How to Propose a Girl

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BEST ways to propose a Girl

How to propose a girl…??? This is a very well known and famous question for all youngsters… Yet, no one knows a perfect answer… We can say many things when we are telling it to others. But… we feel nerves when this question comes to us at the time when we are going to propose a girl. You know everything about her… But not sure how to express your love to her… Want to know the best ways to propose a girl ? Okay… Think that in reverse… You know nothing about her… Still you love her and want to share it with her..


Okay… Let me help you for that… I have ideas for both the cases…

Very curious to know the Crazy Ways to propose a girl right 🙂 ?


Here you go with best ever known ways to propose a girl

1. With a rose to propose her :

A very traditional and filmy approach which is well known from long back. Still proposing a girl with a rose is always a fresh way to express your love. A red rose along with a smile speaks all your love from your heart ❤.

2. Write a letter to express your feelings :

Another traditional and well known method of proposing a girl. But only few follow this. This is replaced by emails now a days. But that is always a special way to express your love with pen and paper with a special ink made with LOVE.

3. Write an Email – Modern ways to propose a girl:

As i already told this is the latest and updated version of love letter… 🙂 Here also you do the same. Additionally you will not get the pain of writing… with a simple emil and you can show your emotions very creatively with less efforts.

4. Sing her a song :

What are you thinking now? Poor at singing? Do not worry… she is not going to measure your singing levels. She will filter only the love that you express in your words. Go-ahead and sing a song for her.

5. Cookie love:

Prepare or get some cookies designed in English letters. Put your expression in a box and send it to her secretly. See her expression after opening that box 🙂

6. Birthday love ? :

If you’re waiting for any occasion to propose your love to her… then birthday is the best time to express yourself. Take a piece of paper  and write your feeling. Put that inside a birthday cake and ask her to cut the cake ?… Surely she will understand what you are trying to say.

7. Banner Love:

This is going to be a big surprise to her. But only can be tried if you think… that will not create any problem to her. Select a common place that you both usually go. Write whatever you want to say on a banner. Better not to add her pic on it. Put that in a place which you have already selected. Call her and ask her to come to that place… That’s all.. You don’t need to speak anymore.

8. Love in the air:

Do it with red heart shaped ❤ balloons if you are doing it during day time. And choose sky lanterns if it is during night time. Select one open air place where you can show the balloons flying. Arrange a bunch of them to fly at a time infront of her and express your feelings with her.

9. Garden Love:

This is a bit funny but worth trying… We see many places where the words written with plants. This is similar to that. Plant some fenugreek seeds (They grow very fast with in 2 to 3 days) with the expression that you want to say to her and show it to her surprisingly. Well… Where to plant is your duty to find 🙂

10. Propose in a Beach:

A perfect place to win anyone’s heart is the beach. No one can say “No” to anything while enjoying such a beautiful sea breeze and lovely whether. Take her to a walk on the beach near to the tides. Tides touching your legs an awesome moment. Now tell what ever you are feeling about her.


So guys… Be prepared and ready for it… ?

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