Best Natural Hair Fall control Solutions

Top 10 Best Natural Hair Fall control Solutions

NATURAL HAIR CARE… For ALL Hair Fall Problems

Hair fall and Hair damage… A very big and common problem for every generation. Many reasons like pollution, stress, lack of healthy diet, lack of natural hair care, chemical usage and other health issues will cause hair fall. Hair fall problems are increasing day by day. If you don’t take proper care… You can’t bring that back to original. And proper care is not with chemical treatment again. It may give some temporary relief but in long run… This problem will come again. So, going with natural hair care remedies is always best. Prevention is always better than cure. If you don’t have the hair fall problem now… You may get it later because of the varied lifestyle habits. Better follow the Hair Fall control and best hair growth solutions now. what are the Best Natural Hair Fall control Solutions that we can follow regularly without harming to the health?

One should take care before getting the problem with simple tips.

Tips to Avoid hair fall problems :
  1. Wear scarf when you are going out.
  2. Wear Helmet when you are going by 2-wheeler.
  3. Wash your hair thoroughly trice in a week to avoid dandruff problems.

Here are the top 10 Best Hair Fall Control Solutions:

1.Hibiscus Leaf &Flower and Fenugreek seeds for NATURAL Hair Care:

These 2 are best conditioning agents for any kind of hair. Hibiscus leaf and flower are rich in riboflavin, vitamin C, Phosphorous, and calcium which will act as good hair nourishing agents. You can get very soft and smooth hair along without any hair fall problem. Carotene present in red flowers of hibiscus will also restricts the graying of hair who has the problem of early hair grey. Hibiscus is also rich in amino acids that will help to strengthen the roots of the hair. Good conditioning is required for frizzy and uncontrollable hair. Fenugreek is a very good natural remedy to treat dandruff along with its conditioning property.

Hibiscus For Hair fall

Fenugreek For hairfall
How to apply hibiscus and Fenugreek for hair ?

Soak the Fenugreek overnight and grind it along with freshly picked hibiscus leaf or flower in 1:1 ratio and Apply this once a week to avoid the dandruff and hair fall.

2.Henna leaf (Lawsonia inermis) and Curd for silk and smooth hair:

Many of us apply henna to our hair for different purposes like coloring and conditioning the hair. This is the best and natural method of keeping hair healthy, thick and long. Henna leaf will work as a good conditioning agent and helps for hair growth. Henna leaf paste is perfect remedy to treat the scalp itchiness and to treat split ends. Whereas curd is to make the scalp cool and nourished and to treat the dandruff due to its acidic nature. Curd make the hair looks silky and shiny.


How to use henna leaf and curd to stop hair loss?

Grind the henna leaf by adding curd till you get a consistent paste with that. Take that in 3:1 ratio. Apply it twice in a month for best results.

I am sure you definitely love your hair just like how i do… So why late… Read further… 🙂

3.Egg white for Hair Fall Problems:

Egg white is a rich source of protein and often considered as a Hair food in beauty terms. High protein content of egg white strengthens the roots by deeply penetrating in to scalp and prevents the hair fall. Egg white is rich in lutein which provide elasticity to your hair by that it prevents the split ends.

How to use egg white to hair?

Take sufficient egg white depending on your hair length and volume. Apply it to the roots to tips and leave it for at least 30 minutes and wash it after that. Egg white will not smell as bad as egg yellow. So, washing hair after the application of egg white is just as you wash your normal hair.

4. Aloevera for dull and dry hair:

Aloe Vera is a magical plant because of its amazing healing properties. It contains high amounts of amino acids and proteolytic enzymes which helps to repairs dead skin cells on the scalp and boosts the hair growth. It forms a protective film over the hair that keeps your hair continuously hydrated and protects from environmental pollution and dry hair problems.

How to apply Aloe Vera to hair?

Take a bulky leave and extract the grind the inner gel out of it along with little amount of lemon juice. Apply it to scalp and hair roots.

5.Eat Curry Leaves for black and healthy hair:

Curry leaves is the main ingredient of any thali and south Indian food recipes. Many of us have the habit of keeping it aside when we get it on our plate. But do you know this fact that… curry leaves prevent the premature hair graying. It has been part of many hair essential oils since long because of its exponential and exceptional property of hair growing capacity. It improves the hair growth either by applying it the hair or by having abundant amount of curry leave in diet. Curry leaves are rich in Iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin C which acts as healthy nutrients for hair growth.

