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Signs of a Happy Married Life

What are the signs of a happy married life ? how to have that happiness ?

What are the signs of a happy married life ?

A happy marriage is the one where both accept each other with their flaws and help each other to become a better version of themselves.

When you meet any married couple, you can make out within very short time if they happy or not.

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The usual sign for happy couple are:

  • They don’t contradict each other when others are present because they don’t want to prove other person wrong before others
  • They don’t blame each other for anything before their guests because they can solve all their problems sitting across
  • They pull each other’s leg just for fun and both laughs at it because they enjoy playing with each others like children
  • They pretend that the other one is boss of the house because they are secured in their relationship and they don’t have to prove that they are the boss
  • They never tell others that they love each other. Their eyes never fail to say so
  • They praise each other before other people instead using the opportunity to prove that the other person is wrong
  • They love their children deeply and don’t compete with each other for their children’s love
  • They don’t interfere with each other when one of them is dealing with their children.
  • They take side of the other spouse instead of siding with the children even when the partner is wrong. They tell their true feelings only when children are not present
  • They go for outings together often to share moments of bliss together
  • They love staying together during holidays instead of going for vacations or outings
  • They like the relatives of each other so much that they give priority to the relative of spouse over their own
  • They share the household work amicably among themselves without comparing who is doing more. Each partner take the job of other in case of his/her illness
  • They are each other’s best friend and share their deepest feelings
  • If they don’t like an action of other, they can tell them straight without fearing the reaction from other side

And if you ask me what you should do to have a happy married life ?

This will happen only,

Happy marriage is

When there is compatibility between the couples

When there is complete trust

When her is love between the two

When there is feeling of forgetting for mistakes

When each forgives each others’ misgivings

When there is no ill-will for each other

When each have respect for each other

When rights of each other are respected fully

When each discusses problems and sort them out

When there are no arguments on flimsy ground

When both work for the upliftment of family as a whole

When each cares for traditional mores of the family

When the elders members are held in high esteem

When old and infirm in the family are looked after and respected

When both respects the privacy of others to the extent possible

When both do not open old wounds

When both face good and bad moments

When both give their quality time to their offspring

When both take right decisions at right time and space

When both try to accommodate their respective older members

When both are spiritually inclined

When both live not for personal gains but for family as a unit.

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