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How to start a conversation with a GIRL – 4 simple steps to Workout

how to start a conversation with a girl

Oh… Boy ?. I Know what is running in your mind right at this moment. Maybe you’ve been eyeing that gorgeous girl at the office. Or perhaps you’re out on the town and spot a beautiful girl across a crowded room. I just say this to every guy “Don’t think too much to start a conversation. Be direct while expressing yourself. A normal “Hi” works good enough. Do it before it’s too late. Remember “Tick, Tick, Tick”- that’s the sound of your life”. It was shared by some sweet guy who learnt this from a failure of doing this ?.

Okay… coming to the point now… How to start a conversation with a girl?

By following the tips from here, you will be able to know how to start a conversation with a girl in any situation.

If I am not wrong… you must be reading this to deal with someone really special and someone who you really don’t want to lose with your stupid or wrong timing conversations. If so, then try to know her little… before jumping on for a conversation.

Try to Know if she is single or already seeing someone. of course, you have to find this in your own way, I’m sure you must be having a plan for this.

I wish you find the Answer as single which makes you happy to read further. Now, know how to start talking to a girl with these simple tips to impress her.


  1. Be confident while saying your 1st word with her:


Be confident and be yourself. Now, how to start a conversation with her ? She must be your childhood crush. Or a girl you like from a long time. They should like the way you’re and that’s how you can be like normal with her any time as that’s what you are. If you act too much now, you need to act for life time ?. Again… Don’t be too rude or rough in the very 1st conversation. Start it with a simple HI and tell your name. Ask her name if she feels comfortable looking at you or facing you. That way you can make eye contact and get what you expect from her. A HI back to your simple wish. Control yourself with that reply. You need to wait for some more time to extend this HI to the next level.


  1. Don’t rush in expressing yourself:

Don’t rush and pour out what you feel for her. Try to make a good relationship with her. Be a friend. If you both know each other already but don’t talk much, then try talking about common things that you both know and you both go through every day. You can understand her face feelings and expressions if she is interested or not in those conversations. You might not be aware of what you’re talking about and where that conversation is going. Because… you’re there with an intention in your mind which doesn’t let you feel bored of what you’re talking. But not for her. So, put a pause and change the topic.


  1. Try to read how she is reacting:

After 3 to 4 talks you will get to know how she is reacting and treating you. She likes talking to you or she wants to move away from you. Anything can happen. All depends on you. If you’re a shy guy and can’t keep the momentum of talking and go with the flow, at least try. Do some homework like this on conversation questions and good conversation topics girls like. Prepare yourself on what to talk and how to end if something goes wrong. Once she is tuned to you, you don’t need to worry much to continue the flow. Girls are good listeners only when you’re praising them. All other times, they are good speakers ?. Obviously, afterwards you would love to listen to her if you really like her. You should know her heart by then.


  1. Not just words… It’s you… Always you.

Remember one thing. No matter what happens and how she reacts for you HI… Don’t worry at all. If it works out… well and good. If not, the world is not small. You will find your right reply… at the right time… at the right place… with the right GIRL. So, be you and wait for the one who fits your HI. After all, … Just one life. Make the best out of it 🙂



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