How to motivate yourself when you lose confidence

We are human beings… We fly when we are happy, We Cry when we are sad, We shout when we are angry.. and We Fight when we lost. These are different ways to express our emotions. In the same way we lose confidence and get depressed when we are at the edge of losing something. In that situation, how to keep yourself motivated ? How to build self confidence ?… Let that be your education, career, love or anything….How to motivate yourself when you lose confidence? What to do to improve self confidence ?

Here are the 10 Self confidence boosters:

1. Don’t feel fear for unnecessary things:

1st and foremost thing we should remember is… we are the ones who can control us and rule us. No one has right to do that. Then why do you need to fear for something?? What can happen to maximum ? If you can fix the answer in your mind as “Nothing”… Then you won’t let anything happen outside too. Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. Decide that you want it more than you afraid of it.



Be happy and be confident always.. the world is in your hand and your thoughts can surely change your ways… 🙂


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