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Top 10 Best Ways to Win a Man’s Heart

How to win a Man's Heart

How to win His Heart?

Melting ice and Man’s heart… Both are almost same. In fact… Men will melt more easier than ice :-). Though they look rough and harsh, unlike women…they are very light at heart. One can easily find out hoh to impress her man. All men are not same. So, you need to be very careful while choosing a correct person for you, before you try to win his heart. Now the actual thing is… men psychology is very different from women when it comes to love someone and to be loved by someone. How to win a Man’s Heart ? You don’t need to gift them very costly gifts, chocolates and Teddies. You just need to know their heart and follow it.

Here are the 10 best ways to win a Man’s heart:

1.Love them with their Positives:

We are living in a male dominating society where women are least respected by many men…Even in this well educated and matured society also. So, never expect him to be like a Perfect man. He might be having both. But what he shows in front of you is important for a good and healthy relationship. Always look at his positive angle. Then slowly he will change his negatives to Positives.

2. Never question and remind him about the things they failed in Past. They know what to learn:

A well-known fact for the whole world is… you should never hurt a man’s Ego. If you question them about their faults and mistakes that gets them hurt so much. It doesn’t mean that you should not question anything and let them do wrong things… There is a separate way to handle these kind of things… Ask them with love and smiling face at correct time… He will surely respond to you… 

3. Never cry in front of them with unnecessary sentiments. They won’t sell out all the time:

Men like happy faces and happy women. They may show sympathy on girls when they are crying. But they never want to be with that kind of girl for their life time. So, if you want something… Talk… Fight… But don’t cry unnecessarily.

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4. Compliment their Achievements:

Men loves to hear compliments about their achievements. You can see a very rare exception from this. Just like how girls expect compliments about beauty… Men like to hear it for their achievements. If the compliment is from their most loved one… That happiness will be 10 time more. So… start complimenting him.

5. Give some privacy… Don’t put your finger every where:

Though he is yours… Don’t control him for everything. Like watching his mobile phone without any reason, spying his activities with his friends and many more things come here. If you do that… its creates an impression that he lost his freedom when he is with you. That is such a painful thing for men. So, let him be like himself when he is with you. If he feels you near to heart… You don’t need to ask him anything. He will only open up and share everything.

6. Pamper him with care and love… Of-course in his free time:

Loving someone is a great thing. And loved by somebody is a blessed thing. Men likes the pampering kind of things. When i say LOVE… it is love with freedom. He should feel like “I want to be with her and want to be pampered by her like a baby

7. Teach him smoothly if something needs to get done:

They really don’t like dominating women. If you think that needs improvement in something… Tell it at right time. Never try to control him and take the authority on him. You may lose him permanently if, he realize that you don’t deserve his patience and love.

8. A smiling face and a Loving Kiss is what they all need:

Let’s talk about the truth here… We, girls if not all the time, but most of the time expects gifts and presentations from them. But do you know what they need from us ? They just need our happy face and smiling lips… and of course some sweet kisses too :-).

9. Be brave and self efficient in handling things:

To much dependency on anyone creates discomfort to the person who is bearing that. Same with your guy. Men like women who is independent in handling things of her own. It gives them a sort of confidence that you can manage of your own in any circumstance of your life.

10. Get ready in the way they love:

This is not at all losing your freedom about your dressing and overall attire. Sacrifice it once in a while for any occasion or any special moment of you both, to make him feel surprise and happy. I am sure… They will definitely get tuned towards you.


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