Home remedies for Pimple Marks

Pimples or Acne… A very common skin problem at young and middle age. Many of us have this issue that looks a bit odd on our faces. This problem is more for people with oily skin type and people who get exposed to more pollution. Though there are many creams available in the market to treat pimples.. Home remedies for Pimple Marks is always best option to choose. And more over pimples even they get cured by themselves after some time.. they definitely leave a mark on our face quite a long time.  Curing that in natural way is always best and it will not leave any pimple marks on face which is very good.

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Below are the Top 10 Best natural remedies for pimples and Pimple Marks.

1. Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves are best available remedy for pimples and acne marks. Take 5 to 10 leaves of mint and rub it on your palm with your thumb. Apply the came out extract on the effected spots. Apply that twice a day for best results. Do this before going to bed everyday and wash it in the morning.

2. Ripen Tomato:

Tomato extract has skin purifying capacity and it has good anti-Oxidant properties. It brightens the skin and makes the skin look younger and off course remove the pimple marks completely if you use it twice a day. It starts showing the result in 2 to 3 days if you apply regularly. A tingling sensation will come on applied area.. But nothing to worry.. It comes when the juice is getting absorbed into the skin.

3. Lemon and Curd:

Lemon and curd is another best solution for pimple problems. Lemon alone will cause damage to the skin as that is more acidic in nature. Adding curd will neutralize the acidic nature. Apply the mixture with fingertips on affected area 10 mins before going for bath. Do it once a day for effective results.

4. Honey:

This is a well known ingredient in many beauty products because of its antibacterial and beautifying properties. As honey is extracted from flowers.. that beautifying properties are good in honey. Apply a thick layer of honey on affected area for best results and wash it after 30 mins. It leaves the skin smooth and bright.

5. Sandalwood:

Using sandalwood as beautifying agent is an age old yet very powerful technique. Applying sandal wood paste on affected area will treat the marks and infection and sooth the skin very smoothly. It also helps in complexion improvement if we use it regularly.  Using this twice or thrice a day is recommended to get rid of the marks very soon.

6. Ripen Papaya:

A fully ripen papaya is very rich source of vitamin-C and many other nutrients that helps to keep the skin glowing and removal of any marks on face. Mask of papaya on affected area for 15 mins twice a day will reduce the marks and fade them soon.

7. Aloe vera Gel:

Leaf extract of Aloe vera is a very famous tip for pimple and pimple marks.. applying the gel and rubbing it until it get absorbed into the skin will show the best results. Apply the gel twice a day for best results.

8. Basin Power:

This is a good skin smoothing agent and we commonly see people telling this as a good solution for pimples. Yes.. that is true.. It cures the pimples very fast and to get a good and fair complexion we can regularly use this on face instead of using soap while doing bath. Infact.. if we do that we can avoid the appearance of pimples on skin.

9. Raw Turmeric:

Just like sandal wood.. turmeric is also a very good beautifying agent from age old days. Turmeric has medically proven antibacterial properties as everyone knows it. But using direct turmeric powder on face will make the skin look older a bit as that is processed with different techniques like boiling and pressing.  But raw form of turmeric will do magics on our skin and good for pimple and marks treatment.

10. Potato:

Potato is a rich source of starch which is very good for skin. Cut one potato slice and make it as a paste and apply it as a mask on affected area. Keep it for at least 10 to 15 mins for better results.

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