How to speak English Fluently and Confidently at any AGE

 Speaking English is this much easy?

How to speak English Fluently and Confidently at any AGE?. Well… Age is not at all a barrier for learning anything. In fact at every period of our life… we are scheduled and programmed to learn something.  For gaining knowledge there is no age limit. That is completely up on your interest and willingness. Let’s speak about English which is a global language and it is necessary for everyone to know How to speak English. Well… Speaking English has become the prime qualification to estimate the communication skills of a person.

English is a global language and I am not saying English is must to survive. But this is must to mingle with different kinds of people, and important to communicate when we are out of our known places and away from near and dear. If someone knows the basics of English, it is not at all difficult to learn how to speak English. Let me tell you the main reason why I am writing this article…

What are the difficulties if you can’t speak English:

Nowadays, it has become very common for people going and coming to abroad for tours and travels to visit different new places during holiday time. There… if you know how to communicate and how to manage yourself to get everything… that tour will be memorable for lifetime and you would love to go again. But, what if you understand everything but cannot reply in return, what you need and what you want to know… It’s horrible.. right ? That is where you should use a proper communication which is common and understandable for everyone.

To overcome those kind of things, you definitely need to learn speaking English. I have seen one of my relative struggling like this. She is a grandmother for 2 Little kids who stays in UK from long time along with their parents. They doesn’t know how to speak and understand their native language. This grandmother like to speak and play with the granddaughters. But kids doesn’t know what to speak with granny as she doesn’t understand their language. Same with Granny too. So what is the barrier for them to share the Love…? That is communication between them which is not possible as they don’t have words for each other.

So, people who suffer like that… here are the tips to How to learn Speaking English faster at any age.

Best and Perfect tips to Talk in English:

If you know the basics of English, it is not at all difficult to learn speaking English quicker with the below tips.

1.Watch English movies:

Watching good English movies improves your language and grammar skills and will teach you to speak like a native English speaker. Try to understand the vocabulary by using headphones or microphones. Initially watch movies with subtitles. After few days without subtitles. Here, the purpose of watching movie is to learn something. So, if you don’t understand it properly, watch it again and again. After few days you can see a lot of difference in your speaking skills.


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I think these ideas are well enough to practice good English… Hope it helps to you… this will not only help you to speak but also help you to use your social media networks and friends with… Read more ?