How to Make the user CLICK on Ads ?

How to make the user click on an ad in a website?

Only god knows the secret of what human brain thinks exactly at that point. But recently humans are trying to implement few tricks to control the brain of people. Unfortunately we cannot do any hypnotism to the user who is going through our websites while reading… Not even virtually. But nothing is impossible if you try it with so much dedication and zeal. How to Make the user CLICK on Ads?

I am one of that example who has that motivation to know the secret behind the clicks of a user when passing through a website. Well… sharing this information will help me to get more traffic to my website and more clicks too 🙂

I did so much research to get these points. So i deserve something here before sharing this information to you 🙂

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1.Place a good content:

If your website is of boring content, then the traffic will be from specific niche. For example if you write any topic about Love… Then the users could be at the age of 15 to 30 and other age groups may come lesser than 15 to 30 age group. If you write any topic about medical devices, people who needs that, they only come and pick that topic. So.. choose your topic and pick the heart of the user.


2.Background of theme:

Advertisement should be visible properly to attract the user, when he is passing through the content. At the same time, content also should be readable with light backgrounds and user friendly. For example, when you are passing on a road, a woman is passing on the opposite side of the road with bright red color dress with a good looking hat. You can see her from back. But then I am sure… at least in your heart you wish to see her face.

3.Advertise at right media:

When you have a topic about Down’s syndrome what is the use of posting that page in a place where people look for gardening things. Forget about clicking an ad in website, user doesn’t even try to look at the post. So, choose a right media and medium if you want to do some publicity to increase your traffic. Chose different social networking sites and search for groups in them. You can search and select a group relevant to your post and post it over there. It’s completely free. If you want to go with paid media publicity, they will take care of your page where to post it to get the relevant traffic and publicity.


4.Advertise at right place in your blog:

User is reading something in your blog, at one place he got stuck thinking about the logic of your writing. If you place an add right over there, that will be a block buster. Because the user is actually thinking of something related to the topic. So if you place an add there, there is 70 percent of chance he would click on that as his mind is almost empty during that time thinking of something that he doesn’t know before. So, his mind may not always drag him in to the logic. That is the reason, there is a chance he would get diverted easily with something else displayed over there in front of his eyes.

5. Chose the right Marketer:

Displaying an add is different from displaying an add that makes the user click and watch further is different. It is an art to show an add effectively. That is the strategy that makes the difference from each marketers. If you take examples… google AdSense, taboola, out brain, will come under one category. Pop ads, and other pop up advertisers are different from them. An advertisement should be like a passing cloud to the user. But it should not be like a road blocker. Ads that comes in the form of pop ups most of the time disturbs the user from what he is looking for. It irritates many times and makes the user not to visit your site again. So, you are going to lose a possible chance of another user and another click. Another thing is, don’t go for 3 to 4 marketers. Go for one or two max. AdSense is the best I would say, as it is hassle free approver if your site is well formed and serving good content. Good thing is… they look at the site, not the traffic and page views. So, that is a good option for beginners.

Important things to do to get Google AdSense Approval very 1st time

6. Better Disable AMP :

Accelerated mobile page (AMP) which is a latest trend running to view a site’s page with less data using mobile. Simply saying, this is an option to impress the mobile users that shows less ads with required content what they are looking for. User will surely get benefited with that. But what about you ? Will you get benefited with that ? AMP disables the ads displayed on a normal web page. You should follow a separate procedure to insert ads on AMP pages using either ad inserter or google auto AMP ad inserting code. Both the mentioned options will hardly show 2 to 3 ads in that page. User can easily skip your ad and move out for what he is reading. So, I suggest disable the AMP for most popular page in your website. This will automatically show the normal desktop page where it will show the ads how you placed. If your content is good, user would love to browse your page though you are not giving him an option to view that page in AMP.


7. Hit the non-popular with POPULAR:

You know what…? Here in affiliate marketing views are clicks and clicks are money. You make the user view your page… he will click at least one out of 10 pages. That click will give you money, So, making the user view that page is also as important as clicks. If you have at least one popular page in your website, that will be your bank. Embed the links of the other interesting post in your most popular post. Here… don’t just put any topic. For example… If your most popular post is about unwanted pregnancy remedies, then embed the topics that impress ladies and women love to read. When they see such links they obviously click and try to read the next too which will increase your chances of getting clicks to 80 percent. Remember, try to put the interesting topics. Boring topics will effect negatively and user will go back to old post or will leave your website.

With my research… I have got these 7 points. Still… 3 more to be added soon… ?

How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE

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