Best Social media to share your message quickly

Best Social media to share your message quickly

Top 10 Best Social Media to connect with people Quickly

Best Social Media to connect with people

Technology is in its peaks now. It has reduced the distance from Miles to seconds to share our words with friends and families. There are still many things in our life to share it with everyone. how to connect my friend For that we need to connect with people in different modes. Good things can be shared to everyone. Social media has a very big helping hand for that. We can use Social Media to connect with people Quickly. That helps not only to share the good things.. but also to create awareness about many things to public. Let it be about Politics, Health care, Film industry, mysterious things, amazing facts about nature and what not.. It shares good as well as bad very fast. People started making their careers with social media now a days. Let’s hope that people will use these social media for good things and educate the world in a right direction. Here are the Top 10 Best Social Media to connect with people Quickly and Easily…

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In earlier days.. we have encyclopedia to check something related to a specific subject. Even people with vast knowledge were called as Living encyclopedia. But now that term “Encyclopedia” is replaced with “Google“. Google has created that popularity as a famous search engine. Gmail is its another product for social networking, Media Sharing and even for professional things. Gmail has many features to connect with audience.  You can even create meetings, join other meetings from gmail. Than social networking, this works perfect for professional business development. Just like gmail, Google plus was another social networking platform which is not in use now. This application keep the collection with different categories. Gmail is both web and mobile application. This is a free portal to sign up.


Youtube is one network that is connecting all over the world.  It is rare to see the people who doesn’t know about YouTube except the countries like china where youtube is not available. Youtube is the most used video sharing social platform over 75 countries. It is famous for its video sharing. Many people have started taking it as career as youtubers.  Every corner of the world has at least a little knowledge about YouTube. We can watch videos without an account. But to upload something, we need a google account for it. This has both web and mobile application. This is a free portal to sign up.

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Just like gmail and YouTube, this is another most popular social networking site that helps to share thoughts and views and many useful videos. This is most popular in youth and youngsters. It works as a friends book and connect people globally. This has both web and mobile application. Facebook connects people with varied interests. People can create groups with their colleges, universities, schools and workplaces. People with same data can search friends and easily get connected with their friends. It shows cross friends too. This is a free portal to sign up.


Very famous for the tweets shared by celebrities. Leaders and film stars use this social networking site to share their new projects updates and many useful and inspirational information to public. We can follow the people to know their updates regularly and we too can share valuable information to public groups. This is a free portal to sign up.


This site is for sharing the photographs and videos. This is also a popular site to get close to celebrities and their updates. We can share our pics and get the opinion from others. This is one of the best platform to show your photography skills to the world. This is a free portal to sign up.

6. LinkedIn:

This is completely a professional networking site that give opportunities for career and growth of your circle with same profession or related profession. You can get connected to many companies that give opportunities to your qualification. Even you can get the people with skill sets that you are looking for. Many professionals get their jobs and career growths with LinkedIn. Companies recruit people, search people for the qualified persons and they approach people directly without any consultant’s help. This is also a free portal.

7.Tumblr :

This is a microblogging and social networking site that is used to share multimedia and small blog post. People can post their views as small blogs and cab get the opinions from others and this is also useful to share photos and videos. This is a free portal to sign up.

8. Pinterest:

This is a web and mobile application that is useful to share the pictures in different categories on a board. You can follow other user’s board if you both have similar tastes. This media operated completely depending on people’s interests in different fields. This is a free site to register.


This is an internet based mobile application that is useful to share the information to users with their mobile numbers. People can share the pics, videos and messages via whatsapp. This is a free application from google play. But user should have internet connection to use and connect with this app.


This is a popular website to share and embed their personal photos. This is also famous for photo researchers and bloggers to upload ad download photos for free. This is also a free website to sign up.



So guys.. Share some good information with everyone and educate the world with a positive attitude.

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