Do you have so many Moles on your Body ? If so, hurry up and Check yourself with ABCDE test right now

Are you a Victim of Melanoma ? Ask your Moles

Are you a Victim of Melanoma ? Ask your Moles

Seriously… if you have many moles that are increasing in number, size and shape every time… Then you need to read this before you become a victim of MELANOMA ? Because Melanoma- another name of skin cancer.

Are you listening this word Melanoma for the 1st time? I am sure most of you are. But this is a term that everyone should be aware of… in terms of keeping your health safe from the very dangerous Skin cancer.
Now you understood from this word Skin cancer… am I right?

Though we are already late in knowing this kind of melanoma, it’s never too late if you know it now. Please make sure to spread the awareness of this melanoma that is going to increase in future due to our varied environmental changes and lifestyles. Let everyone know this by sharing this post.

Let me explain a bit about moles and how moles are related to skin cancer:

Moles that we regularly see on our skin occur when cells in our skin grow in a cluster instead of spreading throughout the skin. Cells that are formed as clusters are called melanocytes, and they make the pigment to give skin its natural color due to melanin that is present in these cells. These melanocytes may become dark after sun exposure. This happens generally during the years of teenage. And this can also be seen more during pregnancy because of more hormonal changes.

Different types of Melanoma:

There are mainly 4 types of melanoma that is differentiated based on their severity and appearance on different areas of Skin.

  1. Superficial Spreading Melanoma:

This is most common type of melanoma that appears on superficial skin. It usually occurs on arms, legs, neck, chest and back. In this type of skin cancer, melanoma cells grow slowly at initial stage but spread across the superficial or surface area of the skin eventually.

2. Nodular Melanoma:

2nd common type of melanoma that grows quicker than other kinds of melanoma. Significant difference is, cells will lose its color from black and become red when they are growing. This is more commonly seen on head, chest, neck and back.

3. Lentigo Maligna Melanoma:

This kind of melanoma is not very common like the above 2 melanomas. This occurs mainly due to heavy exposure of skin to sunlight for long time and generally can be seen in old age people. This can be identified as a stain or a light mark on skin. This type is less dangerous than the above two mentioned melanomas and it grows very slowly.

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4. Acral Lentiginous Melanoma:

This kind of melanoma is not always related to sun exposure. So, this is a very rare kind of melanoma. This occurs usually in people with black or brown skin. They usually can be seen on Palms of the hands, Soles of the feet, under finger nails or toe nails.

Apart from skin, there is another type of rare melanoma called, Desmoplastic  Melanoma that occurs to other parts of the body other than skin, i.e., the skin lining of other areas of the body like eyes, also called as ocular melanoma, rectum or anus also called as anorectal melanoma, lungs, nose and mouth.

Signs and symptoms to identify Melanoma:

Melanoma generally appears as a change to normal skin and makes it abnormal with significant changes.

Once you think something is similar to your skin then you can test yourself with below ABCDE test to know it better and before it occurs. If you find anything suspicious, then immediately consult your physician to know the state of it better.

So now, check yourself with the ABCDE Test mentioned below :

A- Asymmetrical moles – That looks irregular in shape and size

B- Border of a mole – Uneven with blurred edges or jagged edges

C- Color of Mole – If your mole has more than one color

D- Diameter – Irregular moles that are usually larger than 7 mm diameter

E- Evolving – Melanoma moles often change. If a mole has gone through recent change in color or size

If nothing is related to the condition of spots that  you are having on your skin, then it is perfectly fine and happy.

But, if there is anything that you feel suspicious and need to take some support… then, never hesitate to go to a physician immediately.

Take care… 🙂

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