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A Letter to Mother-in-Law about HOW to treat her Daughter-in-Law

How to treat your Daughter-In-Law

Dear Mother-in-law,

You are bringing a new person home for your son to start a new phase of his life. She is not a thing, she is not a pet and She is not a toy to behave like you and honor you from the 1st day of her life at your home. She is also like your daughter who was pampered by her parents like a princess. For god’s sake…Don’t imagine that she has come from a hell and you are giving an opportunity to enjoy the freedom of heaven. Don’t forget that you were also a daughter to your parent and living as daughter-in-law at your in-law’s place. At the end of your life she needs to take care of you. So, behave like a mother to get the love from her. Don’t show your attitude that you are a great person who gave birth to a legend. Know here How to treat your Daughter-In-Law


So, Please take care of these things when you are welcoming your new daughter (Daughter-in-Law) to home:


1. Let her take her own time to adjust her to the new family. Her culture of brought up might be different from your son. Don’t expect that she should be a mirror image of you in house maintenance.

2. Not only her, accept all her (maiden) family members along with her (not necessarily into the house but into the heart). Create that safe environment for her at home.


3. Be proud of her achievements as you would be proud of your son’s achievements. Because she is your daughter now and you will also get the credits for her achievements.

4. Involve her in taking financial decisions. Don’t think that you are the only one who is master in handling all those things.

5. Let your son help her family in crisis, as you expect her to help you. Because your son had promised her during wedding time that he will support her in all her difficulties.

6. If she is earning, let her decide how much she would send to her parents. Because it is her parents who spent a lot of money and hard work to see her in this place now. So, they have all right to get support from their daughter when they are in need.

7. If your son and daughter-in-law live separately from you, and if you happen to go to their house, help her in her household works (if health permits) as you would do with your daughter. But never put a finger in their personal life when ever you go. It makes her feel… “When will she go back”.

8. If your son helps her in household jobs don’t interrupt him saying it is women’s job. And do not preach “Geeta of Mother-in-law” to him not to obey and help wife.

9. If possible teach your son to know the value of wife and teach his responsibility in life. It will help her a lot in sharing some household burden and of course the burden of heart too.

10. Do not involve in their personal and private space thinking that she will take your son away from you. If you share your love to her just like how you share it to your son… She will surely treat you like a MOTHER.

Now it’s your choice… To behave like a strict mother-in-law and get nothing or behave like a mother and get all her love…

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