Important Plugins for WordPress

What are the must have plugins for a WordPress website WordPress Website optimization

What are the Must have plugins for a WordPress website

Important Plugins to have for any WordPress Website – Plugins for wordpress website optimization

New to website building? What are the Must have plugins for a WordPress website ? What are the must have plugins for wordpress website optimization? I know how it would be without knowing ABC of web designing and trying to build your own website. I am the live example of it who doesn’t have any skills of technology and coding, except writing what I think and what I know.

Well there are many things to speak when you are planning to start a website. Be it to promote your business or to earn money through online.

Its not that easy to start owning and maintaining a website without doing proper background study of what are all needed to have for a website to run and to make the page user friendly.

So, I will help you with Important plugins to install for WordPress platform for a speed and smooth user experience. Keeping that aside, security is another important thing that you should keep an eye always around your website.

Here are the top 10 important plugins for any website running on WordPress platform


1. Wordfence Security:  Required plugin for WordPress Website security

WordPress is a platform that invites many people to create their own platform with limited resources. That kind of feasibility also invites the people who makes business with hacking. Just like the system firewall security, your website needs a firewall security gateway.

               Wordfence Security is the best security plugin to detect any malicious threats, any unauthorized logins and any corrupted files on your WordPress website. It will scan periodically to all the files installed on your website. The most dangerous way that hackers use to bypass to your website without your authorization is through outdated software or plugins you install on your website. Sometime we tend to forget or overlook the dashboard for notifications to update the software. Wordfence Security helps us to remind that through an email to update it. Wordfence Security plugin works like a  CC security camera that monitors every movement in and around our website. Sometimes it takes the charge of deactivating a plugin that is causing a threat or impacting your website. So, this is a must keep plugin for any WordPress website.

2.  Yoast SEO: Required plugin for WordPress Website content optimization

In our language, For any celebrity to come to limelight they either need to put lot of efforts and wait for years to stand up or they should have parental popularity. Most of them will have content. But without doing either of these… they can’t get the celebrity status. So, lets convert and apply that to your website. Your website has so much content to make the user sit and read, so many points to help the user in their daily routine. But how will that content reach to the targeted audience?

                                   Page ranking is the most important criteria for any website’s success. For getting a good rank to your page and to standout from thousands of websites who create similar content, you need to optimize the content in such a way that it should be prefect in every aspect.

What does that mean… “Every aspect” ?

I am coming to that.  It is all your raw content that has slipped out of your brain and fallen on to the page. But to make it SEO friendly , it should have all the below qualities

1. Proper meta description

2. Keywords describing the content

3. Synonyms of the content to understand what the user is searching for 

4. The URL length and words used in URL.

5. Usage of transition words

6. Length of the content.

7. Grammatical review of the content and many more.

How to do all these ? Don’t worry… That’s what Yoast SEO does.  If you are a newbie and stated your own website, But not sure how and what to do to optimize and present your content to viewers… then Yoast SEO is for you.

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3. Redirect : Required plugin for WordPress Website URL Redirection

The name redirect itself telling, this plugin is for redirecting. With my personal experience I saw that Redirect is a Required plugin for WordPress Website URL Redirection. We think just like that while naming the title when creating a page and slowly when we start moving forward, sometimes at one point we feel like changing the name. That may happen even after publishing that page. I am sure you know we can decide how our page URL should look like. If it is with numbering, then that will not show any issue how many times you change the title of your page.

                                    The best practice to keep the URL for a web page is to name it with post title. So, when you change the title, the URL will also change. If there is any user who already visited this page before you rename it and wanted to come back and check the page, that same page won’t be there. As you know it has changed the address when you renamed the title of your page. For user it will display as “404 error page not found”. User feels unhappy and may not like to come back again to your website. These frequent 404 page not found errors will also impact your google metrics and indirectly to your website ranking.

