How to promote my website from here by Guest posting ?

Jul 19, 2018 11:53 AM 1 Answers General
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Guest blogging
Guest blogging
I want to write guest posts or guest blogging. How can i do guest blogging from this website ?
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Jul 19, 2018

How can i do guest blogging here ? I am a blogger and i own a website called top10bestways. I found this website as a platform for me to promote my blog and to get some traffic to my blog. Good thing about this platform is, we can ask what ever we want as this is a public forum. And there is a good option that, any registered your can question and answer to any one. So, i write a question for which i need help from someone who is experienced in handling that. Same thing i do vise versa. I choose a question from here and i write something that is relevant to that and add my website’s link to the post where ever it is required. If there is no question relevant to me here… Then i create my own question and answer to it by myself. That way people in need will get the answer and intern i get some traffic to my website from the links i added here. To link your website to the question you answer here please follow the below:

  1. Select a question relevant to you to answer
  2. go down a little and start writing your answer. If your answer has any relevant thing that you can put your website link or any other post of your website… choose the word and select it, click on that Link symbol above (4th icon from last in 1st row ). It will show an option, “Paste URL or search here” you can paste the URL that you want to link and click on the Settings wheel at the end (which shows link options, next to the blue arrow) it will pop up a window. see the URL and check the Check box Open link in a new tab.
  3. Now click on Add link that is there at the end.
  4. Done. Your website is now linked with this answer. When ever someone finds your answer interesting, they will click on your link and that way your answer will lead to get good traffic to your website.
  5. More answers… More links.. and more traffic.

Hope this information helps… ? Please visit my website if anyone is interested Please ask more questions to get more exposure to your content.   How to add a question here ?

  1. Just click on add question and add your question title in title box.
  1. In description field, add “description about what you are asking” or “copy and paste the same title” in description too… 3. Select the category if you feel anything is relevant. 4. Make sure your question is not in private mode. 5. Submit the question. Done :-). Now wait for the answers. Or if you already new the answer… you can write it. How to answer a question that is posted in this website ?
  1. Click on the Question archive.
  2. See the list of questions
  3. Select the one that you would like to answer. It will take you to another box
  4. Do not go to “Reply to this”.  Go little down to check the “Submit answer” option. There you are. Write your answer and link your site as mentioned above. Once done… Submit it.

Hope this is helpful. Please upvote the THUMB if you like my answer.

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