Things you Should NOT do if you want to be a Successful YouTuber

common mistakes of Youtubers

What NOT to Do if you want to become a successful Youtuber ?

What to do to become a successful youtuber is what everyone looks for and what everyone tries for. But you know… To speak about it practically, Running fast is important to win but, at the same time running in right direction is also important to reach the winning destination. So, if you know what not to do in youtube career, you will be directed to a right path and you will reach your destination in short time. What are the Common mistakes of Youtubers

Okay, now i am writing this after seeing many failures with different things and wanted to help the upcoming youtubers to avoid these kind of mistakes to emerge with decent subscribers and views. Let’s not waste time with this introduction.

Top things you should not do, if you want a bright youtube career :

1. Don’t do Sub to Sub:

People do this to increase the subscribers count. But trust me, this will give zero result in long term. The strategy behind keeping 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hrs is not that simple. This rule was placed with lot of research. Just think practically. A person who asked you to subscribe, will look for the same thing from everyone he or she approaches. Intention behind that is only to gain the subscribers. They will never watch your videos. So, no watch time with those subscribers. Youtube will not consider the views if that view is less than 30 Sec. So, if someone who subscribed like this will not look for your content how superb it could be. You can’t cheat youtube algorithm. It will remove the views from bad subscribers, who didn’t see any of your videos but still subscribed you.

2. Don’t Copy anyone’s content without their consent:

This is a most common Youtubers mistakes. I am sure you might have gone through much research in this topic. So, not explaining much. But this applies to both images and music. Youtube will only give you 3 copyright strike chances. Better, get the things from copyright free sources. This page will help you for that. How to find non copyrighted photos in google – Copyright Free Images? For music, youtube is giving it for free. So, you can use it from youtube Music library.

3. Don’t do too much or completely less:

What i meant here is, if you got time during this weekend and you made 3 youtube videos. Don’t just upload them all at a time. I can understand the excitement of having a completed video in hand and waiting for uploading it. Sill, control that excitement. Because, you’re not giving enough time to your audience and youtube Bots to search for your video.  If you upload more than one video at a time, the upload notification will go to the user at a time. This will make the user ignore or neglect the 1st posted video. So, the views of one video is gone case. So, stop and wait at least 1 day if you can’t wait more than that.

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And same time, don’t give a long pause to video posting. Users may tend to forget your channel. Try uploading at least 1 video per month. 1 month is the maximum gap that you can give to user. Try to be regular in uploading. If you do not have anything to upload, just tell the audience, the reason behind your delay in a small personal video and share it in community (This is for people who crossed 100 Subscribers) For below 1000 subscribers, they can just post it like any other video. This will create an impression that, you care the people who follow you.

4. Don’t put the Same keywords and description to more than one Video:

You might be having  two similar video that presents almost same content. One has thousands of views and the other one is just in Hundreds.

This will tempt us to change the keywords and description similar to video that is successful. But never do that. Change it with long tail keyword changes. Exact keywords and description and the same order of keeping those terms will show the youtube as repetitious content. Then you need to pay the penalty for it. Youtube will ask you to remove those videos or it may be more than that.

So, Folks these are the Common mistakes of Youtubers and these are the main things i wanted to convey to my co-youtubers who are struggling to come out of that initial phase. I will keep on adding the things here whenever i come across them. If you want to know the updates please join me with below subscription and then you will get a notification whenever i update.

If your next question is, how to be a successful youtuber ? Then I have an answer for that too 🙂

Here you go

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