You don’t want all these, do you ? So, This is where this plugin is needed. It will create an auto directory for whatever and how many time you change the page, it will direct the old page to your current renamed page. User is Happy… and So we are 

4. Google Analytics: Required plugin for tracking WordPress website Analytics

Reviewing your website’s performance is an important thing that you should not ignore to track. We have WordPress statistics too for metrics. But, WordPress statistics will club the data from bots and also your site analytical runs too. Where as google tracks the exact metrics what is needed to analyze the performance of a website. It usually asks for the authentication of your google account with which you linked your website. Just install the plugin, activate and authorize it from your google account.

   5. Redirect 404 page to homepage Plugin:

I have already told you about REDIRECT plugin and told few things about “404 page not found errors”. Now, what and why is this again?

I have many good reasons to tell why we need Redirect 404 page to homepage Plugin. We get many website issue when our website started growing bigger and bigger. One of the main issue is with hacking. Why do anyone need to hack my website when I do not deal with any money related application or I am nowhere related to any transactions. 

                     Purpose of hacker when attacking a website is not just for money or data. They will try to get benefited with any of the available sources through your website. So, one of those things is Hacking through URL Injection. Hackers will use your domain name and publish their pages hidden under your website which you may not be able to find as an admin of your site. That can be resolved through website cleaning of your website with different methods. Once the cleanup is done, your website is safe again. But the URLs already created under your domain name will be available in web though there is no content. Whenever such case happens user will get 404 page not found error.

Redirect plugin mentioned above can only help you to direct the effected URL after you found it. But how do you know how many of such pages exists? That’s where this plugin fits the purpose.  Redirect 404 page to homepage Plugin will redirect all the 404 page not found errors to your home page without generating that error message. So, you will not lose any user now.

    6. AMP : To make your page user friendly

Accelerated Mobile Page, not a new term for website content creators. This is especially made to make the pages mobile friendly. AMP plugin has become like a mandatory plugin to confirm your website as mobile optimized and Mobile friendly. When installed this plugin, pages will be optimized as per the users need and it will not show much of distracting content to users in the form of Ads. It will show limited ads which is not that beneficial to content creator. But this feature will give you a push up to your page ranking.

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    7. Autoptimize: To make your website lighter and faster

This is another common plugin for any WordPress platform to keep the site optimized. Name of this plugin speaks what it does to your website. Autoptimize will takes care of the optimization of Images, content design, font style and any compressions required to your content. Smush is another famous plugin with same purpose. But Autoptimize is a light weight plugin that serves the purpose.

    8. Email subscribers & Newsletters: To get more visitors

When you are watching any YouTube video you will get a symbol to subscribe to that channel. When you subscribe, you will receive the updates of all new videos of that channel which you might already knew. This plugin is similar to that. Whatever is your content niche… if people like your content, they would love to comeback to your website and watch the content. Not everyone remembers or bookmark your website to visit again though they wish to. So, you are doing the job of reminding them to come back to read the post on your website you published newly.

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How? Just install this plugin. Do the settings as it says while activating the plugin and add the code to your pages. This code will be visible to users as an option to subscribe to your website with their email id. If anyone subscribes, then it will keep the email in memory. Whenever you post a new page, this plugin will send an email to user reminding that your website has a new post. Job Done now 

    9. Social Media Share: To shout out louder to the World

Writing and presenting a page with good content is one part of the Job and taking that content to public is another job to achieve success to your website. Social media takes part in that. Sharing your post to social media will increase your website visitors. When your content is effective and readers want to share it with their members, friends or anyone… they should have that share button handy when reading the post. Social media share plugin has so many share options to different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Youtube and Watsapp. So you got it now, right?

    10. Social Locker: To hide your content when the user want to explore you more

This is one plugin that you may not come across in many website pages. If your content is about some interesting thing and users can’t skip without reading, you should use that opportunity to make them as your subscribers. Social locker is one plugin that locks the page after user started reading to certain extent. At the defined point, Social locker will hide the information. To open that, it will ask the user to subscribe if they want to read further. This helps in gaining more subscribers to your website. That increases a lot of traffic for your future posts if you have more subscribers.

So, that’s all friends… Hope this post with useful plugin information for WordPress website helps you and makes your life easy with website maintenance. 

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