If life is a Fruit which Fruit would you be?

Compare life with fruit

Which fruit your character falls under ?

Human life is full of ups and downs. we change our mind and behavior according to our situation and moods. So, i would like to describe our life different fruits.

Be a Bunch of Grapes :

Be a Bunch of Grapes when you’re Happy- Divide the happiness in to small pieces and share it to as many people as possible. It will come back in the same form when you need that happiness.

Behave like a pineapple :

Behave like a pineapple when you are being with tough people and doing tough tasks. You don’t need to show your sweetness to the people who don’t need that and who don’t deserve it. So, let them face your tough and hard look. Only people who care for you and know you will definitely know the inner sweetens of you

Be like a watermelon :

Be like a watermelon when you dealing with family. Whether it is middle class, lower or upper class… Head of the family can’t express every problem and have limitations of showing only few things to the world when you are the forward face of the family. Though you have only water in you, behave like you are bulk and can accommodate and show the love as much as possible with your generosity. Family needs that.

Be like a Kiwi :

Be like a KIWI Fruit with your Romantic Loved one 🙂 – Little tough and prickly outside… Tangy and tasty inside with unexpected taste that lasts for little long time after eating it.


Tell me your FAVORITE Color, I will tell about YOU 🙂

Be like an Avocado :

Be Like an Avocado And don’t be like a Mango when you are successful… Avocado has much in it… Tasty.. healthy… nutritious yet looks very simple in texture and color and smell. Mango is colorful, attractive and pleasant smell from outside. But you never know, it is sweet or sour.

There are many characters to tell… But i put a full stop over here 🙂 Because i feel i am being like a JACK FRUIT… Very sticky and very prickly 🙂 Not leaving you easily 😉

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