How to Propose a Girl

How to propose a girl…??? This is a very well known and famous question for all youngsters… Yet no one knows a perfect answer… We can say many things when we are telling it to others. But…we feel nerves when this question comes to us at the time when we are going to propose a girl. You know everything about her… But not sure how to express your love to her… Okay.. Think that in reverse… You know nothing about her… Still you love her and want to share it with her..

Okay… Let me help you for that… I have ideas for both the cases…

Want to know… Then walk with me down 🙂

Very curious to know them right 🙂 ?

So guys… Be prepared and ready for it… ?

Please… Don’t just close the tab.. Please write your experience or comment on this page to improve myself in content writing. Please share it if you like it… 🙂

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