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Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber

successful youtube channel tips

successful youtube channel tips Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber

How to be a successful YouTuber ?

There are many ways to earn money online these days. YouTube is one such good place to earn money online. Knowing this secret, many youTube channels have emerged recently.  Few of them have Stood up as very successful youtube channels already. That is only 5 to 10 percent of those youtube content creators. Most of the people who started their youtube channels with the aspiration of taking that as their career, slowly loosing hope once they realize that, they are not able to see the improvement in views and watch time. This is a common problem for all upcoming youtubers. What are the Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber ? Youtubers who has that patience to overcome this kind of situation and constantly doing something by applying some strategies will join that 5 to 10 percent of successful youtubers. So, never loose hope.
How to get success in youtube channel ?  Are there any successful youtube channel tips ? How to be a successful youtuber ? What are the top Secrets of every successful YouTuber ? These are the questions that comes to every youtuber’s mind when they are falling down.
Here is the list of successful youtube channel tips and secrets from almost all YouTubers who are enjoying the top youtubers status. Keywords optimization is obviously the main reason for any video to become viral and to get many views. So, I am not going to explain the keyword optimization here. Rather I would explain the real secrets of successful YouTubers. I’m sure at least one of these points will definitely help you in your YouTube career.

Secrets for successful career in YouTube:

Make your content clear for successful youtube channel :

First and foremost point you need to add to your checklist is your content is to make your content clear. When the user is in need of apples and you’re giving grapes, they definitely don’t like them and move away to different shops. So, always focus on what you are always presenting. Don’t divert from your topic unless you have selected to present any random topics in your channel. Select the most successful youtube channel topics and pick one with less competition.

Don’t miss the regularity of Publishing your Videos in YouTube :

Maintain the regular cycle that you always follow, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. Don’t go beyond that, else the audience will forget you and your channel.

Reply to each and every comment of your YouTube video:

Replying to every message will not only improve the interaction with users. This will increase your video ranking and that keeps your video in the top search list.

Do the regular live sessions with your YouTube audience:

Live sessions will give a good chance to know what your audience is expecting from you. Another secret behind the Live streaming sessions is, it will drastically increase your channel’s watch time.

Give them the Genuine Review:

Whatever the opinion you’re sharing or the review you’re doing for any product, do it sincerely like you are doing it for yourself. This will create a trust factor to your audience. So, whenever they want to try something new, their first choice for getting the review is you.

Patience in Handling your Audience:

Patience is the most required thing any youtuber is needed. From starting your channel to getting your channel in top youtuber’s list, everything happens with time and patience. You need to answer every comment with patience. Sometimes it looks very silly to answer a few, but still answering those things will show your dedication and patience.

Subscribe to the similar youtubers :

If you’re a youtuber with less number of subscribers and your videos are not at all getting views, this trick will definitely work for you. Search for the similar youtubers who are presenting similar content like you. When you subscribe to them, whenever someone watches their videos, the youtube algorithm will show your videos in recommendations.
So, when you subscribe to such youtubers all of them will help to improve your views.

Comment on Other’s Videos:

This doesn’t need any explanation. When you write a comment genuinely, people will tend to look back to the commentator and if that works, that will help you to gain the users.

Attract the users at least one time:

You don’t need subscribers always to get views. Once a user gets your video with a youtube search and he watches it one time, youtube will start showing your other videos in their recommendations from next time. So, automatically all your next videos will get views. So, put all your handwork in making one video viral. Everything else will be done automatically with that single video.

Perfect Thumbnail Making :

It is a common thing that every youtuber needs to work on. A very good thumbnail will attract the user to click on your video. your thumbnail should explain what you’re trying to present and it should have that spark to create an interest to users to click your video.

Find the keywords from already successful video:

Before publishing any of your video, check the youtube for similar content. Collect the title and description terms from those videos. Some Apps like Tubebuddy will help you to show the Tags also. Now try to apply same or near to the same keywords. I can’t guarantee you that your video will sit on top of the search results. But definitely it will rank better than your usual videos. You will see a visible difference once you start following this.

So, that’s it folks. Hope these points will help you at least 30 to 40 percent to improve your videos visibility and views.
For building a successful youtube channel Never let go of any single chance to make yourself successful in YouTube career.
All these points are shared with my experience and experience shared one of the upcoming youtubers. Thank you Srija from Honest Women Ideas for contributing your thoughts.Thank you Srija from Honest Women Ideas for contributing your thoughts.
Please drop your comment if you need any help or any doubts related to youtube. also, please check the related posts that helps to improve your views and monetization methods.
Thanks for reading.

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