Tell me your FAVORITE Color, I will tell about YOU :-)

What Is Your Favorite Color ?

Every emotion of human being can be compared and expressed with colors. We all wish for a colorful life, colorful world, colorful things and attract towards colorful foods too sometimes 😊. Colors are everywhere. We love watching colorful things. Happy and energetic people are always compared with bright colors. Colors can change the moods of people. Colors will give pleasant picture in brain if someone is feeling alone and depressed. Colors will change the surroundings and make that as a celebration. That’s why there are few traditions in different countries that involves colors as part of their festival celebrations.  Though Black and White are not really considered as true colors…:-) They are the basics and back ground of everything. So, i consider them as colors only. Another fact is, we can predict the attitude of a person with the color they like.

That’s true.

If you don’t believe me, just go down and test yourself with your favorite color.

Look Down for your Favorite Color :
Wooow… Interesting… Where is my color here ?

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