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How to write resignation email

How to Write a Resignation Email ?

Resignation… 🙂 Few write it with happiness, few write it with sadness and few write it forcefully and for few it happens suddenly. But resigning a job is not just a simple thing that can be done without thinking. One should write it very simple, formal and crisp yet that should describe the reason of your resignation. So, How to convey your resignation to your boss or Superior ? how to write a resignation email ? What to write on a resignation email ?

Reason for resignation would vary for everyone. It differs when the reasons differs. Few resign if, they get better opportunities, few resign if they cannot continue their career because of the family issue (This happens with female employees mostly), few do it because of unhealthy work environment and Few with company issues. Let’s talk on the content with different reasons.

Process to follow for resignation:

Before discussing about the email content, let’s discuss about the process to follow to convey your resignation. Few companies will have specific tools for resignation for employees. In some companies… managers or supervisors need to do the tool work after an employee resigns to their roles. Whatever the way it could be, it will start with a Resignation email from the employee. Some suggest it saying that you need to inform it to your manager or supervisor before writing a resignation email. But that is not always advisable. It all depends on your relationship with your superior. When you discuss and if they want to negotiate with you sometimes they will ask you to wait for resignation confirmation. But the thing is… you are going to lose your time and remember, in any company notice period will be counted from the day you send the resignation email. So, resign and speak. They can negotiate during your notice period too if they want to retain you.

Make sure you add these mandatory points in your resignation email.

  1. Confirm them officially to consider that your notice period will start from that day itself
  2. Tell the reason of your resignation. If it is personal, you can simply mention that as your personal reason without actually saying the reason.
  3. Mention the date of your resignation in the subject line and make sure your subject line look like this “MY RESIGNATION – <NAME>-<DATE>”

Finally here is the content of the email:

This is common for every reason. Once you drop this, further discussions will happen through conversations.

So, please change or write it accordingly.

Here is the content for resignation email :

Dear <person>,

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to work with you and the team. With this email I am letting you know that, I am signing off from my current role as <YOUR DESIGNATION> from today which is <DATE>. Please consider this as my official resignation and I would request you to initiate the formalities regarding the same.

Once again, thank you so much for your support during my tenure with <COMPANY> and it was always pleasure working with you

Thank you,



Hope this helps to all of you who is looking for an answer on “How to write a resignation email”


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