Reviews about Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil Reviews

Bio- Oil is Meant for:

Bio-Oil is mainly used for

  1. Scars
  2. Stretch marks
  3. Uneven skin tone
  4. Ageing Skin
  5. Dehydrated Skin

Description of Bio-oil:

The name itself is telling it as oil. Well… To tell about how it looks is… It is Semi sticky and silky oils with light ting of transparent orange color packed in a transparent bottle.

How to use Bio-Oil ?

Usage of Bio-oil is pretty easy and, as the smell of this oil is very pleasant… it will not leave any awful feeling after using it. Coming to the direction of usage, take 2 to 3 drops of bio-oil on your palm (More drops are required if the effected area is wider or bigger). Apply it smoothly in circular direction on the effected area. Rub it until it gets deep in to the skin and you don’t see any oil residue on your palm and fingers.


Pros and Cons of Bio-Oil :

Every product has its Pros and Cons. Same with Bio-Oil too.


  1. Works best for stretch marks and uneven skin tone.
  2. Helps for pregnancy stretch marks to fade away with in minimal time.
  3. Best remedy to cure chickenpox marks on face and body
  4. It can be applied during pregnancy too, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. Burns and scars will be faded away even though you apply it after quite long time.


  1. Little bit expensive but with its Pros you can consider that as reasonable.
  2. As mentioned in their website, this bio-oil helps to fade the scars and marks on the skin but can not remove them completely. But this is considerable as there is no medicine or remedy that can get back the original healthy skin state with out any surgeries.
  3. Widely available online but a little supply to stores (Not a big problem as most of us are going for online these days)

Overall Review about Bio-Oil :

This is a good remedy for people who is looking for a perfect solution to fade out their odd looking scars on their face and all other visible places. This is one of the top best 10 remedies to cure scars and stretch marks at reasonable price. So, it is available to everyone who wants to get back to shape with their skin blemishes from long time at affordable price.


Possible Questions to Users:
  1. Can i use this oil on my wet wound?

     A)  A strict NO. Because, this is to repair the skin that looks damaged with scars and marks. But not to cure the infection. If you apply it on wet wound, this will invite more infection to the effected area and you yourself inviting the infection to damaged area. So, wait until the wound gets healed and then start applying  twice a day (Morning after bath and evening before going to sleep )

       2. Can this be used for children for their scars?

  A) This is completely made of plant extracts and not harmful to children too. But before continuing to apply Bio-oil for kids do a patch test at the backside of ear load to get confirmation about possible irritation.


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