Tell me your FAVORITE Color, I will tell about YOU :-)

What Is Your Favorite Color ?

Every emotion of human being can be compared and expressed with colors. We all wish for a colorful life, colorful world, colorful things and attract towards colorful foods too sometimes ?. Colors are everywhere. We love watching colorful things. Happy and energetic people are always compared with bright colors. Colors can change the moods of people. Colors will give pleasant picture in brain if someone is feeling alone and depressed. Colors will change the surroundings and make that as a celebration. That’s why there are few traditions in different countries that involves colors as part of their festival celebrations.  Though Black and White are not really considered as true colors…:-) They are the basics and back ground of everything. So, i consider them as colors only. Another fact is, we can predict the attitude of a person with the color they like.

That’s true.

If you don’t believe me, just go down and test yourself with your favorite color.

Look Down for your Favorite Color :
Wooow… Interesting… Where is my color here ?



A very strong and emotional person that takes things to heart. Never play jokes on these people for fun. They will not get attached to the people easily. But once they did they will never give up and will do anything for the one they like. They like to be alone most of the time. They always look for privacy and they ignore everything when they are with their loved ones.


A very jovial kind of mentality. Takes everything lite… Life is short and don’t be so serious… and live and have fun for every second kind of mentality. Makes the life cheerful when they are in the field. Life partners of yellow lovers are very lucky as they are more and more expressive in telling their feelings and showing their love. They are basically very romantic.


Very disciplined person and will lead life with rules and principles. Though lovable at heart, they can’t bare the temperament if, someone disobeys the rules of their life in front of them. They go according to the plan. And never give a chance to opt for Plan-B. Because they are prefect implementer of plan A and will get succeeded 99.99 %.


Typical people to understand. Calm and silent outside. But makes so much noise within their close circle and close people. They can’t tolerate the disturbance and will demand for what they want.  They Cannot compromise easily to get the things done. A bit lazy people to take care of personal things and depends on their loved ones.


As it says… they love to be in a peaceful environment. They like to live the life easy and accepts it how it comes. They are very loyal to the people who trust them and helpful to the people around them. They are not very sensitive but they know the value and power of a word. So, they use it very carefully. Tradition loving and independent life leaders.

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These are party freaks and social birds. They want full attention all the time. They don’t like to mingle with people they don’t know or people out of their circle. They are not harmful to anyone. But they just don’t care of anyone. They always look for temporary things and will love to live that day fully happy. Little childish and little more selfish people.

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Very unique people that behaves strange in first meet. But they are cool. They follow their own path and if there is no path to their destination they can make a path. They guide the people. They get followers with their speeches. They will not have much sentiments and they are very diplomatic in dealing things.


Very decent and classy people. Never let their feelings out. Always hold control on them. They are very focused and target oriented. If they target something… They will not leave it until they reach higher and higher. Though they are very professional, they are very lovable at heart. They excuse the people easily. But will not bare the cheaters.


They see the life from a different angle from others. People who love this color cannot be underestimated. They show their charm only when it is needed and required. They live just like any other common man but when time comes to show their talent, you can pinout the violet lovers easily.


Very fun and joyful people. They will make their surroundings happy with in minutes. They are the cheerleaders of every event. They admire the beauty. They don’t have ego. They love to travel and explore new things. They are very enthusiastic to learn new things. They have good taste in their lifestyle.

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