best ways to avoid lizards at Home Naturally:

1. Empty Egg Shells to send the Lizards out:

Have you ever seen Egg shells hanging on the walls and ceilings of few homes ? Only few families with ancient histories know this logic of throwing the Lizards out with empty chic egg shells. We can see this mostly in India where ancient scripts have clearly shown the evidence of how Lizards are scared of empty egg shells. The reason behind that is, lizards can not tolerate the smell of egg shell and the thin decomposed layer inside the shell. Apart from that, they feel that there is another bigger animal or creeper is staying with them who can lay eggs three to four times bigger size than their eggs. So, they get scared of that imaginary bigger size animal that looks 3 to 4 times bigger than them and leave the nest.

Why a WOMAN is always Special than a MAN?

2. Bird Feathers will keep the lizards away:

Lizards may not get scared of you and me. But they defiantly get scared of the birds… That too Bigger birds… And birds with thick and bushy feathers.  Because birds are the 1st predators for the lizard kind of creepers. So, decorating home with few feathers, especially the peacock feathers… will keep the lizards away from home.

3. Aluminium Foil Balls to get rid of house lizards:

Aluminum foil wrap will help us a lot and makes our work easy in vacating the lizards from our house. Make round balls with aluminum foil that we use for food wrapping nearly to an egg size . Keep those balls in the corners and visible places to the lizards where they usually hide in your house. They get scared of that shiny foil and will not find themselves safe near to the balls. So, they run way. Please use a fresh foil as the used one will attract the other insects like cochroaches and apart from that, it smells bad after few days.

4. Garlic to throw the lizard out:

Garlic is god sent medication for human’s heart. But do you know… with its smell also it helps humans in lot many ways. One of them is smell of garlic will irritate or makes the lizard discomfort to stay in near by premises of garlic. So, remove the skin of few pieces of garlic and place them neat to the sun-side or corners of the walls or wherever you see the lizards roaming.

5. Onion will scare the Lizard :

Just like garlic, it is same with onion too. The spicy and pungent smell of onion will make us roll out our tears when we cut them. Imagine how effective it is when you cut and place them near by the lizard’s roaming place. Lizard will run far away from home.

6. Smoke the House with Coffee beans, benzoin resin Powder (Sambrani) on charcoal plate to keep lizards away :

This idea will workout best not only for lizards but also for mosquito and other insects. Add some hot charcoal on a plate and add little by little amount of Benzoin and coffee power on it.  Smoke will raise immediately. This will be too much smoky. So, keep the children and asthma patients away from home some time which doing this. Make the smoke flow on to the hidden areas where the lizards usually hide. This will make the lizards suffocated and they look for the exit. Open the doors in the while process. This will surely help a lot.

Why a WOMAN is always Special than a MAN?

7. Naphthalene Balls as lizard Repellent:

We use naphthalene balls for many purposes. To keep the bathrooms and toilets free from bad odor and to keep the insects away from wash areas and to give some fresh smell. Just like insects, lizards too cannot tolerate the smell of naphthalene balls. So they move away from your home.

8. Glue traps to Catch the lizards :

This glue trap tip can help you if there are too many lizards. If there are one are two… then tricks mentioned above will work. Coming to clue trap for lizards, place an grasshopper or a moth… any other small and visible insect on the glue trap pad and place it on the walls and premises of lizards. Lizards will surely come to grab their food and stick to the trap. You can through it out by disposing the lizard somewhere far outside your house.

The other 4 ideas will solves your problem but hurt the lizard… Think before following those

9. Pepper spray to treat the Lizard:

Pepper spray works faster and easier but it will hurt the lizard badly. As all you know, pepper spray will effect the respiratory system very badly… Spraying it on lizards will make them suffocate and eventually die. But this trick is not recommended always as this will also hurt the household people as the spray spreads in the air it hurts us too.

10. ICE Cold Water to make the Lizards Numb and to get rid of Lizards?:

Spraying ICE cold water on lizard will lower its body temperature drastically. Eventually it will lose the sensation for some time and becomes stiff. You can catch the lizard during that time and leave that somewhere far away from home

Hope you got your answer for How to get rid of Lizards…

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