How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE

How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE

How to Increase your Website’s TIME ON PAGE

A successful website is the one that is always busy with more users, more number of organic search results, more number of shares and followers. How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE ?

Everyone do their promotions and advertisements to get all of them. This is also required to get the approvals from Google Adsense kind of marketers too.

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You might be thinking… “I did so much effort to put together everything in one point at one place. But why no one is reading my stuff …?? If they read, they will understand… But they are not reading it. Why can’t they open and get to know the full content out of it?” This is the question; every new and upcoming blogger gets in their mind. Even I was asking for the same in every public forum and searched for a perfect answer for what exactly I am looking. But the answer I found was always disappointed me. Some are not even possible to implement practically. So, I got fed-up.

Then I decided to wright a topic like this for the people who are searching for a relevant information for what I struggled to get.

If your website is with full of quality content with the below mentioned qualities, then you need only 20 percent of efforts and investments what you are putting now to hold a successful website.

Here are the tricks to make the user stick to your website


1. Irresistible and Hit the heart Headlines to increase Website traffic :

OH… Not again… ?. She is also telling same things as every other author. Trust me… Just this time… I am sure you will feel happy at least at one of these points. Ok let me come to the point.

Not sure whether you observed it or not… A poster or a front page that has irresistible headlines will have more views. This is also a key point for the user to enter in to your website. Let me give an example. Few sites ask for donation at the end of their pages for the content they provide. All the time I see the headings as “Donate”.  I am also, just like another human being ignores it and go to next page. But this time after seeing these lines I couldn’t skip it without reading and donating something.

The heading is… “Can I beg you LITTLE LOVE” with description as “You are there to take care of your child. But I was not having a parent like you. So, I started adopting the children who is suffering like me. Can you give a helping hand with just a little amount possible for you…?”

It doesn’t matter whether we react for it or not… But we read it for sure. So, guys…It definitely matters what heading you add to grab the people’s attention

2. Select an apt picture as your featured Image to make the user read your page:

An image speaks more than a sentence for a same story. That’s how a picture attracts the people. If you are writing about a Love story, represent it with appropriate image. Because an image will bring the user inside to your boundaries.

3. Insert some stories to make it interesting to continue down and read entire post:

It is one way of creating interest about the topic the user is reading. People will get interacted more to the stories than serious theories. If I can make a boring topic interesting by adding some stories or by adding paragraphs just like a conversation that you make with your friend, then user will never feel bore to read the page till the end. In fact, it will create enthusiasm to read… what’s there next?

4. Use a simple, user friendly and attractive Theme to impress the user and to make them explore more in your website:


Mutual benefits… A perfect and user-friendly theme is the basic thing for a clean and attractive website and to make the user happy. If your content is perfect, but the theme is irritating in its navigation and options for choosing another posts, then what is the use? User will read just that page and will say TA TA… BYE BYE. It will increase your website bounce rate drastically. So, you will end up with user’s bad impression… “Ahh.. What a creepy theme… I can’t follow it. Let me go to a good one”. So… Follow best ways to choose what kind of theme is best and user friendly for your website.

5. Insert some other interesting topic at the middle and end of your page to keep control on user’s reading:

Inbound linking is one of the mandatory SEO point to get your site in search result. This point helps perfectly for a website that serves random  topics like me. We get a chance to interlink different topics to different topics. Human brain has a very strong tendency to divert easily. When brain reads something, eyes divert that to other thing. So, target the eyes… Insert some interesting topics with images in the middle. If the eyes catches it, surely user clicks on it… Ta..Daa… User switched your page but still he is in your website only.

This is one kind of selling strategy that you see at supermarkets. They keep interesting things and mostly chocolates near to the sight at the billing counter. That is… to make it visible to kids, who gets attracted to them easily and customer will do a last minute purchase. Likewise… When the user is about to leave from the page he is looking… Keep an eye grabbing and interesting post to make the user go and check it. See… he is still watching your website only :-). It will indirectly reduce the bounce rate of your website.

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6. Make them feel that, they are speaking and listening to a friend next to them:

If a teacher is taking a class without seeing any student’s face and keep on telling the lessons… what will happen ? You can see at least 2 to 3 students sleeping at the back bench due to this boring class and lecture. Because, that kind of teaching is not at all interactive and students tend to lose the interest easily. Imagine the same here… If you keep on writing what you want to convey… that will not work all the time. Writing in a professional manner is good. But writing in an interactive manner is important to make the user visit your website again and again for different things.

7. Please don’t add too much information and don’t take classes like a school teacher:

What if, a user comes for A and you try to explain him about A, AB, ABC, ABCD… ? Adding relevant information is an extra advantage to the user only to some extent. If that extent is crossed, then user feels bore easily to read the next line. When user is asking about Perfect vacation place for summer… You can provide perfect vacation place for summer and the importance of those places and specialties. Here if you add perfect vacation places for winter and monsoon. that is too much information. Because user wants to go to vacation in summer. So, he is looking for that. what is the use of reading about winter and monsoon for him?  So, if user has come for chocolate, you can give 2 chocolates. But don’t forcefully make him to take biscuits along with chocolates. Rather he hates it.

8. Optimize the back end things for fast loading of your website:

Page loading and site speed is another important thing to make the user comfortably stick to your website.  Page loading and site speed depends on different things like different font styles, high resolution images, large size YouTube links will make the site slowdown. Use different plugins to optimize the size of the photos and files.

9. Think like a user and add the information what the user is expecting from you:

As I told in point 7, too much information linking to different topics is waste of knowledge and waste of user’s time. Rather, give information what he is looking for and relevant to that. Suppose, user is searching for reasons for Urinary tract infection… Then you can explain the user what is urinary tract infection, causes, symptoms and prevention. That helps the user not to go to other website again for related help like remedies for it.

10. When to add a new post to your website? :

I don’t say you need to add 5 to 10 posts every day. It is damn ridiculous for a new blogger. Except for news portals, it is not possible practically to do it every day. But, maintain a frequency in adding a new post. If you planned to add 1 post every day… then do it. It is once every alternate day then follow it. Because if the user is following you, he will have an idea that, you will post it at this time, so he will look for your feed during that time. It is just like our newspaper. Every day morning, we look for paper. We get irritated if the paper guy delays it till afternoon. If he repeatedly done the same… then we may think to change the paper to a better one who follows the time.

Hope these tips helps you better to make the user attracts towards your website and your site’s traffic will increase faster. All  the Best 🙂

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