In Extreme conditions, Willingness to achieve something will lead to Depression ?

Who will win in Extreme conditions ? Your Determination or Depression ?

Who will win in Extreme conditions ? Your Determination or Depression ?

Yes… extreme conditions will change any situation… whether it is good to bad OR bad to good. Though your motto and intention of willingness is for a good cause, situations will not favor every time and everyone. Those circumstances or problems of life will lead to depression. Because your willingness is not fulfilled. But who is stronger ? you OR your surroundings who is making you to fall down ? Don’t let them make you fall and let you out of track from your goal. let us discuss more on Who will win in Extreme conditions ? Your Determination or Depression ?

So, how to be strong in any situation ?

This is the same thing i need, in fact everyone who wants to come out and stand up from the crowd.

But i definitely know that, i am the creator of my current situation and i should be the troubleshooter for it. Else it will be a major disaster if i just ignore and want to live in that condition. Do you wish to stay there ? Obviously a big NO… Right ?

Depression or unfilled wills are just temporary conditions. Time will give answer to everyone and every question. Though the surroundings are not in favor of you, that is also just temporary. If you feel those are not temporary… then you decide whether you really need them or not to continue your journey of life. There is no such thing as Destiny or Fate until you decide to block your road that stops you from moving forward.

How to Face Problems of Life ?

Remember… this is the only life for you to Live, to cry, to be happy, to enjoy, to achieve and to be a successful person in your life. Because the real fact is… Life is also a temporary thing for earth. It will leave you to the ashes when your time is over. So, be a happy man and fulfill your willingness. If something comes as a barrier to fulfill your willingness then just jump from that barrier with your strong determination. Because a strong person’s true weapon is Determination. A weak person try to come back when something obstructs their way. A normal person tries to overcome the barriers with a try. But, a strong person will make the obstacles and barriers as steps to climb up and move forward. They lay the path with whatever the possible thing that comes in their way. Their willingness to win make them strong to achieve anything in any circumstances.

A true achiever is the one who paves the way for a new destination.


Still… if you feel you have trouble in achieving that… just change the goal to little less. Remember boss… Just one life. Be want you want to be… to make your world happy and colorful.

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