How to make Eco friendly Ganesha at Home with Wheat Flour

To know How to make eco friendly Ganesha at home this is the best place for you
If you want to watch it and learn go to the below link and check out the Video of eco friendly Ganapathi making

This is the best activity for during this festival

If you want to know the step by step of how to make your own Ganapathi at home then follow me here

  1. Take 3 cups of wheat flour and 3/4th cup of Corn starch in to a mixing bowl. Corn starch will give strength to the mould to stay strong
  2. Add water to mix it thoroughly and make a soft and little harder doh than the doh that we make for roti.
  3. Start splitting the portions required for head, tummy, hands, legs and the Hat or crown.
  4. Start making it with tummy. To make the rest perfectly you should definitely watch the video ☺️

So here is the final wheat flour Ganesha for you