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Online Shopping Tricks that will surprisingly save your Money

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Online Shopping Tricks that you might not know

ONLINE SHOPPING. A big time pass for some, Hobby for some and a research for some. But whatever be the reason, you need  to pay the money to buy something. Most of you, including me 🙂 looks for discounts and better price without compromising the quality. We can make our soul happy if we follow simple online shopping tricks. So, for all of us here is the best list of tricks for online shopping to save your money.

Open your Online shopping window in Incognito mode:

Let me tell you a story why you need to open the online shopping window in incognito mode. I was looking for a Perfume. I started searching for it in one online shopping portal. When I saw it, the price was showing as 1000 per 1 quantity. Our obvious shopping mind will think of some coupons or discounts while moving from cart and I did the same thing searching for a better price in different portals. But I couldn’t find the exact brand on any other website. So, I moved back and started my payment thing. But to my surprise it has started showing me 1300 bucks. Then my upset mind told me to wait for some more time to see the price may come down. It started showing me more than that whenever I visited it again and again.

One day I was doing something and accidentally i  opened the same online shopping portal in incognito mode which was kept open in my phone for something else. The price was 1000 bucks. And then I got the logic after a small technical research.

What is the Best way to save your Money in Global Pandemic Situation? Keeping the liquid amount or Investing in any assets?


The reason behind it is Recommender System.

Every shopping website has recommender system, which captures your online activities like products you are looking for, products you like and products you save in your cart etc. It sends cookies to your browser. Because of those cookies, You’ll see the products & their prices that are shown by Recommender system of the site. So be careful while shopping online. Always open shopping sites in incognito mode or in a private window. It’ll prevent you from getting captured from Recommender System. This is sometimes not possible if you work with some extensions to get discounts. I will explain what that extension in later parts. But clearing cache and cleaning your phone website history, especially the cookies… will help you to get rid of this recommender system, a spy that online shop keepers put for you.

To open incognito mode,

For Chrome users

Cntrl + shift + N -> to open in incognito mode

For Mozilla users

Cntrl + shift + P-> to open in incognito mode


2. Add Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker Extension :

This is a chrome extension that keeps an eye on prize changes in Amazon. This extension keeps a track of the prices and offers of all products on Amazon for the last 246 days and present it in a neat graphical manner. You can set alerts and they will send you email notifications when the price of a certain item drops below your desired price. Its very handy and easy to use. With the email notification, if you see the current price of the product is lower than its average price and you can easily be sure that you are not paying a very high price. Interesting an helpful right. Try it.


3. Keep the for some time:

Have you ever observed that you keep on getting reminder emails for items in your cart with discount coupons and codes. Yes, this will happen to please you to buy the products. You didn’t search much and kept something in your cart which you though to buy later. Then the Recommended System that I explained above will start showing this and recommendation emails will remind you from their end. So, next time do this trick. Whatever you though to buy something, do some analysis and put that in your cart. just leave it for sometime. See the emails that comes from that online portal. Pick the right one and apply for discount.

4. Ask the customer care people for additional discounts:

Do you know the fact that you can order the products by calling the customer care of the same online portal ? If you have enough time to call and speak with customer care guys and if you’re fine with wasting little time in talks and discussions then go ahead and ask them to place the order for you and check for the available coupons for this order. Bargain a little to get good offers. If you don’t have that patience to call and do this bargain thing, do this for bigger price products. So, that is worth wasting little time which saves some good amount of Money.


So, buddies… these are few points from me. I am a big internet surfer and i keep on updating this stuff with good ideas.  Found it Interesting…? Then please subscribe for more interesting topics LIKE this here

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