If a child was born without human contact for years what language they would speak?

Feral Child

What language a Human speak if he is nowhere in touch with other human for many years ?

Have you ever imagined yourself residing in a forest staying with a species that is not similar to you in talks, walks and behaviors ? We see this in movies like Mowgli , Taarzan and any special people that resides away from other humans. Their the movie shows Mowgli talking to his animal friends and fighting with tiger for Blood flower. That is all as directed by the movie director to entertain the kid audience. Of course they do it, otherwise who would like to watch any movie just with animal sounds and no human talks.

Coming to the point what language does the human speak when he/She is born and brought up away from human for years ?

When you ask this question to anyone, the answer would depends on the perception of that person as this is a hypothetical question and no one could experience this personally until they try themselves which is not possible practically.

But we are free to assume, free to imagine and free to create interesting stories for this question. Let’s discuss the actual answer after sometime but let’s see how that imaginary things goes.

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You might have heard about feral child or wild child grown by the wolfs and lived isolated from human contact from a very young age. We can see many cases like this with different sources in Wiki. Humans raised by Wolfs, Humans raised by Dog, Humans raised by Monkey, Humans raised by Bears and many more.

Few of those interesting stories are here for you:

Oxana Malaya was an eight-year-old Ukrainian girl, lived with Black Russian Terriers for six years. She is one good example for humans raised by animals. Oxana was found in a kennel with dogs in 1991. She was neglected by her parents who were alcoholics. The three year old looking for comfort crawled into the farm and snuggled in with the dogs. Her behaviour imitated the dogs more than humans. She walked on all fours, bared her teeth, and barked like the dogs. She was removed from her parent’s custody by the social services. As she lacked human contact, she did not know any words besides ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Upon adulthood, Oxana has been taught to subdue her dog-like behaviour. She learned to speak fluently and intelligently and works at the farm milking cows, but remains intellectually impaired.

Years later, she admitted on a Russian talk show that her story was slightly less dramatic; neglected by her parents, she sought out the company of the dogs and learned to imitate them as they were more responsive than her parents. This is one such story that tells how the humans behave if they live away from other humans from long time.

Now, to talk about it practically, English naturalist Charles Darwin has clearly explained this kind of behaviour in his evolution theory. As per him the  Adoption or Acclimatization is one concept that teaches any individual how to live in any tough situation and how to survive and co-exist with other individuals.

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Conclusion :

So, to conclude this… As per the science and the evolution theories, the child need to learn communicating with the surroundings. Whether it is with animals or any other living beings, that is a need. The child need to learn the surviving skills like getting food, sharing the shelter. If they are growing away from any human contact, they definitely can’t speak any language… as god has given that speaking chance only to humans. The child might develop all the habits and behaviors of who has grown them and where they have been brought up.

So… that’s it 🙂

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