How to use curry leaves for hair growth?

You can either eat it directly or make a paste of it by adding little amount of lemon juice to make it as paste and apply it to scalp. Keep it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off thoroughly.

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6.coconut milk and fenugreek seed powder- A Perfect natural solution for hair fall:

Coconut milk is a good and rich source of protein and many other nutrients. It contains niacin and folate which improve the circulation of blood in your scalp. Coconut milk also contains vitamin E and other fats that fights against damage and deeply condition your hair.  It works as a good conditioning agent and keeps your hair moist always. Adding fenugreek to this coconut milk will add the benefit of fighting against dandruff too. Mixture of fenugreek and coconut milk will give a very smooth and silk hair that makes you feel lovely always.

How to use coconut milk and fenugreek to hair?

Break the coconut and get the pieces of coconut copra out of it. Grind it well by adding very little amount of water. Filter the milk with muslin cloth. Remember… take only the 1st milk. 2nd time if you do, it will lose the consistency of nutrients as you add more water. Use fenugreek powder than seeds to this mixture. Take the coconut milk and add fenugreeks powder to it. Let that soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Make it as a paste by grinding it once. Apply on your scalp and full hair now.

7.Fully Ripe banana for silky and shiny Hair:

Banana is a rich source of Potassium, Anti-oxidants and vitamin -C to turn your dull hair to heavenly beautiful. It adds plenty of moisture to hair to make it silky and shiny. High potassium content of banana helps to strengthen the hair and reduce the breakage and brittleness. It makes as one of the best home remedies for hair growth and hair fall control is due to its multiple properties of hair care like… dandruff protection, split end prevention, hair fall control and most important thing everyone looks for that is smooth and silky hair.

How to apply banana to hair?

Take 1 fully ripe banana and make it to a smooth paste. Wet your hair a little with water spray to make the banana paste stick to the scalp and hair. Wash it after 30 mins with warm water.

8.Fully ripe papaya with olive oil for strong and silky hair:

 Papaya is one of the healthy and rich fruit for antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin C and B, carotenes and flavonoids. This is one of the best sources of minerals like magnesium and potassium which makes the hair strong and healthy. Papaya also helps to fight against the dandruff and conditions the hair well. Yellow pulp of this fruit is a good fruit mask for people who is suffering with hair damage due to hair colors. It replenishes your hair with minerals and make your hair looks bouncy and shiny by giving strength and volume. Papaya with olive oil prevents the premature hair graying. Olive oil is rich source of vitamin E that nourishes and replenishes the hair roots well.

How to use papaya to hair?

Take a fully ripen papaya. Make it as smooth paste. Add little olive oil at the end and apply directly on your scalp and hair. Wash it after 30 minutes.

9. Bringaraj Leaves for black and healthy hair:

It is locally called as Duradhagunta aaku or Guntagaruda aaku. It is mostly used in Ayurveda for hair fall and premature hair greying treatments. If we can get the leaves in our premises… They grow so much near to paddy fields. we can directly use it for the same purposes. Regular massage with leaf extracts of bringaraj will treat the hair follicles well by improving the blood circulation and helps for regrowth of hair. It helps a lot for people who is suffering with bald head and dead hair follicles.

How to use Bringaraj Leaves for hair?

Get a handful of bringa raj leaves and let them dry to the sun for 2 to 3 days. Make that as powder and add it to any of your regular oils that you use for your hair care.

Note: Raw leaves of bringaraj will cause itching when you touch with bare hands or any of your body parts other than palm. Though it is temporary… you need to take care while handling it.

10. Neem and Fenugreek for dandruff free natural hair:

Neem is the best Indian medicine for many skin and hair problems. Every part of neem is useful in one or the other way. Neem leaf is a very good remedy for fungal infection on scalp that causes itchiness. It will give an itchy free and dandruff free hair for long time. As I already mentioned, fenugreek is the best source to condition the hair. Mixture of these two will work as good agents for shiny and itchy free and dandruff free hair. What you need more than that?

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