How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE

A successful website is the one that is always busy with more users, more number of organic search results, more number of shares and followers. How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE ?

Everyone do their promotions and advertisements to get all of them. This is also required to get the approvals from Google Adsense kind of marketers too.

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You might be thinking… “I did so much effort to put together everything in one point at one place. But why no one is reading my stuff …?? If they read, they will understand… But they are not reading it. Why can’t they open and get to know the full content out of it?” This is the question; every new and upcoming blogger gets in their mind. Even I was asking for the same in every public forum and searched for a perfect answer for what exactly I am looking. But the answer I found was always disappointed me. Some are not even possible to implement practically. So, I got fed-up.

Then I decided to wright a topic like this for the people who are searching for a relevant information for what I struggled to get.

If your website is with full of quality content with the below mentioned qualities, then you need only 20 percent of efforts and investments what you are putting now to hold a successful website.

Here are the tricks to make the user stick to your website

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Hope these tips helps you better to make the user attracts towards your website and your site’s traffic will increase faster. All  the Best 🙂